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ArtOfficial Performing VooDoo Live

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30 Jul
Steve Carell shows Paul Rudd his collection of "mousterpieces" in "Dinner for Schmucks." PHOTO: Paramount Pics

Steve Carell shows Paul Rudd his collection of "mousterpieces" in "Dinner for Schmucks." PHOTO: Paramount Pics For the first time in two months, Hollywood dish out three new releases but will audiences care? I doubt it. The biggest new release of the week is the third collaboration between comedy stars Steve Carell and Paul Rudd – the comedy “Dinner for Schmucks” which will attempt to become the first hit comedy in over a month. The... Read More →

Foo Fighters In The Studio Recording Their 7th Album

If any of you have been checking out Foo Fighters’ Twitter update, you’ll see they’ve been “update clicking happy”. In-studio pictures of their equipment and the such have become a marathon of hints of them at the studio. Many people have been questioning of course what’s the status on the album and if the songs have already been written. While there’s no update on the release of the album, it’s estimated to be released next year and Dave Grohl says... Read More →

It’s baaaaaack: Miami Spice

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30 Jul
Miami Spice

It’s that time of the year again, the time of the year aspiring foodies salivate for: Miami Spice. From August 1st-September 30th many of Miami’s top restaurants will be offering three-course meals featuring signature MS dishes. The city has even graciously lowered the price to help out the cash-strapped folk, so this year lunch is $22 and dinner $35. Of course that means the amount of restaurants offering lunch plummeted. Fear not, the list has been slowly growing... Read More →

The Higher Concept

The Higher Concept is a hip-hop group hailing from Staten Island, NY. They got their start in 2005 and have been rockin’ the East Coast music scene ever since. THC consists of emcees Tekst, Matty J. and IB Profyn. The production team includes J-Glaze, Mike Cash, Jon “Flip” Muro, JDV and more but don’t get it twisted they are all masters of making good music no matter who’s doing what. Their newest project “Life’s Good” fell into my music... Read More →

Interview: Saheed, Act Like Ya’ Heard

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28 Jul
Interview: Saheed, Act Like Ya' Heard

Making moves and making his voice heard in the 305 is MC and force to be reckoned with, Saheed. We posted his video, The Ups on the ‘steez a few weeks ago and recently, we gave you a taste of the Serum and Manifesto track, Millenniums Ahead with a special appearance by this lyrically talented dude. He is doing big things with the likes of producers Numonics and Ozny and recording with musical powerhouse MAYDAY!  We caught up with Saheed at New Era Recording Studios one night... Read More →

The Weekly Podcast

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27 Jul
The Weekly Podcast

aaaaaaaaand we’re back. Another podcast and another reason to suck up all our bandwidth. I gotta figure something out for this uploading thing. The hundreds of downloads are making our site go MAD slow. Glad everyone is enjoying the music, though. Hope you’re all learning something. Very soon (hopefully next week), our resident writer, Paul aka Shid.Kid, will be taking over a podcast. Tracklisting is a little different and I’m SURE more of you will be wanting this. I seen the podcast... Read More →

Goobs For Boobs: An Event To Save Lady Parts

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27 Jul
Goobs For Boobs: An Event To Save Lady Parts

We all know that I am a writer for antisteez. We all know that I interview people. That I blast opinions off like rockets, kids. That I spend my nights roaming around the 305, looking for the best parties and partying with the best of them. And that I lead with my wit and, for lack of a better and perhaps more-PC way of saying this…my tits. Yes. We all know that my rack is a very prominent part of who I am. What some people don’t know is that I, goobs, had a terrible breast cancer... Read More →

Autolux's Latest Album, "Transit Transit" To Be Released August 3rd, 2010 Along With Tour Dates

I love Autolux. That’s a band I can say I’m proud of absolutely loving in every angle. For most people out there, you may not know much about this awesome band, but they take a lot from the old school Sonic Youth noise rock influences into a new modern indie twist. Maybe words can’t describe them so if thats the case, I’ll just throw some videos at you. Autolux – Turnstile Blues Autolux – Plantlife Well, here’s the good news and the bad news. The good... Read More →

Deftones Summer Tour 2010 Begins In August

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26 Jul
Deftones Summer Tour 2010 Begins In August

Check it out, Deftones are touring now in support of their latest album “Diamond Eyes” which came out this May. Here are the tour dates: 8/6/10 Ventura, CA Ventura Theatre 8/7/10 Fresno, CA Woodward Park 8/8/10 Sacramento, CA Memorial Auditorium 8/10/10 Reno, NV Grand Sierra Resort 8/11/10 Medford, OR Medford Armory 8/12/10 Spokane, WA Knitting Factory 8/14/10 Salt Lake City, UT Rail Event Center 8/18/10 Lubbock, TX The Pavilion 8/19/10 Tulsa, OK Brady Theatre 8/20/10 Little Rock, AR... Read More →

Jimmy Eat World's New Album "Invented" To Be Released 09/28/2010

I’m not a fan of Jimmy Eat World or anything but I’m sure loads of heads out there are. Okay fine, I admit I was a in the closet Jimmy Eat World fan with ONE of their albums, “Clarity”. The last time I even heard Jimmy Eat World was when they opened up for Foo Fighters in 2008. I must admit they opened up with a pretty decent show. Time after the “Clarity” album I have to say I didn’t like their direction too much, but in this genre of rock they are at least... Read More →

Freddie Gibbs: Live in Concert

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23 Jul
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