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Goobs For Boobs: A Rowdy Recap

Category: Events   Posted by:   on August 2nd, 2010

Last Thursday night something incredible happened. Myself, along with antisteez, the good people of The Vagabond and (((SHAKE))) managed to raise $1625 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation at the annual Goobs For Boobs breast cancer benefit. And while some people raise money for charity by hosting carwashes and bake sales, we decided to collect funds for breast cancer research the old-fashioned way; by partying our fucking asses off.

Now, I could lie to you and say that this kind of event is easy to put together and that the night went off without a hitch, but that is sadly not the case. (And you all know that you love to hear about disasters and all sorts of things going wrong. It makes the fact that the night was so successful, even more glorious!) You see, I am going to put out there the mayhem that ensued before Goobs For Boobs even took off.

For one thing, yours truly was hella-stressed. I’m talkin’ about high-anxiety, over-caffeinated, super-sweaty kinda stress that for the most part cannot be handled gracefully. Three hours before the Vagabond doors opened, acts were canceling, people who volunteered to be dunked in the dunk tank in the garden were no-showing and I was running late, as usual. So, I did what any stressed out person would do in this predicament: I went on a live radio show to promo the event and CHOKED. lol

And while I could probably recount my disasterous appearance on DJ Atrain’s Ocean Frontin’ Radio show to you in detail, I will let you watch it for yourselves because a) there are dope DJs on the show prior to my moment of shame (Louie Arson, Dojah and Drop.D!) and b) if there is footage on the Internets of me going down in flames, I want as many people to see it as possible. So, by all means click HERE to watch me trainwreck on the DJ Atrain show! I can only excuse my brainfreeze by saying that I was the victim to a massive amount of stress and anxiety. Possibly, an extreme case of hyperhydrosis, even. Just sayin’. And, to add insult to injury, I then headed off to the Vagabond where I hosted and emceed the night without a hitch. Yes, me! Talking to crowds and not choking. It’s a shame that I glitched on the Interwebs on such a dope show. I look forward to redeeming myself on Ocean Frontin’ Radio in the very-near future. I refuse for people to think of me as the CHOKER!

As for the rest of the night, there were many highlights. YMF and ALUKARD performed and made the crowd move their asses. DJ Atrain did his thing, making the people dance, dance, dance. The ladies from Superficial Sweets sold red velvet cupcakes that tasted like they were magical creations from the heavens. And, our dunk tank in the garden was off the chain. Dunkees Frank A., from the New Times’ Banana Republican blog, Vagabond dancer Bianca D’an (And her incredible X pasties!), Sashita Lee, Vagabond’s own Nicole Chipi and even myself (Dressed up as the one and only Nacho Libre!) went down in wet shame and raised money to save the titties! The dunkings can only be described as glorious!

So, on behalf of myself, antisteez, The Vagabond and (((SHAKE))), I want to thank all of the wonderful folks who came out and made this event a success and helped us raise money to save the two things we love most; women and their titties. Until next year! (And while you count the days until the next time, enjoy all the pictures (below) taken by antisteez’s photographer visionary, Kevin.)


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    hey… tag our band name to a link too :) WE LOVE YOU GOOBS!!

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