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Miami Independent Thinkers ART BASEL 2012: All about LOCALS!

Taylor Pilote,They See Me Rollin’ For the fourth year in a row, local art aficionado Kerry McLaney and her lady crew at Miami’s Independent Thinkers will be showcasing locals and LOCALS ONLY at their Satellite Fair at Armory Studios for the entirety of Basel weekend. It is an opportunity for locals to check out some of our fair city’s flourishing talents. The event features live music, DJs, performance art, fashion, painters, photographers, filmmakers, sculptors, animators, writers,... Read More →

[Antisteez Interview] Epidemic Talks About "Third Exposure"

Miami MC Epidemic recently released his third mixtape, Third Exposure and it is nothing short of brilliant. We recommended his second effort, Second Exposure, as one of the must-have local albums of 2012 and it looks like Third Exposure is well on it’s way to making our list again this year. I chatted with Epidemic about this project and how he feels about Miami. Peep it below and and then head DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM FOR FREE HERE. Antisteez: Let’s talk about Third Exposure. What did you... Read More →

Eating House has a permanent home and soon, a permanent lunch menu, too!

There was a time when you drove by Ponce and 8th Street and were greeted by only dark store fronts and CLOSED signs. Then came the pop-up phenomenon Eating House, injecting life into the once quiet-after-6 p.m. area. Taking over Cafe Ponce in the evening hours, the restaurant was a delicious force to be reckoned with. And then it was gone and all was dark once more… but that was just the quiet before the storm. In the couple of months after Eating House closed it’s pop-up doors to the... Read More →

photo by harry fellows

When I found out that French Horn Rebellion was playing with Afrobeta and Auto Body this Friday at Grand Central, I had to talk to these Wisconsin gents and get the lowdown on their awesomeness. A few emails later and POOF! Robert, one half of this brother duo, and I were practically BFFs. (The group consists of brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari. David produced MGMT‘s indie release, Time to Pretend EP for New York indie Cantora Records, so you know…he is kind of spectacular,... Read More →

Miami-Dade County Elections: Vote YES to repeal Pit bull ban!

I am going to start this post off by saying that I am 100% biased when it comes to the topic of pit bulls and their capacity to be loving, safe pets. You see, I have owned pit bulls who were loving and safe dogs and I have a very strong bond with my friends’ pit bulls. I’m a dog lover and I own five dogs, all small breeds, ONLY because I can’t legally own a pit bull in Miami-Dade County. But all of that could change tomorrow because for the first time since it was passed, voters... Read More →

Greg Gibbs Art Show @ Ricochet ft. Kaaren Styles

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10 Aug
Greg Gibbs Art Show @ Ricochet ft. Kaaren Styles

Tonight at Ricochet in Midtown, Antisteez’s photographer, Greg Gibbs is showcasing some of his work. Doors open at 9 p.m. with cocktails until 10. Also performing is the 305′s own Kaaren Styles. Info is below! Support local artists and our very talented photographer by making a stop to check out his work!  Read More →

Reggae is alive and well at 1 Love @Ricochet!

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8 Aug
Reggae is alive and well at 1 Love @Ricochet!

Tonight the good folks from 1Love Wednesdays are bringing you a live performance from Laza Morgan! As always, there is no cover and you get to jam to the sounds of DJ A-Train and DJ Iron Lyon. If you like reggae, hip-hop, dancehall and to get your wind and grind on, head over to Ricochet. Doors open at 9 p.m. and the Red Stripes will be cold!  Read More →

[Antisteez Desktop Calendar 2012] Darian Faroy | August

It was a hot morning in Miami when we met 27-year-old Darian Faroy, one of this month’s featured filmmakers, in Coral Gables for this photo shoot…but not even the humidity could put a damper on his indomitable spirit. In a suit, Darian was all smiles and despite the heat, nonplussed. I say this to you so that you get an idea of what a cool character this Miami filmmaker is, and also, so it paints a picture of what kind of concise, practiced care he puts into his films. To be a filmmaker... Read More →

[Antisteez Desktop Calendar 2012] Vanessa Castillo | August

Miami…a city that inspires art, debauchery, rice and beans and flights of fancy. It is also home to burgeoning filmmakers who want to tell the stories that live just beneath the surface of this thriving tropical metropolis. Young filmmakers like 23-year-old Vanessa Castillo. But Castillo wasn’t always a filmmaker. Her journey began six years ago as a photographer. “I started off my visual journeys six years ago as a photographer, a legit light drawer (that’s the Greek definition... Read More →

The Donkey Show: Disco Meets Shakespeare at the Adrienne Arsht Center

In Miami when you tell people that you are going to see The Donkey Show you get plenty of strange looks and some raised eyebrows. “You’re going to see what? What kind of show is that? Where do they even do that here? Isn’t that illegal cause of the animals?” These are some of the questions people will ask. I promise you. I am here to tell people to get their minds out of some gutter in Tijuana (I am sorry, I just involuntarily shuddered.) and get over to the Adrienne Arsht... Read More →

Hey, Miami drivers: Slow the fuck down!

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2 Jul
Hey, Miami drivers: Slow the fuck down!

Miami is a city where public transportation is a punchline and where every major roadway turns into a parking lot from the hours of 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. And with gas prices soaring to Sell-A-Kidney-To-Fill-Up-Your-Tank status, owning a car is becoming a real pain in the ass. Maybe that’s why so many commuters are opting to go the way of scooters, motorcycles and bikes to get around town? And I think that should be applauded. More people should consider going the greener, less... Read More →

[Antisteez Desktop Calendar 2012] Javier "Javi" Antunez | July

Please, click below on your screen resolution and save the desktop calendar. If you do not know your screen resolution click here. 2560×1440 • 1920×1200 •  1680×1050 •  1440×900 • 1280×800 • 1024×768 Miami is a city full of sin and it is also a city full of people who like to show skin. That’s why so many tattoo artists call the 305 home. One of those tattoo artists is Javier “Javi” Antunez, owner of Tattooed Theory Customs Inc. The... Read More →

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