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[Antisteez Top 5]: Best Restaurants

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30 Sep
[Antisteez Top 5]: Best Restaurants

The best yum-yums for your tum-tum. A cute, quick list of the best places to stuff your face, at any time of the day/night. Compiled with the help of the Miami New Times and my pal Goobs. Coming in at numero cinco is Kon Chau: It’s Miami New Times Blogger Zachary Fagenso’s favorite place to grab some dim-sum for din-din, so we’re spreading his recommdation to you!  According to Zachary: “Kon Chau is a prime example of a hole in the wall. It looks like it was designed in... Read More →

[EP Review] REBEL – Locations

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12 May
[EP Review] REBEL - Locations

I recently talked to REBEL’s frontman Micke and asked him how the band’s new release, Locations, was coming along. Micke said that he was excited and extremely proud of their work. I honestly didn’t expect anything less from REBEL. But then I got worried when he said that this project’s sound was more mature. When I hear the word “mature” used to describe a band’s sound, I tend to kind of freak out. In my mind, when a band says their sound is mature it means... Read More →

[Album Review] Basicali - "Dream Alive EP".

  BASICALI is a Los Angeles based recording artist whose music reflects thought-provoking lyrics and a feel-good vibe. He made his mark in 2007 with his first solo album Gio Basicali. Since then Basicali has released an EP, music videos and various collaborations with brands and artist. Basicali recently dropped his new project Dream Alive . He gives his listeners a real clear picture of California life with his unique style that reflects the image of Cali culture. Basicali speaks from the... Read More →

[Album Review] : E. Grizzly - "Helldoesnotexistasweknow..."

A Dedication to El-P Miami MC Pays Homage to the Underground Producer with New Release. E. Grizzly, a regular in the local Miami music scene, teamed up with Philly Kid Group in Philadelphia to release Hell does not exist as we know it bizzaro mix vol.0 also known as the Dedication to El-P.  Every track on the release is produced by El-P from his work with Cannibal Ox to his most recent instrumentals from the Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxxvol3.  E. Grizzly’s mix is available now at under... Read More →

[Antisteez Top 5] Local Albums That You Should Own

South Florida culture is comparable to a sancocho when it comes to music. There are so many past and present influences that you can find any flavor to satisfy your audio pallet. With such an endless amount of music pumping through the streets I wonder how one can get lost within a genre and just stay there. Whether it’s the electronic elite with their drug-laced tunes or the Weezy/Drake autotune takeover of the radio; it just gets boring to me after a while. Luckily that wasn’t the... Read More →

[Antisteez Review]: Action Bronson at EVE on 2.24.12

Since Major Event Marketing announced that burly Queens indie rapper Action Bronson was coming to grace the 305 with his presence, the hip hop scene in Miami has been buzzing with excitement. Until the rapper announced that he was not coming to Miami due to medical complications. “To my fans I just wanted to let u know I am in the Hospital and am possibly going in for Emergency Surgery. Miami I will make it up to you. I apologize deeply and best believe I will make it up to you 100%.”... Read More →

[Coming Soon] Dubporn’s Finest

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12 Jan
[Coming Soon] Dubporn's Finest

Dubporn Records is where bass and soul peacefully coexist. Mellow harmonies accompanied by steady pounding beats that pulsate and sway by mixing funk, dubstep, future bass, garage and downtempo. An eclectic and cool label with its finger on the pulse of the dubstep nation in the 305 - but don’t take our word for it: They were voted as one of the top five Best Electronic Music Labels by none other than the Miami New Times. This week we bring you the lowdown what they’ve got in store for... Read More →

[Album Review] Jedi Mind Tricks: "Violence Begets Violence"

Jedi Mind Tricks are underground mainstays in the Hip-Hop world. The core of the group has always been rapper Vinnie Paz and producer Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind. Blood drinker Jus Allah, the third member, realigned with the group in 2007 after a six-year solo hiatus. This is the third J.M.T. album to have Vinnie and Jus trading verses, but now Stoupe’s amazing and intricate production has been replaced. For the hardcore/horror-core group’s seventh overall album Violence Begets Violence,... Read More →

The Riot Agents & The Art of Not Caring

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19 Oct
The Riot Agents & The Art of Not Caring

Chances are that if you’ve been to any national punk shows in the South Florida area, you’ve seen Riot Agents. The list of bands that they’ve shared a stage with reads like a Punk Rock hall of fame inductee list. Agent Orange? Check. The Queers? Check. The Vibrators? Check. Battalion of Saints? Check. The Murder Junkies? Check. Shit, they even opened for HR (the certified batshit-crazy frontman of the legendary Bad Brains) when he made his notorious appearance at Churchill’s... Read More →

[Album Review] Median – “The Sender”.

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13 Oct
[Album Review] Median - "The Sender".

  Median was raised in Wilmington, NC. Born in Queens NYC the same year as the birth of hip-hop (1979), the music, culture, and overall atmosphere has always had presence and influence in his life. In high school, among other things, Median was known for his witty freestyles and beat-boxing. After entering North Carolina State University in 1997, Median met with like-minded emcees and producers. They formed the crew The Justus League in 1999. They gained a local following as well as national... Read More →

[Movie Review]: Kevin Smith’s “Red State”

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22 Sep

  From the start of Kevin Smith‘s career, he’s shown an endless amount of talent and ambition. Even his big studio pictures carry an endearing respect to the art of independent cinema. He is constantly challenging himself by creating characters, stories, settings and themes that most young adults can seemingly relate to. With Clerks, his knack for creating crafty dialogue about relationships, hockey and even Star Wars, turned heads every which way. Being confined to a convenient... Read More →

[Album Review]: "The Day of the Storm" by K-Rino

To you K-Rino fans out there, I’ll admit it; I’m one of the people that first heard him on his three standout verses from the new Canibus album Lyrical Law. After more research, I found out dude has released 28 albums and has been rocking for over 20 years. The love this man gets on forums and online message boards is unparalleled, with throngs of people proclaiming him the best rapper in the world. K-Rino releases all of his music independently through Southparkcoalition and refuses... Read More →

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