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(Audio) Jay Electronica - The Ghost of Christopher Wallace

[qtweet 13080767927] And here it is. I have no idea what to think about Diddy talking all this cow dung all over this song. All I could say is that he supported Big this much. What’s gonna happen with Jay Electronica? Download:    Read More →

Indie Music Marketing: Online Fundraising For Your Band

There’s an interesting concept in the DIY music marketing world about online fundraisers for bands. The same way you drive around your favorite fast food restaurant and you’ll see high schoolers out there doing car washes for their field trip to god knows where. Well thanks to the internet and web 2.0 sites you can build a online fundraising campaign for your band. A lot of times the DIY musical artist will run into one problem, money. As great it is to have complete control over your... Read More →

Movie Review: A Nightmare on Elm Street

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30 Apr
Movie Review: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Jackie Earle Haley dons the striped sweater, fedora AND knived glove in "A Nightmare on Elm Street." PHOTO: Warner Brothers In the last decade, Hollywood has plagued moviegoers with countless remakes of horror movies ranging from the classics like “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Halloween” to lesser-known shock fests like “The Hitcher” and “Black Christmas.” Seeing how... Read More →

The 2010 NFL Draft Recap, In Case You Missed It!

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29 Apr
The 2010 NFL Draft Recap, In Case You Missed It!

There are a few things that I learned from this year’s NFL Draft. First, the Miami Dolphins’ best draft pick this year was Brandon Marshall. Before you say, “Hey dumbass, he’s not a rookie. We acquired him from the Broncos in a mugging…I mean a trade.” Welcome to the Miami Dolphins, Brandon Marshall. Now, don't fuck it up! No shit…the Dolphins gave up a second round pick in the draft for the guy, so he’s the cat’s meow of this year’s... Read More →

This is a new single from the upcoming album, “Where Did The Night Fall” by UNKLE. This track really steps out of the trip-hop genre, but it’s still worth the mention for this Thursday’s trip-hop post.  Read More →

Will Wade stay in Dade? Let’s hope.

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28 Apr
Will Wade stay in Dade? Let's hope.

Will Dwyane Wade Stay In Miami? That’s the million-dollar question, ladies and gentleman. Will he stay or will he go? Only one man knows right now and he isn’t saying one way or another. The bottom line is that Dwyane Wade will have to do some serious pondering about his future with the Miami Heat starting today. After being bounced from the playoffs in the first round by the Boston Celtics Tuesday, Sports Talk Radio was inundated with callers wanting to know whether... Read More →

ArtOfficial: Officially Interviewed

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27 Apr
ArtOfficial: Officially Interviewed

ArtOfficial, photo courtesy of It goes without saying that there are a handful of bands in Miami that are a necessity for your ears. That being what it is, if you live in Miami and have not caught ArtOfficial at a show, you should. They are one of those necessary musical experiences you need to have if you plan to coexist in the 305. Not because we are telling you to. No. Because you should do yourself a favor. (Your ears will high-five you and remind you to send us a Thank... Read More →

The Weekly Podcast

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27 Apr
The Weekly Podcast

Another week of the podcast. This is the one I was originally having in mind to record, until the Guru passing. I’m getting a bit tired of doing the podcast via my iTunes at work. If any DJ wants to dedicate themselves everyweek to having me give them a tracklist and possibly making a REAL mix, holler at me. I can’t offer much except access to a serious collection of hip-hop songs. And a promise that you will learn more hip-hop then you ever thought you would know. Well, apart from that,... Read More →

Surfer Blood

Surfer Blood | Sorry none of them actually surf. Surfer Blood hails from our friendly neighborhood West Palm Beach. Get to know this indie rock band ASAP. John Paul Pitts (vocals/guitar), Tyler Schwarz (drums), Tom Fekete (guitar/vocals) and Brian Black (bass/vocals) got together April ‘09 in Miami and were quickly signed to Kanine Records. Some kids get all the luck, ay? These guys began recording their debut album, Astro Coast, in their University of Florida dorm room! The album... Read More →

Epic 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' trailer! Yes, epic!

It's that damn Taylor Lautner... He's so hot right now! PHOTO: Summit Entertainment Hallelujah! The motion picture phenomenon the world is waiting for is finally here! Well, at least the trailer for it. Twi-hards, twit-heads, and 40-year-old women can start dancing in the streets because Summit Entertainment has debuted the final (or so we hope) trailer for the highly anticipated “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” and man, when I say it’s EPIC, I mean... Read More →

RIP DJ Hideo

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25 Apr
DJ Hideo

Cancer is a mother fucker, dude. 41 year old DJ Hideo, which was battling colon-liver cancer for well over a year, passed away Saturday afternoon. A few hours prior to his passing, he wrote one last blog entry that stated: “Wanted to let everybody know that I check in back @ Mission hospital last week because of the weakness that I’ve been feeling for the past week,” the DJ wrote. “My vitals are stable and now need the assistance of a ventilator to breathe. I’m very... Read More →

(Video) ArtOfficial’s The Payback Release Party

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24 Apr

If you missed it last night, if you made a late night cameo or if you simply want to remember how amazing the night was, go ahead and check out the first hour of ArtOfficial’s album release party. Shouts to horns. I love me some horns. (Pause that)  Read More →

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