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Local Filmmaker C.R. Sten Garcia Looking to Take Grand Prize in New Film Competition

For a while now, people have been grumbling about the Miami International Film Festival and how it really has not been doing what it should be doing; piquing interest. In recent years, the festival has really been lackluster. To me, the selection and the experience itself has always felt like it was catering to its high profile supporters as opposed to the actual spirit of filmmaking and the people that live, eat, sleep and dream film. We all love the fact that the festival exists, don’t get... Read More →

The New: New Lineup and Newly Signed, Too!

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29 Dec
The New: New Lineup and Newly Signed, Too!

It’s a blustery Sunday afternoon in Hialeah and I am sitting inside Sacred Sound Studios with the four ladies from The New. For those of you who are already fans of this femme, pop-rock group, you are probably wondering why I said four and not five ladies. Well, the ladies inform me as we sit to chat that there have been some lineup changes and that there will be a new guitar player in the group soon.  For some bands, losing a member would be catastrophic, but not for these seasoned... Read More →

[Ocean Frontin' Radio]: Episode #55, OVERTHROW DJs and MISS ANGELINA

Well, here we are at the last week of a very eventful 2010 and while EVERY week of Ocean Frontin’ Radio has been exciting and amazing, LAST WEEK was off the hinges. DJ A-Train did his thing blasting some of the hottest old school hip hop around, MC Punch3nello tore the mic up, but to me, the real star of the night was Dj GetLive. He brought the boogie all the way from NYC and it was so live and so hard that people probably have not recovered. If you missed it or if you just want to listen... Read More →

[Coming Soon] Continuing with the Ch-Ch-Changes

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29 Dec
[Coming Soon] Continuing with the Ch-Ch-Changes

I love Lady Gaga as much as the next self-proclaimed Little Monster. I was thrilled at Rihanna’s rise sans Chris Brown and the chart topers that came from her  Read More →

[NYE 2010] Where’s the Party At?

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29 Dec
[NYE 2010] Where's the Party At?

(Updated: December 30, 2010) With so much to choose from in Miami picking a shindig for New Years Eve 2010 is turning out to be quite the chore. Here are a couple of options to get your ball rolling. Please, be safe once you pick your spot to ring in the new year. Cheers! *** For the music lovers and laid back party-goers… MAYDAY & ArtOfficial New Years Eve Party @ Transit Transit Lounge, 729 SW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 9pm – 5am Celebrate the New Year in Roaring 20′s style with live... Read More →

What to wear: New Year’s Eve 2010

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29 Dec
What to wear: New Year's Eve 2010

Now that all the gift-giving anxiety about what to get your best-friend, co-worker, or any other hyphenated next of kin is over, the next cause for panic is New Year’s Eve. Admit it. You’ve stood in front of the closet, an hour before the party started, and uttered the words: “What do I wear?” Granted some of us are retentive planners and compulsive to-do list makers, who already have an outfit with complementary accessories ready and... Read More →

Smoke & Miras

Smoke & Miras is a collective of multi-talented individuals who relentlessly push the boundaries of sound in both the recording and live aspects of hip hop music. The Crew consists of: Orion, Thousand, Name Brand, Draz, D-Tox, Brown-I, Sweet Jesus, John Wilson, Sci-22, Mr.Chris, Vers-One, Irene Shemony, Rob Remedy, Magnum-O, Legacy & Alejandro Gonzalez Download it HERE!!!    FOR MORE SMOKE AND MIRAS INFO: web: email: facebook: /pages/Smoke-Miras  Read More →

[Podcast] Guilletine presents Mobb Deep vs. Heltah Skeltah

Let the madness begin, ladies and gentlemen. But no need in being a Shook One. (see what I did there?). Heltah Skeltah and Mobb Deep all up in your area, kidnapping your kids making the situation scarier… Okay, I’ll stop… Best duo out of Queens along side the craziest duo out of Bucktown, are out to keep you busy for the rest of this week. DOWNLOAD LINK: 122810: Mobb Deep vs. Heltah Skeltah Mixed by Guilletine (Right Click + Save As…) Tracklist: 01. Heltah Skeltah –... Read More →

Album Review: ‘Redman Presents…Reggie’

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28 Dec
Album Review: 'Redman Presents...Reggie'

It was the early 90′s, during my middle school lunch break when a Haitian friend handed me the cassette tape that would change my life forever. I can still remember the first time I heard it. I put it on my boombox as soon as I got home. On it were songs from Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious B.I.G., Mobb Deep and more east coast hardcore rappers. The content of the music was beyond my understanding at that time but I couldn’t stop listening to that tape. There was this one particular song that... Read More →

[Ocean Frontin' Radio]: Episode #54, Dj GetLive and MC Punch3nello

HELLOOOOO music lovers! It’s Christmas week and because ’tis the season for pleasin’, we are bringing you an extra-exciting episode of Ocean Frontin’ Radio this week. But first, let’s just recap that last week, Washigton/Miami MC Black Bobby and DJ D-Up did the damn thing with your host with the most, DJ Atrain. Big ups to them for an amazing show. (If you didn’t catch it, you can always watch it, and every other episode of Ocean Frontin’ right now by clicking... Read More →

R.I.P. Fernando Rafael Heria, Jr.

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22 Dec
R.I.P. Fernando Rafael Heria, Jr.

Sadly, for the second week in a row at Antisteez,we have been hit with the news of yet another great person being taken from us just way to soon. Early Monday morning we lost a person known to most as one of the friendliest and enigmatic members of the South Florida cycling community. I did not know Ferny extremely well, but I can tell you that on the rides andbeers weshare, Ferny was always cracking jokes and making those around him feel very welcome. One of the hardest riders in Miami, Ferny... Read More →

[Podcast] Guilletine presents The Birthday Podcast (ft. J Dilla)

Happy Birthday to the Antisteez podcast. And to celebrate todays podcast we have none other than J Dilla jumping out of our cake. I pitched the idea to Jorge from Bang The Box a few weeks back and he was beyond excited to get me a serious list of songs for Guilletine to put together. We went ahead and decided to go with tracks that many of you didn’t know were produced by Jay Dee. Trust me, there will be more Dilla podcast to come up in the future. I can come up with a few themes based off... Read More →

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