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[Antisteez Events]: Sustainatopia 2012

Category: Events   Posted by:   on April 21st, 2012

First and foremost, let me begin by saying that I would’ve been here sooner with my latest post, but … 4/20. You know? So, in honor of all things [Antisteez Events]: Sustainatopia 2012 events  imagesCA5KGKJW“green,” this weekend will feature an event aimed at saving trees instead of just smoking ‘em.

Dubbed by the Sun Sentinel as “Art Basel for environmentalists,” Sustainatopia is a six-day, hip eco-festival aimed at converting those “eco-atheists” and joining the devoted “Planeteers” for over 50 events featuring fun, food and fish – lion fish that is – as this year you can eat, yes eat, the delicacy as means to combat the over population of the species that threatens coasts, reefs and other natural sea life.

You see, the lion fish is not a native of these here parts, and I reckon the only good lion fish is a dead lion fish. Cause ooooh I hate that varmit!

All jokes aside, the organizers of the event have a very noble mission:  “We are obliged to leave the world in better condition for our children- who powerfully represent the future before our very eyes. Hyper-consumption is dead. Collaborative consumption is in. Hyper-individualism is out. Community is where it’s at.”

Truth is, the situation is very serious.  The Gulf Coast still suffers, the Keystone Pipeline is becoming a real possibility, and big-oil is doing everything it can to buy politicians in order to thwart green-energy initiatives.  We cannot afford to spend this weekend stoned at our buddy’s couch, playing XBox and washing down Cheetos with cool strawberry Kool-Aid.  Besides, what’s better way to kill the munchies that a yummy lion fish sandwich ?


What:  Sustainatopia 2012

When: April 19-25

Where: Various locations in Miami-Dade and Broward counties

Cost: Various prices, $350 for VIP ticket

Contact: Sustainatopia.com

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