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8CH20′s Birthday Bash | 03.31.12

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28 Mar
8CH20's Birthday Bash | 03.31.12

Join Vice City Cypher, DamFam, JoJo’s Block and NikkiSiixx for 8ch20′s Birthday Bash hosted by Soarse Spoken and Rudi Goblen. 8ch20 is a staple in our hiphop community, with an emphasis on community. Be sure to come out and celebrate his hard work and good humor for his many years of life! We love ya, Rudy. And loved he is, just check out who is rocking the stage for his birthday. Performances by: Miami Beat Wave Seven Star PFM & Iron Ora Serum & Manifesto Art Morera Music... Read More →

[Podcast] DJ Guilletine presents Big Daddy Kane

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27 Mar
[Podcast] DJ Guilletine presents Big Daddy Kane

Big Daddy Kane, B.D.K., Dark Gable, King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal, Blackanova, Count Macula is one of the smoothest rappers to ever hit the radio. A flow and wordplay that most rapers have always and still look up to. Classics for days. And let’s not forget the “sexy” pics he took for Playgirl. This week Big Daddy Kane hits the podcast and it’s definitely something no one wants to miss. As always Guilletine tears up the mix in an attempt to give everyone a brief history... Read More →

Epidemic Miami

Miami Heavy Weight Epidemic gives us his 3rd video feat. Novaking from his “2nd Exposure” mixtape. Get the highly acclaimed mixtape for free here! Video by Lightworks Productions Directed by Marco Anthony Ruiz Edited by Soto Jose Song Produced by Bucksito  Read More →

AbdeCaf Releases Debut EP “Unravel”

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26 Mar
AbdeCaf Releases Debut EP "Unravel"

We’ve been hearing a lot of noise from AbdeCaf lately, including the news about him signing with William Morris Agency. In  December 2011, he announced that he would be working solo and now, four months later, AbdeCaf is releasing his debut album, Unravel. For those of you that want to listen to something a little different than the hip-hop and rock floating around the scene these days, click below. It doesn’t stop here either…AbdeCaf says he is already working on his next EP.   Unravel... Read More →

[Photos] Asher Roth @ Revolution Live 03.23.12

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25 Mar
Asher Roth Photos by : Greg Gibbs for Antisteez

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Asher... Read More →

[Video] Serum & Manifesto – Manic City

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24 Mar
DaVincci Respect Miami Beat Wave

The homey DaVincci, along with the rest of the Miami Beat Wave army drop a new video. This camp just doesn’t know how to disappoint. Production by Miami Beat Wave, verses by Shottie, Omniscient, AG Lyonz and Salazar which drops some of that hispanic flavor. Shottie is on that first verse, so it’s only right we go ahead and push his new project, Delorean, that just dropped a few days ago. Props to Jose Mertz for the dope album art. MIAMI STAND UP!!!  Read More →

3.21.12 WMC Reggaefest w/ Mr. Vegas @ RICOCHET!

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21 Mar
3.21.12 WMC Reggaefest w/ Mr. Vegas @ RICOCHET!

WMC may be known for dance music, but tonight the sounds of dancehall reggae will make their impact on Miami with Mr. Vegas, Max Glazer, Walshy Fire, Dre Skull and Jillionaire in Midtown at Richochet. If you like to wind and grind and love reggae music, THIS is the hottest party happening in the 305. THIS is the THE reggae event of WMC. Our friends at 1Love Wednesdays have teamed up with LargeUp to bring the dancehall party Rice and Peas from New York to Miami for conference. The party is the first... Read More →

[Single] YMF - Underpaid (ft. Garcia, Shottie, Anjuli Stars & DaVincci)

Your Mom’s Favorite accompanied by some of South Floridas big dawgs, give us a new little treat. Busy working in the studio for their upcoming mixtape release, Heavy Flow Vol. 2, here’s a sneak peek at one of the tunes. And btw… a rumor might be going around town about a HUGE jam happening for the mixtape release. We’ll keep you posted!  Read More →

[Video] ¡Mayday! ft. Tech N9ne ‘Badlands’

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20 Mar
Mayday Take Me To Your Leader

Let’s be honest… Who ISN’T anxiously anticipating the upcoming ¡MAYDAY! album, Take Me To Your Leader? Only a few days left till we get the eargasm we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s go ahead and watch the “Badlands” video premier featuring the one and only Tech N9ne.  Read More →

[Photos] Slaughterhouse @ Revolution Live 03.19.12

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20 Mar
Slaughterhouse Photos by : Greg Gibbs for Antisteez

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Llamabeats – Just A Kid

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20 Mar
Llamabeats - Just A Kid

April 10th seems like it might never get here, damnit! Como Se Llama? is Llamabeats’ debut album and we have to wait a whole two weeks for it to drop. But… till then, we can go ahead and play this tune on repeat (as if you haven’t already heard it 15 times today). Also… Check out what a “typical night with the Llamas is like” HAHAHA  Read More →

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