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Lex One & DJ Rob Riggs – Dude Where’s My Car

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7 Jul
Lex One & DJ Rob Riggs - Dude Where's My Car

One half of the Euro famous ‘WizardSleeve’, Lex One, teams up with turntable guru Rob Riggs to bring you a project that’s pretty much a way of letting everyone know that Lex One might be on a bike for the rest of his life. From an old school type of vibe, including the “I wanna Sex You Up” beat by Color Me Badd, to some present tense EDM beats, Lex One makes sure he showcases his talent over any type of sound. Make sure you pop this into your car or throw it in your... Read More →

[Interview] Juan Basshead on the new "All Killer, No Filler" LP from Basshead Music

If you live in Miami, you know that here amongst the palm trees and chonga-booty-shorts, BASS was born. And if you are a lover of the BASS, then you know that the man who wields it is none other than the 305′s Juan Basshead. It is hard to think the man who brings the WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP to the sweaty, frenzied masses on Miami’s dance floors is anything but loud and gregarious, but that is not the case. In fact, Juan Basshead is quiet, reflective and admittedly shy. They say that those who... Read More →

GET LOW Presents: "F WITH FLORIDA" Miami Bass Mixtape

Nobody does BASS like Miami. And nobody knows BASS in Miami like our friends over at (((SHAKE)))‘s GET LOW party. They just celebrated their three-year anniversary of bringing the WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP to The Vagabond on Thursday nights and they did it in style… by releasing a 12-track Bass compilation featuring some of Miami’s finest and some of GET LOW’s most memorable DJs called F WITH FLORIDA. Pretty sexy, eh? Here’s what Jsin J of GET LOW had to say about this fine... Read More →

Manuvers & Yarlen “The Drive Home” EP

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6 Jun
Manuvers & Yarlen - "The Drive Home" EP

Earlier, I went on Twitter just to state that this EP is the reason I’ve done something I don’t usually do: Free up space on my iPod so something new can be on rotation. One of Miami’s most-respected DJs/Producers/Crate Diggers/Chocolate Sunday’ers (Because if you’re a weekly Chocolate Sundays attender, you’ll know that the word “DJ” is an understatement for these monsters.), Mr. Manuevers, has joined musical forces with Yarlen, one of the motherfucking... Read More →

Epidemic Miami

Miami Heavy Weight Epidemic gives us his 3rd video feat. Novaking from his “2nd Exposure” mixtape. Get the highly acclaimed mixtape for free here! Video by Lightworks Productions Directed by Marco Anthony Ruiz Edited by Soto Jose Song Produced by Bucksito  Read More →

[Mixtape] Anjuli Stars – Starvation Vol. 2

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1 Feb
Anjuli Stars - Starvation Vol. 2

You may remember the review we did on local songstress Anjuli Stars’ first mixtape Starvation Vol. 1. Well after much anticipation (Trust me, I’ve been aching to to throw this on a CD and play this on repeat.), Antisteez presents to you Starvation Vol.2, which is totally something that will put this beautiful talent on the map. Featuring Termanology, MAYDAY, Dynas and Scotch Bonnet and production work from the best of ‘em. Sit back, enjoy and thank us later… DOWNLOAD: Anjuli... Read More →

[Mixtape] Punch3nello – African Bush Boogie

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23 Jan
Punch3nello African Bush Boogie

Been waiting for the release of this Punch3nello project for a minute now. And for the right reasons. A golden line-up of MC’s join Punch3nello on this mixtape such as Soarse Spoken, Wrekonize and Seven Star. A 21 track heavy hitting album that will not upset you if your ‘forward button’ just happens to break on your CD player. Make sure you can rewind though. Holler at that “Buy Now” link and support these local superstars.  Read More →

Protoman – Beat a Dead Horse ‘Till She Resurrects

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26 Dec
Protoman - Beat a Dead Horse 'Till She Resurrects

The free 12 track LP from Protoman is called ‘Beat a Dead Horse ‘Till She Resurrects’. All the tracks have additional post-production/cuts/scratches from DJ Rob Riggs to give it that glue. We also have production from Budo (Rhymesayers Entertainment), Rare Villians, Shawn Wayne (Footwork4self), Veto Mega, and B-JU. There will also be a ‘Deluxe’ edition available for purchase down the road. The ‘Deluxe’ edition will have additional instrumental tracks from... Read More →

layne harper x miami beat wave

  Memphis native Layne Harper came down to the Miami Beat Wave studios to collaborate on his “Beyond Category” EP. With only six tracks the mixtape feels like a quick hit that will leave you wanting more, which fits right into the stories Layne tells about being addicted to prescription drugs. Layne, who’s signed to Island Def Jam, brings a soulful take to his hiphop introducing the EP with his take on being an individual and making his own sound. Miami Beat Wave mixed, mastered and... Read More →

[MIXTAPE] Beleaf “Three 38″

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9 Oct
[MIXTAPE] Beleaf  "Three 38"

[haiku url="" defaultpath=disabled] Miami based artist “Beleaf” releases his third mixtape “Three 38″. This mixtape displays a ridiculous amount of lyricism with features including Reks, Ghostwridah, Shottie, Art Morera and Dub P just to name a few. Beleaf attacks a wide range of Beats on “Three 38″ Ranging from Tradition Hip hop, Commercial to even Dubstep. This Mixtape has it all. Funny punchlines, Explicit Stories,... Read More →

[Mixtape Review] : SMMB & Shag - "High Skool Daze".

Self Made Mutual Bond. The term, & now company name MutualBond came from a song created by Bishop on one of his previous efforts Black Rose. The concept & aura of the material made perfect sense & inspired the epiphany of our brotherhood. Selfmade was & is a motto that Antoine (Skeme) strongly believes in & eventually rubbed off on everyone else. So now we have #SMMB, which serves as the home for the music & the livelihood. High Skool Daze is a SMMB compilation that... Read More →

[MIXTAPE] Art Morera – 12:00am

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8 Jun
Art Morera 12am

Tracklist: 01. Wake Up 02. Ambitious Featuring J5 03. Jordan 04. Dominate 05. Technology Remix Featuring MAYDAY 06. SprayPaint And Ink Pens Freestyle 07. For Now 08. Man On The Moon Freestyle 09. Devil In A New Dress Freestyle 10. U Shoulda Binaire 11. Lockjaw Freestyle 12. The Movie Ends DOWNLOAD IT HERE  Read More →

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