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[Antisteez Top 5]: The Best UNSEEN Moments- #1 Sexy Sax Man vs Biscayne Blvd.

And so it is here, Antisteez’s top unseen moment of all time. I have to take a moment and say that this is less of a blog post and more of a love story. That’s right…it’s about to get saxy as fuck up in here. But let’s start at the beginning… Once upon a time, a friend asked me a question that would ultimately change my life and that question was: “Have you seen the video of Sexy Sax Man yet?” No, I had not. But I did immediately after and it was glorious... Read More →

[Antisteez Top 5]: Miami's Most "OMG!" Moments of 2011

“Ay Dios Mio!” … like my mother used to say. Miami is the land of shock and awe.  People underestimate us sometimes. They give props to the bigger cities like Los Angeles or New York, but we got our own characters and craziness that can make anybody say: “OMG!” Here are the Most “OMG!” Miami Moments of 2011: 5 – BAR shuts down Vagabond owner Carmel Ophir was accused of being the reason why Bar on 14 Street was shut down. Ophir owns the property and... Read More →

[Antisteez Top 5]: Most "WTF?!" Moments of 2011

365 days of madness – that’s what we’re about, but apparently we’re not the only ones. All the year-end recaps on the tube got us thinking about the events that made our heads shake in disgust, crack-up or confused where we had to ask ourselves: “Did I hear this right?” We know you feel the same, so here are Antisteez’s Top 5 Most “WTF?!” Moments of 2011. Let us know what moments on our list made you say “WTF?!” the loudest, or... Read More →

[Antisteez Top 5]: The Best UNSEEN Moments- #2 Our Favorite Podcasts

*Disclaimer: (And I am writing it in pink AND bold which I know Lou hates.) I started doing these Best Unseen Antisteez Moments with the intent of writing all  five. Unfortunately, I couldn’t complete #2 because of time constraints. That’s when my partner, man of magic and goodness that he is, stepped up to the plate to compile this epic post about music and about our weekly podcast. (Thank you for that selflessness and teamwork, Lou.) Personally, I don’t think that anyone could... Read More →

[Antisteez Top 5]: The Best UNSEEN Moments- #3 Win A Date With Goobs & Lou

Once upon a time, in February of 2011, right around Valentine’s day, our fearless leader Lou got an epic idea. (One of many, I assure you.) He thought that it would be an AMAZING idea if for Valentine’s day, he and I offered ourselves up to the masses for some hot and delicious dinner and a movie. And maybe some awkward moments, because Lou and I are  KNOWN for our inside jokes and relentless, maniacal laughter that no one understands but us. Yes, Lou decided that we would put out our... Read More →

[Video] Garcia – What I’m Saying

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28 Dec
[Video] Garcia - What I'm Saying

Like we told you a few weeks ago, Miami rapper Garcia is putting out a brand new video for every track off of his upcoming EP, Off The Beaten Path. This is the second video installment for a single called Wat I’m Saying. The song is produced by long time Crazy Hood collaborator Big Drain (of Da All) and Dee Jay K-N-S. Off The Beaten Path is set for release on January 24, 2012 and includes production and guest features by Hazardis Soundz, Miami Beat Wave, Wrekonize & Bernz of ¡Mayday!,... Read More →

[Antisteez Top 5]: The Best UNSEEN Moments- #4 Memphis Blac & Smokahontas Jones

So, like I told you yesterday, over the years ANTISTEEZ  has accumulated an entire cache of footage and stories that have never before seen the light of day. Stuff from random moments to the most bizarre ish to ever take place in the 305. Things that no human has ever laid eyes on…except for Lou and I. Maybe our photographer, Harold. Maybe Caro. And my mom. And the people we have shown it to. But that’s not a lot of people. So, we decided to raid the vault and post the top five unseen... Read More →

[Video] Pages – Mainstream Nightmare (ft. Juliet)

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28 Dec

Only the Beginning: End of Year Bash 12.29.11

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28 Dec
Only the Beginning: End of Year Bash 12.29.11

In 12 months we’ve seen so many changes to Miami’s underground music scene. A couple of favorite’s have gotten the chance to tour in the US and abroad, sharing their talents and exposing our little secret. Others have graduated on to labels and publishing deals. And day by day we see more collaboration on “the scene” to make beautiful music. Our hope is that you expanded your local playlist, because you don’t have to go far from home for great music. That being... Read More →

The Antisteez Guide to New Year’s Eve 2011

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28 Dec
The Antisteez Guide to New Year's Eve 2011

As the year comes to a close and we reminisce our triumphs and reflect on our mistakes we know one thing’s for sure… in Miami we can always count on a party to end all parties. No matter what. Which leaves us with a dilemma (and what a good problem to have) on where to go on a night as spectacular as the ringing in of a new year?! Don’t fret… we’ll manuever you through the slew of champagne poppin’ and sparkly dress clad shindigs. Although we’d rather you... Read More →

[Podcast]: Guilletine presents Dilla Instrumentals

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27 Dec
[Podcast]: Guilletine presents Dilla Instrumentals

C’mon now. Must I even write anything for a J Dilla Instrumental mix? I’ve said everything I need to say or that can possibly be said about this man. Last year Christmas time, we blessed you with a J Dilla produced podcast featuring every artist you can think of blessing us over J Dilla beats. Today, you get just the beats. Beats that have been rumored to have slipped through certain producers hands and into this hour long mix. Supposedly what would happen is that Dilla would send a... Read More →

[Antisteez Top 5]: The Best UNSEEN Moments - #5 Antisteez vs. Westland Mall

A lot of things happen on a daily basis here at ANTISTEEZ. On any given day, we could be at a show, interviewing some weblebrity or rapper, or hanging out with some of Miami’s most-amazing folks. And where we are, our cameras are never far behind, so naturally we have amassed a lot of footage over the years. Sometimes that footage gets used, sometimes it doesn’t. The same goes for stories. Sometimes one of our writers will bring us a story that doesn’t make the cut. (It happens.)... Read More →

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