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[Show Review]: 90s Hip Hop Festival w/Nice and Smooth + Awesome 2

There is something to be said about the “Old School.” While most people are busy giving shine to the newer artists who are making waves in hip hop, the Old School still exists, trudging along steadily. Maybe the Old School doesn’t make waves like it used to, but that’s cool; the Old School was there in the beginning…when the oceans of hip hop were formed. The Old School comes complete with veterans who were here when it started and still have not seen their end. I know…I... Read More →

Your Life Is A Movie, Hazel

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29 Jun
Your Life Is A Movie, Hazel

This one’s for the old souls. For the ones who still hope for happy endings while battling the antagonist. For the ones who love foolishly, completely and without remorse and for the ones who never quite feel at home in their own skin. An independent project by Miami based film maker, Hederr Perez gives you a glimpse on matters of the heart in her first of three short film series: Your Life Is A Movie. The first installment: Your Life Is A Movie, Hazel puts a modern twist on an age-old conflict: She... Read More →

[Album Review] Korpus Kounty's 'In': Downtempo Music In A Post Apocalyptic World

Korpus Kounty is a musical experiment created by producer Sin. The first album Stuck crossed all the lines between Trip Hop, Alternative, Gothic, and even Horrorcore. Korpus Kounty’s debut was released in 2008 by Labeless Records. If Portishead and The Gorillaz had a demon baby, that demon baby would be Korpus Kounty. The line-up on this album features Serial Deamer (Sin), Candace Meyer, and Level of Alukard. The project has everything you want in trip-hop music and more, heavy-low-end beats,... Read More →

Parable vs. Miami Beat Wave x Guilletine - Mistakes [PROMO VIDEO]

Video filmed by Harold D Ruiz Edited by YOURS TRULY (El Lou)  Read More →

[Podcast] Guilletine presents The BOOB-Cast (Sample Medley Vol. 2)

Everyone loves boobs, and, although this week’s podcast has absolutely nothing to do with boobs, you will still love it! The illustrious, the infamous, notorious, luminary, legendary Guilletine brings you another “sample medley,” a plethera of funk and jazz tunes that inspired some of the best Hip-Hop joints. From James Brown and DeBarge, to Gladys Knight and The Pips, you’ll be vibing to four decades of classics, sprinkled with some Nas and 2Pac. Still wondering why it’s... Read More →

[New Video]: ¡MAYDAY! ft. Del The Funky Homosapien - "The Ride"

There is one thing I can say about ¡MAYDAY!, and that’s that these guys are never boring. Their new video for, The Ride featuring West Coast legend, Del The Funky Homosapien, is both genius and hilarious…mostly because it showcases the band’s penchant for hi-jinks and tomfoolery. The video takes the, “baby on a doorstep,” idea to another level by replacing said baby with a coffin. The guys proceed to take this coffin around Miami, which in and of itself is kind of spectacular.... Read More →


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26 Jun

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most amazing H.B.I.C. (head bitch in charge) in the Earf! From all of us here at!  Read More →

molly ringwald

Remember the 80′s Prom at the Vagabond? And watching Dirty Dancing at the SoundScape? Imagine if they got together for 80′s dress up, a movie, dancing and epically cheesy fun. Don’t hold back, find some serious 80′s gear. I know you want to bring out the Madonna and Risky Business looks, but refrain. Be creative, because The Miami Downtown Development Authority is sponsoring FLICKIN’ SUMMER MOVIES, which isn’t your typical summer movie series. You see, it starts... Read More →

[LISTEN] Animal Krackerz – ‘Hostile’

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22 Jun
animal krackerz bass head music

This Miami local has steadily made a name for himself in Miami Dubstep, from his appearances at the ever popular monthly GET LOW, being signed by Basshead music, playing Winter Music Conference and sharing the stage with artists who make fans weak in the knees. Although that could be attributed to the bass, I suppose. At the moment of posting Animal Krackerz had “305″ likes on Facebook, which seems like a sign. Take a listen to the freshly released track “Hostile” and then... Read More →

Idle Hands Smackin' Shit Around Starting This Friday [6/24] With Furious Dudes!

So you say you want something different? I love our nightlife but damn it sometimes I just want to kick back and hear some good ol’ ass kicking Rock n’ Roll and party like a dude in an 80s beer commercial (actually, more like Spuds McKenzie…whatever that means) and just hear ear-busting punk, Oi!, ska, metal New Wave and a whole BUNCH of genres that represent fun and mayhem…pretty much, just music that spells PARTY while pouring a beer on your head (that’s the... Read More →


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22 Jun

I don’t want to hear anymore whining about money! We get it…every one is broke, every one is hurting for the dough. Give yourselves a break and escape the grind for a minute.  We here at are looking out for your interests…and your pockets, too. That’s why we always give you the haps on FREE SHOWS around the 305. And this Thursday, there is a FREE SHOW for YOU! Don’t miss Fight Like Animals, Space Between Words and Lavola. They will be performing live tomorrow,... Read More →

[New Music]: Wrekonize (Of ¡MAYDAY!)  "Worldwide Choppers (Freestyle)"

Check out ¡MAYDAY!‘s own Wrekonize freestyling over Tech N9NE’s Worldwide Choppers beat. Wrek, as always, wrecks this beat and proves that he has lyrical chops. Much props, son.  Read More →

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