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Happy 2nd Birthday Antisteez!!

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28 Oct
Happy 2nd Birthday Antisteez!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!!! I am Damian C. here to write to everyone on a personal note. Usually, I would be writing personal note stuff on my personal blog (Unaimed Pistols Under Supervision) , but considering that this has everything to do with Antisteez, I took the liberty to just check in here and give love to Antisteez. Ohhhh.. wait not just Antisteez, but everyone that has supported us throughout the time Antisteez has been walking strong and growing with every baby step. A lot of you out there... Read More →

Street Wars 7: The Beast Coast Basement

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28 Oct
Street Wars 7: The Beast Coast Basement

Healthy competition may not seem at the forefront like something that improves your health, but the idea of competition is what inspires you to train for the day you meet your formidable opponent. Right now a slew of MCs are flexing their mind muscles and preparing to unleash their unruly wit in hopes of being declared the winner. In its seventh installment Vice City Cypher, the official rap battle league of South Florida, brings you another Street Wars event. The final Street Wars of 2010 will have... Read More →

Antisteez Interviews MindYou

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27 Oct
Antisteez Interviews MindYou

So I remember this night very clearly due to some disappointment. It wasn’t the band I interviewed this night, it was actually due to watching the Dolphins get demolished by The Patriots. Whatever, that’s not important. MindYou was being interviewed late this night at Sacred Sounds Studio in which a lot of us rehearse at. I’ve known drummer Victor Garibaldi since like elementary school where we both in a large group classroom of troublesome 5th graders were considered “The... Read More →

Halloween Weekend Rock Show Special: 10/29/2010 Grunge Kat and Transit Lounge Presents "Radioboxer’s Zombie Apocalypse with Radioboxer & Space Between Words

Do you like rock music? Do you like zombies? Do you like to kill zombies? Well, a very special event at Transit Lounge is taking place on Friday 10.29.10! Local rock bands Radioboxer and Space Between Words will be performing during the Zombie Apocalypse taking place just a few days before Halloween. Both energetic bands will be performing during this amazing apocalypse. You will have to take sides though! Dress up as a zombie or zombie killer. Be part of the battle, don’t go thinking you’re... Read More →

Halloween Weekend Rock Show Special: 10/31/2010 Black Division with Astari Nite & REBEL

This is a very special event for the members of Astari Nite and well for all the party people that just can’t get enough of the Halloween Spirit. Astari Nite will be premiering their video for their upcoming single off their upcoming EP. The first single is entitled “True Romance” and I’m just sayin’ I got first dip looks at the video and it’s fucking tight. Yeah, because when you’re a Antisteez crew member you just kind of get that kind of V.I.P dibs on... Read More →

Halloween Weekend Rock Show Special: 10/29/2010 Halloween Horror At The Talent Farm With MindYou & Friends!

The Talent Farm is probably one of the best places for an all ages show these days and to continue on with that fact, I don’t think there are any other places these days unless it’s some kind of music festival. If you guys don’t know about the The Talent Farm, then head over to The Talent Farm Website. It’s a mixture between mini venue, studio, and rehearsal spot. Probably the best place to raise your kids into becoming a local rock show supporter or something. Our friends... Read More →

Halloween Weekend Rock Show Special: 10/30/2010 Thriller 2 Halloween Bash With RIOT AGENTS

This coming Saturday night RIOT AGENTS will be tearing the stage with their punk/metal sensation along with some other great acts. This will be a crazy weekend for rock shows and well if you’re in the mood for a diverse type of acts, then this might just be the place for you this weekend. You know the folks at Tobacco Road know how to throw down a crazy party as well. Let’s not forget they have some amazing food at the place. So just head down there and check out RIOT AGENTS and friends... Read More →

Think Tank – People of the Sun (ft. Wrekonize)

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26 Oct
Think Tank, Parable, Llama Beats

[gplayer href=""]Think Tank – People of the Sun (ft. Wrekonize)[/gplayer]  Read More →

RSVP for Plain White T’s Free Performance

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26 Oct
RSVP for Plain White T's Free Performance

BUICK REGAL REMIX MIAMI: Featuring the Plain White T’s and the 2011 Buick Regal GS Yet another brand brings you cocktails and concerts in hopes of you one day buying some of their stuff. We’re all about this corporate America, keep it coming! This time around for the launch of the Buick Regal GS a celebration will be held at Grand Central next week. Grab a couple of complimentary beverages, snack on local fare and help the medicine go down with a performance by the... Read More →

Tanya Morgan and ArtOfficial Last Saturday

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26 Oct
Tanya Morgan and ArtOfficial Last Saturday

I’ll go ahead and start off by saying that this party totally made up for the disappointment that was the Blu performance. Basically, I’m done with the shows review. Ok, fine. A few details for you: First off, shout outs to Mr. SharpSound for holding it down in the patio of Transit Lounge. Dude, ALWAYS comes correct. As you will see in the pictures, Tanya Morgan (Von Pea and DonWill)… Super cool guys. After taking a few pictures with them and having a pretty long conversation about... Read More →

[Podcast] Guilletine presents "Ode to the B-Boys Vol. 1"

Something a little different this week. This is something you wanna pull up at any hip-hop show that might need some breakdancing music. It’s a solid 30 minutes of crazy, original funk breaks flawlessly mixed by Guilletine. He had to show off a bit with his beat juggling and scratching, so enjoy that. Mainly the mix is done to commemorate the amazing breaks heard way back when hip-hop was as easy as finding a 4 bar loop on an old vinyl and just repeating it a few times. Put the fat laces on... Read More →

The Smoker's Club: Curren$y, Think Tank & Antisteez's 2-year Anniversary

High Times Records, Jets Int’l and Cinematic Music Group came together to bring those suffering from radio-itis “The Smoker’s Club Tour”. The tour highlights artists that have hip-hop abuzz with what’s fresh. The tour will make its rounds through the month of October with a stop in Miami this weekend. The show reeks of emcee excitement with New Orleans’ Curren$y, Mississippi’s Big K.R.I.T and Harlem’s... Read More →

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