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[Album Release] AG Lyonz – “One Way”

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13 Dec
[Album Release] AG Lyonz - "One Way"

AG Lyonz has finally shared his ONE WAY album with us. He describes the project as: It represents life, love, pain and joy… everything that happens in our daily lives. A project that once started as 2 guys and slowly evolved to a 5 man band LIVE FREE. As a writer I wanted to speak about the real issues of the world. And with that came the concept of world music. For the people and about the people. Through all the good times and bad, “One Way” is the guidance needed. Power and a... Read More →

Miami Independent Thinkers ART BASEL 2012: All about LOCALS!

Taylor Pilote,They See Me Rollin’ For the fourth year in a row, local art aficionado Kerry McLaney and her lady crew at Miami’s Independent Thinkers will be showcasing locals and LOCALS ONLY at their Satellite Fair at Armory Studios for the entirety of Basel weekend. It is an opportunity for locals to check out some of our fair city’s flourishing talents. The event features live music, DJs, performance art, fashion, painters, photographers, filmmakers, sculptors, animators, writers,... Read More →

[Antisteez Interview] Epidemic Talks About "Third Exposure"

Miami MC Epidemic recently released his third mixtape, Third Exposure and it is nothing short of brilliant. We recommended his second effort, Second Exposure, as one of the must-have local albums of 2012 and it looks like Third Exposure is well on it’s way to making our list again this year. I chatted with Epidemic about this project and how he feels about Miami. Peep it below and and then head DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM FOR FREE HERE. Antisteez: Let’s talk about Third Exposure. What did you... Read More →

Eating House has a permanent home and soon, a permanent lunch menu, too!

There was a time when you drove by Ponce and 8th Street and were greeted by only dark store fronts and CLOSED signs. Then came the pop-up phenomenon Eating House, injecting life into the once quiet-after-6 p.m. area. Taking over Cafe Ponce in the evening hours, the restaurant was a delicious force to be reckoned with. And then it was gone and all was dark once more… but that was just the quiet before the storm. In the couple of months after Eating House closed it’s pop-up doors to the... Read More →

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