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[Antisteez Interview] Epidemic Talks About "Third Exposure"

Miami MC Epidemic recently released his third mixtape, Third Exposure and it is nothing short of brilliant. We recommended his second effort, Second Exposure, as one of the must-have local albums of 2012 and it looks like Third Exposure is well on it’s way to making our list again this year. I chatted with Epidemic about this project and how he feels about Miami. Peep it below and and then head DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM FOR FREE HERE. Antisteez: Let’s talk about Third Exposure. What did you... Read More →

Eating House has a permanent home and soon, a permanent lunch menu, too!

There was a time when you drove by Ponce and 8th Street and were greeted by only dark store fronts and CLOSED signs. Then came the pop-up phenomenon Eating House, injecting life into the once quiet-after-6 p.m. area. Taking over Cafe Ponce in the evening hours, the restaurant was a delicious force to be reckoned with. And then it was gone and all was dark once more… but that was just the quiet before the storm. In the couple of months after Eating House closed it’s pop-up doors to the... Read More →

photo by harry fellows

When I found out that French Horn Rebellion was playing with Afrobeta and Auto Body this Friday at Grand Central, I had to talk to these Wisconsin gents and get the lowdown on their awesomeness. A few emails later and POOF! Robert, one half of this brother duo, and I were practically BFFs. (The group consists of brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari. David produced MGMT‘s indie release, Time to Pretend EP for New York indie Cantora Records, so you know…he is kind of spectacular,... Read More →

[Antisteez Profiles]: Women of the 305 – Soph.Eye

Pronounced  “Sof-Eye,” she is a jack of many trades mastering them all. The soulful, unique and improvisational style of Soph.Eye is indeed a sound worth noticing. Born in England and raised in Miami, this vocalist and songwriter has been able to flourish with her multicultural upbringing.  After years of writing her own music, Soph.Eye is now pushing it to the masses – one ear at a time.  Since the age of 18 she has professionally performed various genres of music. Dance music... Read More →

[Antisteez Profiles]: Women of the 305 - Kazilla

Kazilla Kazilla’s style bounds between the street and fine arts. A native of New Mexico, she currently resides and works from her studio/gallery in Little Haiti. After moving to the East Coast, her work transcended from the street arts and combined her two styles of fine art and graffiti to create an edgy, colorful clash of two very different worlds. The feminine figures, surreal landscapes and vibrant colors create a daunting visual feast for all audiences. She also works as a live artist... Read More →

Crazy Hood Film Academy Presents: "Coming Home"

A journey of self-discovery that can only be embarked on with your help. DJ EFN and Garcia of Crazy Hood Film Academy are working on a sensational project that needs to be completed for the sake of hip-hop. Coming Home is a documentary film aimed at exploring how hip-hop “translates” the Cuban-style. In the land where Father Time seemed to have neglected his job when you see the classic American cars, but seemed to show no mercy on the Spanish-style architecture as evident in their deterioration... Read More →

[Antisteez Interview] RJD2 in Miami

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16 Apr
[Antisteez Interview] RJD2 in Miami

When RJD2 was last in town we got to talk to him about his latest projects and what he’s working on for the near future. Check out our interview with him where he goes over his live performance set up, his one-man-band tendencies and he answers an Antisteez fan question. Not to mention we taught him how to say “dulce de leche”. You’re welcome, RJ! Filmed and edited by Giancarlo Loffredo of Mupalia Pictures.  Read More →

[Antisteez Interview]: Documentary Film Maker Adelin Gasana

Cuban America is an expository piece on the sociopolitical reality of Miami-Dade County. In laymen’s terms? Basically the major influence loud and determined Cubans – such as my balsy, gangsta grandfolks and their descendants – have made on this beautiful city of ours. For two and a half years Adelin Gasana has independently written, directed, and produced the film. It essentially documents the 50-year-story of the of the Cuban-American immigrant community that literally took... Read More →

[Antisteez Interview]: Eating House's Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli

Before I met Giorgio Rapicavoli, I had eaten my fair share of good food. After meeting this man, I can say that I have finally eaten great food. Because Giorgio Rapicavoli is a great chef. He has a way with food that is a mix of traditional and modern. His influences stem from his Argentine and Italian upbringing and the Miami melting pot that he grew up in. The dishes he creates are the perfect pairing of flavor and presentation. Giorgio said that if cooking is art, he is making graffiti. Truer... Read More →

[Antisteez Top 5]: The Best UNSEEN Moments- #1 Sexy Sax Man vs Biscayne Blvd.

And so it is here, Antisteez’s top unseen moment of all time. I have to take a moment and say that this is less of a blog post and more of a love story. That’s right…it’s about to get saxy as fuck up in here. But let’s start at the beginning… Once upon a time, a friend asked me a question that would ultimately change my life and that question was: “Have you seen the video of Sexy Sax Man yet?” No, I had not. But I did immediately after and it was glorious... Read More →

[Antisteez Top 5]: The Best UNSEEN Moments- #4 Memphis Blac & Smokahontas Jones

So, like I told you yesterday, over the years ANTISTEEZ  has accumulated an entire cache of footage and stories that have never before seen the light of day. Stuff from random moments to the most bizarre ish to ever take place in the 305. Things that no human has ever laid eyes on…except for Lou and I. Maybe our photographer, Harold. Maybe Caro. And my mom. And the people we have shown it to. But that’s not a lot of people. So, we decided to raid the vault and post the top five unseen... Read More →

[Antisteez Interview]: Stop The Presses

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20 Oct
[Antisteez Interview]: Stop The Presses

So back in July I was asked to be a judge for one the Battle of the Bands shows put on by the fine folks over at Critical Recordings. I was kind of meh about it, due to the fact that I don’t hold any certification or magical scroll that says “The bearer of this magical scroll is entitled to say your music sucks”, but I went along with it because I figured I would score some free beer out of it and I would be helping out the Critical dudes in the process. It turned out way better... Read More →

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