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Show Review: Torche w/ Beings & Heartstrings 8/11/10

Author’s note: I’d like to give a shout out to the piece of shit virus that killed my laptop (for a little while) when I was in the middle of this review, delaying this post by almost a week!  No worries, steezers, although a little late, I still bring you my annoying opinions. That is all. Carry on. Everybody and their mother knows about Torche. If you haven’t, and you  a) live in the 305 and b) listen to heavy music, you better c) get your ass to their next show. The story... Read More →

Album Review: BUN B ‘Trill OG’

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19 Aug
Album Review: BUN B 'Trill OG'

When you think of hip-hop in the south you come across names like 3 6 Mafia, 8ball & MJG, The Geto Boys, Cash Money Millionaires, Master P and of course U.G.K. The surviving member of the seminal group known as “The UnderGround Kingz” Bun B released “Trill OG” his third solo studio album. This album concludes Bun B’s “Trill” series. Rap-A-Lot Records, which has done so much for the hip-hop movement in the south, released the full length... Read More →

New UNKLE Videos To Accompany "The Answer", Their Upcoming EP Due September 2010

UNKLE will be releasing their next EP this September the 28th. This EP will include collaborations from Lupe Fiasco and Tim Goldsworthy of LCD Soundsystem and DFA. So I bring you these two videos that will accompany “The Answer” their latest EP. This video, from director John Hillcoat (The Road), features actor Way Winstone (The Departed, Sexy Beast, Cold Mountain), sharing his experience of divine intervention during his youth after being struck by lightning in this aesthetic masterpiece…... Read More →

Back to School for Little Haiti (8/13/2010)

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18 Aug
Back to School for Little Haiti (8/13/2010)

Back to school means much more than heavy traffic and the green light to visit the mall during the day. It means kids going back to educational institutions ill-equipped for the school year. Imagine going back homework without the latest Blackberry and a cold. Last Friday the City of Miami, Little Haiti Net, Green Family Foundation, Little Haiti Optimist Club, A+ Educational Mapping, Humana, and United For Haiti, Inc. came together to host Little Haiti’s 7th annual Back to School... Read More →

[Podcast]: DJ Guilletine presents the Notorious B.I.G. Podcast

This week, Antisteez does it again. Another hip-hop legend, brought back to life by The Guilletine. With such a well picked out track listing, this mix is definitely one for the record books. Everyone needs some constant Biggie in their life. We made sure to make this one good enough to rewind and listen to a few times a day. Not to worry, most of the Puffy has been cut from the mixes. We made sure to add some bangers in there that are not heard on a daily basis. Possibly even a song that most of... Read More →

Jane's Addiction Finally Coming Out With A Live DVD/Blu-Ray

Jane’s Addiction is one of the greatest bands to ever surface history in my honest opinion. You would think after many years of being a established band that there would be some kind of Live DVD or Blu-Ray and well there wasn’t. That’s of course until right now! Antimusic writes: “Jane’s Addiction first live DVD and Blu-ray title is hitting stores this month. Here is the announcement: In 2009, Jane’s Addiction spooked up a musical celebration on Halloween Night... Read More →

Gettin’ Paid Without Havin’ Played

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16 Aug
Gettin' Paid Without Havin' Played

You’re the young, physically gifted athlete with the game IQ to be a star in the NFL; rendering you cocky with a side of feeling unstoppable. Match that up with an NFL franchise’s number one draft pick and you’re automatically worth $80 million, not bad for a couple of years in college. So the question arises, how much money is too much for an unproven rookie? Let’s begin with the process of how an NFL team evaluates its needs. When rebuilding... Read More →

Clubflyers Promo!!!

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13 Aug
The Niceguys Prepare Release Of Debut LP, The Show + MP3

The Niceguys, a four-man Houston-based hip-hop group with southern roots and musical sensibilities that stretch far beyond the city’s limits, are excited to announce the release of their debut full-length, The Show. The album, being offered both as a free download and through digital retailers, will be available September 28, 2010 via 265 Pro/The Pi Group. Following the late-2009 release of the group’s much buzzed about EP, The Green Room, The Show is no exception to the group’s... Read More →

Weekend Movie Preview: 'Eat Pray Love, 'The Expendables,' 'Scott Pilgrim'

It’s Friday the 13th but there’s not a horror movie monster in sight. That’s unless you classify steroid kingpins Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren as monsters. No, instead, South Florida audiences will be graced with the battle of the sexes as the testosterone-charged “The Expendables” takes on the estrogen-laced “Eat Pray Love” for box office supremacy. Also vying for South Florida... Read More →

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! (Again!)

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12 Aug
The sky is falling! The sky is falling! (Again!)

Last November, the ‘steez invited all of you star-lovin’ astronomy nerds to take to the streets and look upwards to witness one of the most-epic meteor showers of all time; The Leonid Meteor Shower. Those of you that went witnessed some of the shiniest, brightest, most-spectacular meteors streaking across the night skies. It was like a laser-light show of awesome, (Minus the Pink Floyd, sorry all you Miami Planetarium acid-trippers!) brought to you by Mama Nature! Well, today, er, tonight,... Read More →

Zane One Releases Another Track From Debut Album, Calling Out Those Who Disrespect The Mic

After releasing her first single, “Zane One,” from her debut album L.A. Woman, Zane One is back with another track from the LP entitled, “Kingdom”. This time, she exposes the flaws of hip-hop over a dub-influenced beat, filled with crispy drums and a thick riding bass line. With “Kingdom”, Zane One continues to set herself apart from the masses, as her verses aggressively confirm the current state of hip-hop. Despite the troubles she reveals, Zane also expresses... Read More →

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