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phoenix/NEBULIN - Ranked #2 on's Best Sellers for Goth & Industrial MP3!

I was very irresponsible for not letting you guys know this a lot earlier, but time to me is like this wormhole where every day is the same. Anyways, if you guys were ever into the industrial scene (whatever is left of it), then you guys should know about phoenix/NEBULIN (Yes, that’s how it’s spelled so no calling the grammar police on me…). These guys have been around for a bit now and I heard of them when they were using Propellerheads Reason as their drummer (or keyboardist)... Read More →

Cafe Con Leche - Out of Hand Skateboards - Video -

Out of Hand Skateboards has been busy winning tournaments and putting their name on the map from the US to South America. They’ve also been having some fun following around their skaters in Miami with their arsenal of tech toys. GoPro, anyone? In their latest skate video entitled “Cafe con Leche” there isn’t any coffee nor milk, but plenty of air to catch and public property to brand with their boards. The video was filmed by Joel Garcia aka “Miami Filmer Guy”... Read More →

[Podcast]: DJ Guilletine presents 1997 Hiphop

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24 Apr
I Love 90 Hiphop

All sorts of crews and record labels in Hiphop by 1997. I think this is the year that money REALLY started to accumulate. Bad Boy, Death Row, multi-million dollar empires filled with the music that will be remembered forever. Tupac passed away late ’96 and Biggie passed away early this year, so I’m guessing Hiphop felt that they needed to step it up and come super strong. Grab the formulas they had discovered from Big and Pac and made it their own. This is how the legends were produced. So,... Read More →

Planelifter – Fuzzy Rock Music For That Ass

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23 Apr
Planelifter - Fuzzy Rock Music For That Ass

I’m particularly picky about what music on the local scene I listen to and that’s not to say that I’m complete snob, but it’s been awhile since I heard a local rock band that truly blew me away. I’m not saying Miami music sucks (Trust me, it’s FAAARRRRR from that.), I’m just saying I’m very picky about what I want to write about. And I have strange taste in music in general. However, I was directed to check out Planelifter and listen to their EP “As... Read More →

[Antisteez Events]: Sustainatopia 2012

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21 Apr
[Antisteez Events]: Sustainatopia 2012

First and foremost, let me begin by saying that I would’ve been here sooner with my latest post, but … 4/20. You know? So, in honor of all things “green,” this weekend will feature an event aimed at saving trees instead of just smoking ‘em. Dubbed by the Sun Sentinel as “Art Basel for environmentalists,” Sustainatopia is a six-day, hip eco-festival aimed at converting those “eco-atheists” and joining the devoted “Planeteers” for over... Read More →

AbdeCaf – Unravel EP

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20 Apr
AbdeCaf - Unravel EP

I’m pretty tough when it comes to production and beat making. I mean, I’ve done my share of producing (No, you won’t ever hear any of it.), but most of all I’ve done TONS of research on those whom I consider to be “good” producers. I examine each track. I literally wonder, “WHY?”, when I hear a sample a producer chose. I criticize drum loops and the velocity of snares and hats. It becomes a huge problem, especially when homies of mine, like Steve Vaynshtok,... Read More →

Sweatstock: Record Store Day @ Sweat Records | 04.21.12

It’s that time of the year again… Record Store Day and Sweat Records‘ birthday. In the name of vinyl and music Sweat will celebrate their seven years in Miami. Come out on Saturday for the 3rd Annual Sweatstock which combines the best of a block party with a festival and sprinkles in plenty of surprises. Here’s the kicker… the 2012′s Record Store Day Ambassador himself will be in attendance. Who might this be? Iggy Pop. True story. After you recover, finish processing... Read More →

4/20: Calling All Red Eye Jedis! MUNCHSTRAVAGANZA @ Eating House

If there’s one thing that I know for certain, like for really real, its that stoners like to take it easy, man. Stoner math is not hard. It goes something like: (Get weed + Roll weed up + Smoke weed +Chill + Eat) x Repeat = 420 No, it’s true. I took Algebra 2 once, I know what I’m talking about. Hence, it makes sense that Miami’s pop-up restaurant of awesome, Eating House in the Gables, is inviting all stoners, foodies and foodies who say they are foodies and are really just... Read More →

Celebrate 420 with Battles & Bass 04.20.12

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18 Apr
Celebrate 420 with Battles & Bass 04.20.12

Holidays whether they’re official or not are about celebrations and in our society… gifts. On Friday get your 420 on with two parties at one location. This double header goes down at Eve with battles and bass. On one side of the venue we’ll have Art Of War inviting you to their One Year Anniversary with an MC competition. And on the other side of the venue we have Basshead Music’s 11th Birthday with performances by some of the label’s most bassworthy acts. It’s... Read More →

420 Thumbnail

Three days away from everyones favorite holiday. WHO THE HELL IS EXCITED?!… I know. Not many of us make a big deal of it. And there’s a very simple explanation for that. Well, because we celebrate Weedaween three or four times a day. And who the hell wouldn’t? We at Antisteez decided we’ll give everyone a special gift for Merry Kushmas this year, and stuff your hemp stockings with a Guilletine podcast, mixed with a ton of herbalicious tunes. Tunes everyone remembers from... Read More →

[Antisteez Interview] RJD2 in Miami

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16 Apr
[Antisteez Interview] RJD2 in Miami

When RJD2 was last in town we got to talk to him about his latest projects and what he’s working on for the near future. Check out our interview with him where he goes over his live performance set up, his one-man-band tendencies and he answers an Antisteez fan question. Not to mention we taught him how to say “dulce de leche”. You’re welcome, RJ! Filmed and edited by Giancarlo Loffredo of Mupalia Pictures.  Read More →

Local teams sweep Sunday sports

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16 Apr
Local teams sweep Sunday sports

"You're the best"..."No YOU'RE THE BEST"..."No no I insist". It was going so well for South Florida on Sunday that even the Dolphins may have won if the NFL was in season. The Marlins, Heat, and Panthers all celebrated big wins to end the weekend. The beauty of DVR allowed me to be a full-fledged Florida sports slob and watch the games all day in full despite the fact that the Miami Marlins and Miami Heat aired at the same time. Here is a breakdown of our great... Read More →

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