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[Antisteez Top 5]: Best Restaurants

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30 Sep
[Antisteez Top 5]: Best Restaurants

The best yum-yums for your tum-tum. A cute, quick list of the best places to stuff your face, at any time of the day/night. Compiled with the help of the Miami New Times and my pal Goobs. Coming in at numero cinco is Kon Chau: It’s Miami New Times Blogger Zachary Fagenso’s favorite place to grab some dim-sum for din-din, so we’re spreading his recommdation to you!  According to Zachary: “Kon Chau is a prime example of a hole in the wall. It looks like it was designed in... Read More →

[Antisteez Events]: Cat Power Live

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24 Sep
[Antisteez Events]: Cat Power Live

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for an indie chick. Cat Power [Charlyn Marie Marshall is her government name] will be performing live at Grand Central and you KNOW I’ll be there crushing on her from the crowd.  Discovered in 1994 while opening for Liz Phair, she’s released nine albums since then including her latest SUN. Six years after her last album of original material, CP has moved on from her collaborative forays into Memphis soul and Delta blues in this latest... Read More →

Davincci – ‘Lose Your Soul’

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24 Sep
Davincci - 'Lose Your Soul'

DaVincci released the track “Lose Your Soul” last week which he also produced; it features AG Lyons, Kairo and Ayentee.  Read More →

Gill Graff – ‘OUTLIER’

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24 Sep
Gill Graff - 'OUTLIER'

  After releasing “Therapeutic: The Mixtape” last February, Gill Graff has releases the follow up project – “OUTLIER”. It’s Gill Graff’s first official album release with 13 tracks all of which are produced by Knowledge Medina. Take a listen to the “OUTLIER” LP with features from Luv Era, Kairo and more.   Here’s the video for “Goodbye” which features Knowledge Medina, Luv Era and Roly.  Read More →

[Guest List] ¡MAYDAY! + Llamabeats + Sharpsound 09.28.12

The boys are back! If you missed ¡MAYDAY! at their homecoming performance last month then you can’t miss them in much more intimate setting. After an intense tour schedule, coming back to the Miami crowd that knows and love them is where it’s at. We want you to join in bringing the noise, so were offering ten readers and their friends reduced entrance at the show. In addition to the Strange Music boys we will also get to jam with the Llamabeats and get down with DJ Sharpsound. The 305... Read More →

[Ticket Giveaway] DJ Green Lantern at The Stage 09.27.12

Next week The Stage + DNA Entertainment bring you The Evil Genuis – DJ Green Lantern. The turntablist will be joined by our own Omniscient and the Miami Beat Wave Crew. Hosting duties will be handled by Monie Love. We’ll be celebrating two birthdays Caro’s (that’s me!) and Omnicient’s, so we suggest everyone takes Friday off to avoid the awkward moment of trying to hide your Irish Coffee at the office in an attempt to scare off a hangover. As a preparty gift we’re... Read More →

[Preview] Iron Lyon – ‘From the Ground Up’

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18 Sep
[Preview] Iron Lyon - 'From the Ground Up'

Iron Lyon releases his sophomore LP today, “From the Ground Up”, you might know him as a DJ or an emcee, the album showcases all his talents. With some 90s nostalgia the follow up  to the “Time Capsule” LP and “The Foundation” EP brings together 16 tracks of turntable action as well as Iron Lyon on the mic. With a supporting cast of producers, Chad Dubz and Mr. Koichi, and features from Sean Price, Edo G, Slim Kid Tre of The Pharcyde, and among others. You can preview... Read More →

Antisteez Events: [Yo Miami's Average Joe Art Sale]

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17 Sep
Antisteez Events: [Yo Miami's Average Joe Art Sale]

In an attempt to open the door to the local art scene and invite the everyday average Joe’s to experience its magic, Yo Miami organized the soft opening of its new home gallery in June, Yo Space. To celebrate the occasion there was an indoor market of sorts where 12 artists were able to display their wares. The artists sold everything from original works, to limited edition prints and other merchandise. The only rule: No individual item could have a sale price over $250. After the overwhelmingly... Read More →

[Video] J NICS – ‘G-Code’

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17 Sep
[Video] J NICS - 'G-Code'

Check out the video for G-Code off “The Product” the second installment from J NICS’ “Southern Niggas Aint Slow” mixtape series. A usual night in Hialeah – strippers and shooting up the place. Directed/Produced By: Derick G Co-Directed / Executive Produced By: Joseph Cinnante Edited By: Soto Jose Track Produced By: The Lottery Download J NICS “Southern Niggas Aint Slow” series here.  Read More →

photo by harry fellows

When I found out that French Horn Rebellion was playing with Afrobeta and Auto Body this Friday at Grand Central, I had to talk to these Wisconsin gents and get the lowdown on their awesomeness. A few emails later and POOF! Robert, one half of this brother duo, and I were practically BFFs. (The group consists of brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari. David produced MGMT‘s indie release, Time to Pretend EP for New York indie Cantora Records, so you know…he is kind of spectacular,... Read More →

[LEAK] Soarse Spoken's Upcoming 'Starve The Hunger'

Soarse Spoken has been working on his latest album, Rawcenticity, for quite some time. He took a four year hiatus from music making getting caught up in responsibility, like most of us have been known to do. But you can’t keep the creative process at bay… the need to make music trumped everything else. To reintroduce his sound to the scene he’s releasing, Starve the Hunger, on October 16th. The mixtape is appropriately titled as Soarse Spoken has been starving his hunger for music, which will... Read More →

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