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Miami Independent Thinkers ART BASEL 2012: All about LOCALS!

Category: Art|Events   Posted by:   on December 6th, 2012

Miami Independent Thinkers ART BASEL 2012: All about LOCALS! events art  Taylor Pilote They See Me Rollin 300x451

Taylor Pilote,They See Me Rollin’

For the fourth year in a row, local art aficionado Kerry McLaney and her lady crew at Miami’s Independent Thinkers will be showcasing locals and LOCALS ONLY at their Satellite Fair at Armory Studios for the entirety of Basel weekend. It is an opportunity for locals to check out some of our fair city’s flourishing talents. The event features live music, DJs, performance art, fashion, painters, photographers, filmmakers, sculptors, animators, writers, musicians, muralist and new media artists.

Miami Independent Thinkers ART BASEL 2012: All about LOCALS! events art  Emerson Calderon Voltaire 190x190

Emerson Calderon, Voltaire

The art work is not only local, but reasonably priced, meaning that you could check out MIT’s event and leave with art all your own. How fancy of you!

The event goes on for four days, kicking off tonight for media and tomorrow night for the public.

We will see you out there this weekend!

For more info and to see the artists’ lineup, read below!

Alfredo Perez
Alissa Alfonso
Andres Dominguez
Annie Y. Saldaña
Arnold Steiner
Art of Shade
Ashley Elizabeth Craig
Barbara M de Varona
Betsy Gandy
Breanna Elise Murphey
Carla Fache
Christian Hogue
Cindy Seip
Corey W. Campbell
Cynthia Mason
Dan Walker
Denise Diaz
Emerson Calderon
Erika Garcia
Gary Zimmerer
George Goodridge
Gerry Stecca
Gina Cunningham
Gretchen Scharnagl
Henry Ballate
Humberto M. Vento
Ivan Albreht
Jel Martinez
Jennifer Kay
John Pack
JuanCarlos Bravo
Katia Danilova
Lidija Slavkovic
Lori Nozick
Lorie Setton
Luis Arturo Mora
Maitejosune Urrechaga
Natasha Middagh
Orestes De La Paz
Rod Deal
Shades of Earth
Stefan Von Fouts
Taylor Pilote
Tracy Cristal
Vince BadPanda Herrera
Xiomara Ponce
Zak Hemsteger

Albert Vargas + Oscar Guardado
Arboles Libres (acoustic)
Flesh and Stone
niki em
Talking Dogs

Aubrey Russell
Bonnie Beats
DJ Essential 6
Grace Jones
Haitian Hillbilly
Matt-E Love
Patrick Griffin
Ray Milian
Stravinsky (Cosmic Chronic Records)

Miami’s Independent Thinkers Art Basel 2012
December 6th-9th, 2012
The Armory Studios (572 NW 23rd Street, Wynwood FL 33127)
Free–VIP passes
Thursday 5pm-9pm (VIP/PRESS)
Friday 5pm-2am
Saturday 5pm-2am
Sunday, 1pm-5pm

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