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[Antisteez Profiles]: Women in the 305 – The Right Angle Studio

Category: Art|Events   Posted by:   on December 2nd, 2011

They say that behind every great man there’s an even greater woman. When it comes to Art Basel, there are FOUR great women manning one of the most-interesting exhibitions this year.

Meet Monica Travis, Zusel Escriba, Keisha Rae Witherspoon and we already told you about Nicole Soden during last year’s Basel madness. Together, the ladies form Right Angle Studios and are leaving their imprint on 2011 Art Basel with their incredible blend of sculpture and light installations. As always, antisteez.com is there front and center bringing you the lowdown on these grrrls.

Sometimes in life you are fortunate enough to cross paths with certain individuals who propel your potential to another level. That is what Soden experienced when she joined the other three points of her creative quadrant: Her Right Angle girls.

An all-women, solid art movement that has created and exhibited brilliant pieces since 1993, the ladies of Right Angle Studio have a diverse range and a urge to use unorthodox materials. They create with stainless steel, aluminum, wood, plaster, stone, glass, and found objects. Working out of the heart of all that is visual and cultural in the 305 - the Design District - the Right Angle dames’ studio is a breeding ground for art pieces that soar and seduce the imagination.

How do these ladies manage to hit the mark every year for Basel? Well, we already told you that Nicole Soden was one of the hardest working dames in Basel business and the ladies of the Right Angle Studio share her enthusiam and work ethic, putting in long hours to ensure that this exhibition came together as a great success.

“Like all good things do, I imagine… a lot of hard work, perseverance and a well-developed skill set (haha).”  – Nicole Soden

We all know that one great show can change the world, and these ladies have the right angle on this feat. Their exhibition at The Raleigh Hotel features nine sculptures as part of a project with Architectural Digest,Sunbrella high-performance fabrics and the NY-based design firm, Mark Cunningham Interiors.

For this year’s pieces, think BIG.  The nine sculptures for the exhibition held at The Raleigh are made of plexi-glass and range in size from 3 x 3 to 8 x 3, consisting of a complex arrangement of shifting geometric forms illuminated from within, skinned with neutral toned fabrics, compliments of Sunbrella.

The Right Angle Studio has also left an imprint in my personal favorite colored-coated corner of the world: The Wynwood Arts District with Nicole Soden contributing work for show called ‘Angaelica,’ curated by Breven Warren who is a cultural maven and film maker in the city of Angels.

At WynwoodNicole will be showing a couple of drawings. Working with Rollin and Kandi Stirman, expect to see large and small scale ink-on-paper works along with photography by Kandi.  ‘Angaelica‘ runs from Dec 1 through 4 at 2060 NW 1 Avenue, Wynwood.  The show opens each day at noon.

For a full list of exhibiting artists and filmmakers at ‘Angaelica‘ click here. For the all the deets on Basel and its many exhibits, click here, and for all that is 305, ALWAYS click ‘Steez.

story by Isabel

photos by Harold D. Ruiz

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