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[Antisteez Profiles]: Women in the 305 - The Right Angle Studio

They say that behind every great man there’s an even greater woman. When it comes to Art Basel, there are FOUR great women manning one of the most-interesting exhibitions this year. Meet Monica Travis, Zusel Escriba, Keisha Rae Witherspoon and we already told you about Nicole Soden during last year’s Basel madness. Together, the ladies form Right Angle Studios and are leaving their imprint on 2011 Art Basel with their incredible blend of sculpture and light installations. As always, is... Read More →

[Video] Dub P Mogly – ‘Hustle Go’

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7 Nov
[Video] Dub P Mogly - 'Hustle Go'

Southside Empire Presents: Dub P Mogly – Hustle Go Shot by: Julianyuri.Rodriguez Cut by:  Read More →

[Antisteez Politics]: London Youth In Revolt

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16 Aug
[Antisteez Politics]: London Youth In Revolt

While the world struggles to understand  the heated political climate that has recently spurred rioting and looting in London, Antisteez correspondent, Rick Cuebas, gives us an inside look at what sparks this kind of turmoil and discusses youth in revolt. The situation in London was one that was born from social unrest and turned into lawlessness for lawlessness sake. This may have started as angry protests after a heavily armed police unit shot 29-year-old Mark Duggan, a father of four who who... Read More →

[Movie Review]: Jee-woon Kim's "I Saw The Devil"

Asian cinema has always been a treasure that feels more like a privilege to witness. They’ve managed to turn the tables on every genre they can possibly get their hands on. Jee-woon Kim has become my most anticipated director overseas besides Nicolas Winding Refn. Kim has the ability to wow audiences with his techniques in storytelling. Audiences that aren’t even film buffs are awestruck by his camera work, pacing, and stylized image compositions. His dream-like scope of terror in Tale... Read More →

[Official Review] Awesome New Republic & Washed Out on 1.21.11

Tron [trɒn] verb: The unintentional act of inebriating oneself to the point where a fiercely abrupt and unexpected change in judgment manifests in overly emotional, aggressive and incoherent drunken behavior. “Damn bro, we were having an awesome time until you fucking troned.” Chugging first generation grape Four Loko before an indie show will always result in one of two things. A complete and utter loss of rational thinking A serious desire to take a huge shit. Last Friday night was no exception... Read More →

The Miami Heat Nails First Preseason Win Without Wade

Chills ran down my spine as fast as Mark Fuhrman at the Million Man March when I heard the announcing of the new Miami Heat Roster.  Well, it is that time of year again when preseason is upon us and guess what? The Heat are BACK!  If you missed Tuesday night’s Detroit vs. Heat game, you missed what everyone has been having wet dreams about since July. There was a mid-season game vibe in the air at the American Airlines Arena as all of Miami stood up and cheered when... Read More →

Movie Review: A Serbian Film

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1 Sep
Movie Review: A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film, directed by Srdjan Spasojevic..there’s a lot of hype around this film and how gruesome it is. Movie snobs, film-school graduate douchebags and pederasts alike are swarming to the Internet to pirate this movie and be among the few that can brag on their shitty blogs that they watched it before anyone else did. Alas, who am I break the cycle? You may be thinking to yourself, “Is it that bad?” or, if you’re like me (Before... Read More →

Gettin’ Paid Without Havin’ Played

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16 Aug
Gettin' Paid Without Havin' Played

You’re the young, physically gifted athlete with the game IQ to be a star in the NFL; rendering you cocky with a side of feeling unstoppable. Match that up with an NFL franchise’s number one draft pick and you’re automatically worth $80 million, not bad for a couple of years in college. So the question arises, how much money is too much for an unproven rookie? Let’s begin with the process of how an NFL team evaluates its needs. When rebuilding... Read More →

PROP 8 STRUCK DOWN: Justice 1, Insanity 0

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12 Aug
PROP 8 STRUCK DOWN: Justice 1, Insanity 0

Last Wednesday, while most of us were either still wasting away at work or in the process of making our escape, something big (read: HUGE) happened in California. At around 2PM on the West Coast, Proposition 8, the law that defined marriage in California as valid only when it’s between a man and a woman, was ruled unconstitutional by a federal court judge.  The ruling basically restored a civil right that had finally been recognized for gays and lesbians by a California... Read More →

NBA Free Agents Who Are NOT LeBron James

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12 Jul
NBA Free Agents Who Are NOT LeBron James

Free Agents in the NBA; a topic much overshadowed by the top free agent in the NBA, LeBron James, and all of the much-anticipated, much-publicized speculation that went into his signing with the Miami Heat. So, in case you missed it, allow us to recap what has gone down so far. Below are the notable free agent names that were thrown around sports world with either expiring contracts at the end of 2009, 2010, 2011, all of which could opt out if they chose to. _____________________ IN THE BEGINNING… The... Read More →

The Feeling is… sirREAL

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10 Jul
Wade, Bosh, Lebron

3:16 – Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James; that’s the order in which they arrived to THE Miami Heat. Just like we refer to “THE U” now it’s “THE Miami Heat”. These Transformers of players have come together to do one thing- win. “Not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven” titles per Lebron at the Welcome Party Friday night. Was this fate or pure coincidence? Think back to the... Read More →

The Roots How I Got Over

Drums and lyrics. Fresh squeezed music from one of my favorite groups of all time and one of my favorite spit kickers to ever rhyme. I’m talking about THE Legendary Roots Crew from the illadeph. For those who’ve only heard their Grammy award winning joint “I Got You” featuring Erykah Badu there is more to them, as their front man MC would so eloquently put it “I got a crib with a Grammy and a gat on the shelf.” Current members of the crew include... Read More →

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