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House Of Mouse TONIGHT September 30th, 2010 at Churchill's with TUSK, Urban Rebel, Keeper, Telekinetic Walrus, Space Between Words, And More

Excellent show tonight with a numerous amounts of great bands playing. Just like most shows in Churchill’s, at a very low cover charge you will have a great variety of bands with a great sound system and everything. I’m unsure of the history behind the event itself, but what I do know is the bands playing tonight are going to be fucking amazing. I want to start off with TUSK which is fronted by Brandon Alynn Serrecchia (AKA Brandon Haze) on keyboards, synthesizers, and vocals. This is... Read More →

Early Warning: EBM Legends Nitzer Ebb coming to Grand Central in November!

Miami fans of the EBM/Industrial scene must REJOICE! It was just announced that English Industrial legends Nitzer Ebb will be swinging through our beloved 305 on their upcoming tour in November at Grand Central! If you’re scratching your head at the mere mention of this band’s name then all I can say is DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Nitzer Ebb was at the forefront of the EBM/Industrial scene alongside such acts as Front 242, Front Line Assembly and Cabaret Voltaire, just to name a... Read More →

A Pantless Bus Party

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29 Sep
A Pantless Bus Party

Celebrating their one-year-anniversary, the Gran Sierpe Pisco Bus will take to the road on September 30th. The bus takes its passengers around town to sample what else- Gran Sierpe cocktails. Best of all, guys are being asked to donate their pants to the Miami Rescue Mission for the night’s theme: Gran Sierpe’s Party Without Pants. Miami Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization for the homeless who is in desperate need of male clothing. So, attending males are... Read More →

Astari Nite at Damm!t Janet Thursday September 30, 2010 At The Electric Pickle

The Electric Pickle is home of some pretty cool events in our area and tomorrow night September 30, 2010 The Electric Pickle will present to you, Damm!t Janet an event thrown by The Electric Pickle where ladies pretty much drink free til 1 AM. Astari Nite will be performing and it’s also the same band that performed this past Saturday and performed a great show along with bands like Radioboxer and REBEL. If you’re into that clean riff indie rock then this is a show for you. I was most... Read More →

Autolux Live From The Basement (High Quality Video And Sound)

I love this band. Influenced by the noise rock band like Sonic Youth and more. I would love to give my massive props to these guys for being one of the awesome newer bands in the 2000s to actually interest me. Autolux is loved by many many people out there that have heard of them and because of this I share this band to most people out there that don’t know about them. Trent Reznor is amongst one of the many big timers out there that are a huge fan of Autolux’s music. It would be typical... Read More →

The Glitch Mob & The Glitch Hop Genre: Music For Hip-Hop Robot Ears

So this is kinda out of my “box of genre” to most of you, but no I had to express the fact that I dabbled into way more than just rock music. Today, I’m dabbling into a genre that I have been totally digging a lot lately. I’ve always loved glitch music to begin with and I got introduced to it by listening and getting into Prefuse 73. I’ve also mentioned on one of my Facebook status’s that my favorite album so far for 2010 is not even a rock album, as a matter of... Read More →

[Podcast] Guilletine presents Welcome 2 Durham

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28 Sep
[Podcast] Guilletine presents Welcome 2 Durham

Shouts to one of the freshest and under-rated groups to ever break up. I still remember my ‘holy shit’ face when listening to Speed on The Listening. I wish I could tell you this is my favorite one of the podcasts, with out someone saying “Fuck, Lou. They’re all your favorite” but I guess that just goes to show you what type of mixes we bring to the table. So, I made Guilletine add in the instrumental everyone knows because it’s constantly bumping in my car, Anything,... Read More →

24th Anniversary Of Cliff Burton’s Death

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27 Sep
24th Anniversary Of Cliff Burton's Death

Yeah I personally don’t like Metallica, but I love a motherfucking awesome bassist like Cliff Burton. Cliff Burton, as a lot of the old school people know, was Metallica’s second bassist. His death was tragic and many metalheads out there weep for a legendary metal bassist (in which I thought he was too good for metal). It also became the turnout of having poor Jason Newsted‘s bass turn all the way the fuck down during the future recordings of Metallica. Fuck it, if you compare... Read More →

Guilletine Makes A Beat.

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27 Sep
HOW SOON IS NOW: A Diverse Local Music Event TOMORROW NIGHT At LOFT 168

HOW SOON IS NOW, is a musical event put together by artist from the local scene. This event is dedicated to showing the strength of what bands can do for one another in order to grow together. The goal here was put together a diverse musical event to bring more bands together and combine the fan base of different bands on one great night such as this one. I’m proud to post this entry on Antisteez on behalf of Astari Nite and REBEL for bringing this information to us to get it to the rest of... Read More →

Erk Tha Jerk Releases The Prelude E.P.

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24 Sep
Erk Tha Jerk Releases The Prelude E.P.

Erk Tha Jerk certainly knows how to satiate his fans. Despite his debut album, Nerd’s Eye View, close on the horizon with a slated November 9th release date, Erk has decided to give away a brand new EP for free. The Prelude includes songs from his forthcoming LP in additon to tracks that will only be available on this free release. The Prelude premiered through SF Weekly and marks a new high in the anticipation leading up to Nerd’s Eye View. “I’ve always released free music,”... Read More →

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