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LMS – ‘No Jeggings’

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1 Mar
LMS - 'No Jeggings'

Around these parts we don’t take dissing Miami lightly. When Lil Wayne decided to point fingers. Miami was ready with their own “diss” from Pitbull and Pepe Billete to the incendiary social media storm that followed, everyone had an opinion. LMS wasn’t going to take this sitting down either, being as opinionated on the mic as he is… calling out Lil Wayne on everything that he is and everything he isn’t. Check it out…  Read More →

Saheed & Numonics – ‘Not for Nothing’

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1 Mar
Saheed & Numonics - 'Not for Nothing'

Saheed’s latest project features production solely by Numonics. Now if that didn’t sound like enough of a treat there are featured by the likes of Wrekonize, J NICS, Math Hoffa and Soul Khan. Listen to one of the singles from “Not For Nothing” where Saheed explores the struggles of his people in Palestine and his hometown of Chicago. Listen and download Saheed’s “Not for Nothing” project here.  Read More →

[Video] ‘Pu$$y & Art’ – Soarse Spoken

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31 Jan
[Video] 'Pu$$y & Art' - Soarse Spoken

From the “Starve The Hunger” mixtape by Soarse Spoken is the first video off the project for the track “Pu$$y & Art” featuring Shottie, which was produced by Sharpsound, additional bass by Kavayah Amn, recorded and Mixed by Omniscient at Dela Casa Studios and mastered by Miami Beat Wave. The no budget video was shot in Brooklyn, NY and edited by Sir Juan Herrera. And it wasn’t an easy task, as Soarse tells us: Except for the live performance shot, filmed in Gallery... Read More →

[Video] ¡Mayday! – ‘Roaches’ (Remix)

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31 Jan
[Video] ¡Mayday! - 'Roaches' (Remix)

¡Mayday! – “Roaches” (Remix) featuring Spaceghostpurp and Cygi da Prince off the “Smash and Grab” mixtape.      Read More →

[Download] Miami Beat Wave – #B2B (Back2Basics)

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31 Jan
[Download] Miami Beat Wave - #B2B (Back2Basics)

  Miami Beat Wave latest project entitled “#B2B” or  “Back2Basics” for those who leave their hashtags on social networks. You’ll hear plenty of local talent and plenty of notable names like Dead Prez, Noreaga, ¡Mayday!, Artofficial, LocosPor Juana, Wrekonize, Quest, Co$$ and Skam2 just to name a few. The entire project is up for grabs – gratis, free of charge, complimentary! So, take a listen and then download.    Read More →

Reks – ‘Judas’

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11 Jan
Reks - 'Judas'

Reks’ first release of the year comes off “Revolution Cocktail” mixtape which will be released later this month. “Judas” is produced by California’s experimental Lee Bannon. Let us know what you think in the comments. I’m sure many of us can relate to his plight with traitors, haters and backstabbers.    Read More →

[Video] ¡MAYDAY! – “The Barricade”

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3 Jan
 [Video] ¡MAYDAY! - "The Barricade"

Check out the new ¡MAYDAY! video for the track “The Barricade” off “Smash & Grab” which is hosted by DJ Lantern. Directed by Bernz Edited by Wrekonize Shot by Alain Erriguible Additional Shots by Anthony Uribe Over “Harlem Shake” by Baauer  Read More →

[Album Release] AG Lyonz – “One Way”

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13 Dec
[Album Release] AG Lyonz - "One Way"

AG Lyonz has finally shared his ONE WAY album with us. He describes the project as: It represents life, love, pain and joy… everything that happens in our daily lives. A project that once started as 2 guys and slowly evolved to a 5 man band LIVE FREE. As a writer I wanted to speak about the real issues of the world. And with that came the concept of world music. For the people and about the people. Through all the good times and bad, “One Way” is the guidance needed. Power and a... Read More →

[Antisteez Interview] Epidemic Talks About "Third Exposure"

Miami MC Epidemic recently released his third mixtape, Third Exposure and it is nothing short of brilliant. We recommended his second effort, Second Exposure, as one of the must-have local albums of 2012 and it looks like Third Exposure is well on it’s way to making our list again this year. I chatted with Epidemic about this project and how he feels about Miami. Peep it below and and then head DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM FOR FREE HERE. Antisteez: Let’s talk about Third Exposure. What did you... Read More →

Quick & Dirty Guide to Art Basel 2012

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28 Nov
Quick & Dirty Guide to Art Basel 2012

Every year Art Basel sounds like a great idea… feeling real cultured and rubbing elbows with people from around the world. Then street art went viral and Miami went pachanga on Basel. Gallery hopping isn’t as easy as it used to be. We offer this guide as a way to handle the madness and enjoy yourself. We’ll continue to update this guide, so stay tuned.   VIP S#!T These are the parties you’re not on the list for. The kind of shin digs beautiful people mingle and celebrities... Read More →

[Download] Sleep City Crisis - 'The Akashic Records Vol.1'

Sleep City Crisis, solo musical project of Miami native Damain C., combines different sub genres to create something experimental . We can call it electronic, we can call it weird, but Sleep City Crisis delivers something that is enjoyable in its odd timing signatures. You might see Sleep City Crisis filed under Neo-Industrial it’s technically a combination of IDM, Trip-hop, Industrial, Ambient, and Lounge music. The Akashic Records series is a collection of instrumental albums/mixtapes based... Read More →

J. Nics – ‘Wonderland’

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26 Nov
J. Nics - 'Wonderland'

  J. Nics’ latest release off upcoming mixtape “Darkside” produced by DJ Burn One. Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more info on that mixtape, which drops December 11th.    Read More →