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[Video] ‘Pu$$y & Art’ – Soarse Spoken

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31 Jan
[Video] 'Pu$$y & Art' - Soarse Spoken

From the “Starve The Hunger” mixtape by Soarse Spoken is the first video off the project for the track “Pu$$y & Art” featuring Shottie, which was produced by Sharpsound, additional bass by Kavayah Amn, recorded and Mixed by Omniscient at Dela Casa Studios and mastered by Miami Beat Wave. The no budget video was shot in Brooklyn, NY and edited by Sir Juan Herrera. And it wasn’t an easy task, as Soarse tells us: Except for the live performance shot, filmed in Gallery... Read More →

[Video] ¡MAYDAY! – “The Barricade”

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3 Jan
 [Video] ¡MAYDAY! - "The Barricade"

Check out the new ¡MAYDAY! video for the track “The Barricade” off “Smash & Grab” which is hosted by DJ Lantern. Directed by Bernz Edited by Wrekonize Shot by Alain Erriguible Additional Shots by Anthony Uribe Over “Harlem Shake” by Baauer  Read More →

[Video] J NICS – ‘G-Code’

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17 Sep
[Video] J NICS - 'G-Code'

Check out the video for G-Code off “The Product” the second installment from J NICS’ “Southern Niggas Aint Slow” mixtape series. A usual night in Hialeah – strippers and shooting up the place. Directed/Produced By: Derick G Co-Directed / Executive Produced By: Joseph Cinnante Edited By: Soto Jose Track Produced By: The Lottery Download J NICS “Southern Niggas Aint Slow” series here.  Read More →

[Video] Miami Beat Wave ft. ArtOfficial, Locos Por Juana, Omniscient & Davincci 'Succeed'

Check out the new Miami Beat Wave music video for their latest single “Succeed” from their upcoming compilation album which drops later this year, featuring locals ArtOfficial, Locos Por Juana, Omniscient, and Davincci. Directed By: Garcia & CrazyHood Film Academy  Read More →

[Video] Serum & Manifesto – Persuasion

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4 Jul

[Video] Thousand – Get Ya Mind Right

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4 Jul

[Video] Omniscient – ‘Social Work’

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26 Jun
[Video] Omniscient - 'Social Work'

Omniscient released his “Social Work” video earlier this month and if you haven’t checked it out yet… here’s your chance. The title track of his album Social Work on SoFlo Entertainment/De La Casa Studios is produced by Grammy Nominated producer Beat Smith and features Locos Por Juana’s Mr. Mark on guitar. You can get the track on iTunes here or check it out on Soundcloud here.    Read More →

[VIDEO] Shottie – Be Everywhere

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15 May
Cafe Con Leche - Out of Hand Skateboards - Video -

Out of Hand Skateboards has been busy winning tournaments and putting their name on the map from the US to South America. They’ve also been having some fun following around their skaters in Miami with their arsenal of tech toys. GoPro, anyone? In their latest skate video entitled “Cafe con Leche” there isn’t any coffee nor milk, but plenty of air to catch and public property to brand with their boards. The video was filmed by Joel Garcia aka “Miami Filmer Guy”... Read More →

[VIDEO] Llamabeats – ‘Just A Kid’

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9 Apr
[VIDEO] Llamabeats - 'Just A Kid'

Here’s the latest Llamabeats video by Refind Grind for “Just A Kid” off their debut album “Como Se Llama?” which will be released today for FREE on the Llamabeats’ website. Let us know in the comments what you think of the video especially if you remember playing Pokemon, owning a Super Soaker or playground pimping just like a kid back when.  Read More →

[Video] Dangerflow - 'The Crown' feat. Mike Rio

Directed & Edited by Mupalia Pictures Starring MMA Fighters: Mike “The Wolverine” Rio, Michael Trujillo Special Effects Makeup & Styling by Nina’s Makeup  Read More →

Epidemic Miami

Miami Heavy Weight Epidemic gives us his 3rd video feat. Novaking from his “2nd Exposure” mixtape. Get the highly acclaimed mixtape for free here! Video by Lightworks Productions Directed by Marco Anthony Ruiz Edited by Soto Jose Song Produced by Bucksito  Read More →

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