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The Secret Lives of Toys

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7 Dec

This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. People get thier favorite action figures, put them in certain situations and snap a photo of it. I have no idea why the Muppets would want to pump Kermit full of lead, but I guess that damn speech impediment of his does get grating after a while. Being the dork I am, I especially loved the various pictures of the Star Wars toys. The lego Batman toys as the Beatles is great too. Check it out here.  Read More →

Pfft. No Porn. HAH!

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3 Dec

Wall Street Journal~Outgoing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin is pushing for action in December on a plan to offer free, pornography-free wireless Internet service to all Americans, despite objections from the wireless industry and some consumer groups. At its December meeting, the FCC could also consider new rules designed to speed up consideration of disputes between independent cable programmers and cable providers such as Time Warner Cable Inc. and Comcast Corp., which... Read More →

London Tunnel Lair FORSALE!!.

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3 Dec
London Tunnel Lair FORSALE!!. Sunday we were writing about amazing underground diving rigs in the heart of New York City. It seems only fair that we jump across the pond this Sunday and write about a mile-long super secret tunnel lair below London that’s currently for sale, don’t you think? Asking price: A cool $7.4 million. It sounds a bit much for an empty stretch of nothingness deep below the British streets, but wait until you hear about the history. Oh, the history! Read More →  Read More →

Stress Balls. :D

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3 Dec theory, anti-stress balls help you when you are a bit :-| or XO, because squeezing them helps you release some inner anger and make you bit more :-D. Whatever. I hate these things. Every time I try one I want to get a knife and cut them in little pieces, which is probably what I will do if someone gets me these for Xmas. Still, they look like a perfect stocking stuffer for just $12. Buy Them HERE!!  Read More →

Santa Claus’ GMAIL Exposed.

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3 Dec
Santa Claus' GMAIL Exposed.

Check out the screen shot I took from my boy St. Nicks MacBook. Pretty Interesting if you ask me.  Read More →

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