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30 Apr

LMS writes – KEEP VOTING!!! VOTING ENDS MAY 6TH!!! Miami I NEED your help! I won the South region of the Trojan Magnum Live Large Project, but I am still a semi-finalist and have one more round to win, and that’s where YOU Come in! Go to Subscribe and Vote For Me In The South Region!!! -Go to the YouTube channel, and you’ll see the options ‘HOME’ or ‘VOTE’. -Click ‘VOTE’, and it will show you the videos section. -Go... Read More →

Reks' Album Release Party for 'Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme'

For a man who just celebrated a decade since his debut album Reks shows no signs of stopping. His passion and talent are relentless making him the only Boston native free to run the streets of Miami right about now. In celebration of his latest project… Major Event Marketing will present FRESH: Reks – R.hythmatic E.ternal S.upreme Album Release Party   See Reks’ tenacious lyrical flow in living color. Celebrate hiphip with an emcee who knows about hard work and has the resume... Read More →

[Leak] Serum - The Precursor (ft. Self the Sulfuric & Manifesto)

Just a matter of days before P.C.P. (Pre Campaign Propaganda) drops and a nigga can’t wait, honestly. Here’s another leak off of the upcoming album dropping this summer on TyrannoSerumRecords. Make sure to download the track for free. DOWNLOAD TRACK: HERE  Read More →

Do Mad Dogs Go To Heaven? R.I.P. Jim Mandich, July 30, 1948 – April 26, 2011.

Miami Herald - file photosThe answer to the question in this title is simple… HELL YES! Former Miami Dolphins tight end, and long time radio broadcaster Jim “Mad Dog” Mandich lost his battle with bile duct cancer last night, he was 62. Mandich was an All-American tight end at the University of Michigan, as well as the captain of the Wolverines’ football team. He played and fought his way to being the 29th pick (round 2) in the 1970 NFL Draft, the first pick made by then new... Read More →

The State Of: A Female Miami-Based Dark Pop Duo Begins Taking Over I always thought the best thing you can do when you start a band is to try and keep the amount of members to a minimum. I loved the idea that many great bands out there were trios (Nirvana, Muse, John Mayer Trio, Primus, ZZ Top, and even Miami’s Local REBEL (just to name a few), and then I wondered if you could simplify it further by just having two members. Obviously, it’s a rare case when a band with only two members succeed in making great music. I want to name Local... Read More →

Album Review: Mr. Chief - "Assuming Power"

A look at the laughing faces, free-flowing beer, and attractive women at Chief’s packed shows may mislead some from the somber, dissonant nature of much of his music is firmly rooted in struggle. But Chief’s triumph through his turmoil a life full of rushed, impressionable childhood, drugs and financial woes is what boosts his and his fans’ spirits… “The music I’ve been a fan of is music that invokes people, and that’s the music I wanted to make”,... Read More →

[Podcast] Guilletine presents Royce da 5’9″

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26 Apr
[Podcast] Guilletine presents Royce da 5'9"

Nickel Nine is one of the most under-rated lyrical assassins of our era. We all know Royce Da 5’9 and his crew (Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden and Crooked I) have been Slaughtering a ton of tracks recently but we figured we would bring you a showcase of all his solo release shit, although you do hear some Slaughterhouse cameos throughout the mix. If you haven’t noticed by now, Guilletine and Antisteez are HUGE supporters of that Detroit hip-hop sound. From J Dilla to new comer Black Milk,... Read More →

Through Thick and Thin, Upheaval Pushes Forward

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26 Apr
Through Thick and Thin, Upheaval Pushes Forward

Metal will always be a part of the ever-changing South Florida musical landscape. As far back as I can remember, no matter what trends come and go, metal has been a constant. Although its mainstream appeal has been a rollercoaster (forever rising, falling, rising once again, etc.), it has never really gone away. Growing up in Miami and listening to heavy metal, thrash and even  glam rock (yes, I am not ashamed…well, maybe a little) in the 80s and 90s, I  must say that... Read More →

GhostWridah’s American Alien Album Release Party

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25 Apr
GhostWridah's American Alien Album Release Party

For those who don’t know Troy Jeffery otherwise known as GhostWridah here’s your chance. Born and raised in South Miami he was dubbed a ghostwriter early on among his friends and later ghostwrote professionally, this local emcee and founder of The L.Y.F.E. Music (Live Your Future Everyday) will be kicking off his newly released album with a performance and party. ‘Cause that’s how we do in Miami – music and good times. Come out on Thursday as Major Event Marketing presents GhostWridah’s... Read More →

[Video] ArtOfficial – Migraine

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21 Apr

Guess what … ? I STILL Love H.E.R.

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20 Apr
Guess what ... ? I STILL Love H.E.R.

When I was a kid I used to sneak hip hop tapes into my room…even though she was old school when I was just a shorty, hip hop moved me. 2pac empowered me when he said Keep Your Head Up, Biggie had me calling my first boyfriend Big Poppa and Eminem scared me when he threatened to kill me. Every major milestone in my life can be traced back to a hip hop track. Meth and Mary’s duet was the anthem and LL Cool J’s “Doin It” had all the girls feeling sexy. Where were you when... Read More →

[Podcast] Guilletine presents WU-TANG Sample Medley

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19 Apr
Wu Tang Samples

Wu-Tang is pretty known for sampling the HELL out of your moms favorite soul or funk track. On my birthday, Guilletine surprised me, and everyone else, with a sample medley to tracks that he knows I love. This week he decided to make a fun collage of a ton of tracks that Mr. RZA apparently loved and used to make some of the legendary Wu-Tang tracks that none of us will ever forget. In reality, thanks to these tracks that he produced, some of the original tunes will never die and most of these artists... Read More →

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