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[Video] ‘Pu$$y & Art’ – Soarse Spoken

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31 Jan
[Video] 'Pu$$y & Art' - Soarse Spoken

From the “Starve The Hunger” mixtape by Soarse Spoken is the first video off the project for the track “Pu$$y & Art” featuring Shottie, which was produced by Sharpsound, additional bass by Kavayah Amn, recorded and Mixed by Omniscient at Dela Casa Studios and mastered by Miami Beat Wave. The no budget video was shot in Brooklyn, NY and edited by Sir Juan Herrera. And it wasn’t an easy task, as Soarse tells us: Except for the live performance shot, filmed in Gallery... Read More →

Crazy Hood Film Academy Presents: "Coming Home"

A journey of self-discovery that can only be embarked on with your help. DJ EFN and Garcia of Crazy Hood Film Academy are working on a sensational project that needs to be completed for the sake of hip-hop. Coming Home is a documentary film aimed at exploring how hip-hop “translates” the Cuban-style. In the land where Father Time seemed to have neglected his job when you see the classic American cars, but seemed to show no mercy on the Spanish-style architecture as evident in their deterioration... Read More →

[Antisteez Events]: MOVIES AND BEER! "A Taste of Film" Screenings

Combining two of our favorite things: beer and movies, Yo Miami is taking you on a flight of fancy that will showcase local film makers short films and pair each one with a beer that reflects the movie’s central theme. After the success of its first event, Yo Miami is changing things up and mixing seemingly disparate elements in a way that will bring people together for a new experience. The films will be hand selected to reflect aspects of Miami life. The beers selected will share some commonality... Read More →

2012 Miami International Film Festival Kicks Off Tomorrow

Miami Dade College’s annual Miami International Film Festival begins tomorrow and will host 100+ films from around the world. The various host theaters will be abuzz with filmmakers, producers, directors, writers, actors, and movie aficionados. The festival runs March 2-11, 2012 be sure to check out some international features and most definitely support local films. But with so many films being screened it’s overwhelming to pick just a few… where to start?  You could attend the... Read More →

[Movie Review]: Kevin Smith’s “Red State”

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22 Sep

  From the start of Kevin Smith‘s career, he’s shown an endless amount of talent and ambition. Even his big studio pictures carry an endearing respect to the art of independent cinema. He is constantly challenging himself by creating characters, stories, settings and themes that most young adults can seemingly relate to. With Clerks, his knack for creating crafty dialogue about relationships, hockey and even Star Wars, turned heads every which way. Being confined to a convenient... Read More →

I’m no stranger to controversial films. I tend to go out of my way to find these, actually, as I’m always on the tip of constantly wanting to be challenged. Ideally, I believe that’s what films should be about. As much as they entertain, it’s even better to find a film that incites emotions, outrage, controversy, discussion, etc… That said, let me tell you how I stumbled upon this film. I was surfing the internet to find updates on the Sundance Film Festival’s... Read More →

Weekend Movie Plan: Trolls & Passion(e)

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12 Aug
Passione Movie Musical

PASSIONE Sometime box office thrillers just wont cut it. The same old plots at the same old theater. Luckily for you Miami holds many cinemamtic treasures to keep your weekend busy with indie films and off the beaten path good times. Here are two films you may want to check out… You probably best remember John Turturro from his roles in Do The Right Thing, Barton Fink, Quiz Show and The Big Lebowski. The actor made a name for himself with his versatility, but his talents don’t end there. In... Read More →

[Movie Review] The Tree of Life is philosophy personified through the medium of film.

  Terrence Malick is considered to be more of an entity in the world of filmmaking. It’s hard to believe that with just five films in a career spanning four decades, there isn’t one person in the film business that doesn’t look at Malick as an important figure in filmmaking. The Tree of Life is a sincere display of ambition from a director that aims to blur the lines of a film’s impact and ultimately bring his audiences to be more involved. He is a filmmaker with an... Read More →

[Movie review]: "Rubber" Emerges As An Arthouse B-movie With Something To Say

Quentin Dupieux is quite an interesting artist. Known mainly as Mr. Oizo, a pseudonym for his electronic music persona, Dupieux has been crossing boundaries into the realm of filmmaking since 2002. The main difference is, unlike most ego-maniac rap artists, he’s continuing to treat the art  of filmmaking as an art…and not a paycheck or exploitation of himself. Rubber is the second full-length feature by the French musician and reviewing it is probably just as hard for me as it is for... Read More →

[Movie Review]: Beats Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest

“Linden Boulevard represent, represent. Tribe Called Quest represent, represent…” I will open this review by saying that I am a diehard Tribe Called Quest fan. When People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm dropped, I was a shorty, maybe 11-years-old, but Bonita Applebum made me want to have a bigger ass…fact. I think when the lyric, “Can I kick it?” is uttered, the only natural response is, “Yes, you can.” And when Scenario hit,... Read More →

Your Life Is A Movie, Hazel

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29 Jun
Your Life Is A Movie, Hazel

This one’s for the old souls. For the ones who still hope for happy endings while battling the antagonist. For the ones who love foolishly, completely and without remorse and for the ones who never quite feel at home in their own skin. An independent project by Miami based film maker, Hederr Perez gives you a glimpse on matters of the heart in her first of three short film series: Your Life Is A Movie. The first installment: Your Life Is A Movie, Hazel puts a modern twist on an age-old conflict: She... Read More →

molly ringwald

Remember the 80′s Prom at the Vagabond? And watching Dirty Dancing at the SoundScape? Imagine if they got together for 80′s dress up, a movie, dancing and epically cheesy fun. Don’t hold back, find some serious 80′s gear. I know you want to bring out the Madonna and Risky Business looks, but refrain. Be creative, because The Miami Downtown Development Authority is sponsoring FLICKIN’ SUMMER MOVIES, which isn’t your typical summer movie series. You see, it starts... Read More →

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