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Street Wars 7: The Beast Coast Basement

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Street Wars 7: The Beast Coast Basement events  street wars 7Healthy competition may not seem at the forefront like something that improves your health, but the idea of competition is what inspires you to train for the day you meet your formidable opponent. Right now a slew of MCs are flexing their mind muscles and preparing to unleash their unruly wit in hopes of being declared the winner.

In its seventh installment Vice City Cypher, the official rap battle league of South Florida, brings you another Street Wars event. The final Street Wars of 2010 will have plenty of excitement to go out with a bang. The last event was held at Whiteroom, attracting a crowd of over 200 but for the last hoorah of the year Street Wars comes to little ol’ Westchester. Feel that déjà vu? Street Wars 7 will be held at S Bar, which can only mean one thing: PACHANGA.

While the MCs prime for battle, be sure to do the same and bring your A (party) game. Providing the soundtrack for the night will be DJ Heron spinning classic hip-hop, which should keep everyone in just the right mindset. Then once all the shenanigans have wrapped up DJ Twin will keep the party going with a little bit of everything we like: Hip-hop, Reggae, Reggaeton and Miami Bass. Wait, Reggaeton? Okay, we’ll pretend that one isn’t there. Just be sure to keep the pitchers coming.

Street Wars 7 was originally set to be a presentation of South Florida’s Finest going up against New Jersey’s Battle League, which would have been called “When Animalz Attack”, but apparently our killer skills scared them off. Hey, it happens when you’re THAT good. Okay, fine… maybe they came upon economic difficulty and couldn’t finance their trip, but I like the scared story better. Vice City Cypher wouldn’t let you down though. They’ve prepared quite the battle treat in place of the original plan.

The South Florida Street Warriors will be going head-to-head with a group of league newcomers for an all out hip-hop bar brawl. Now we’re talkin’! Plenty of promo battles have been going on around town and if you missed them be sure to clear your calendar for Street Wars 7. New emerging talent will be fighting for their place amongst the best on November 6th; all of which will be put on film for the Vice City Cypher YouTube Channel. So, put on your Sunday best, y’all.

The following battles will be the highlight of the night as these individuals go for the gold and by gold I mean cash and bragging rights:

  • Spyder Murphey (P.B.D) v. Antix (Gridlock/S.W.)
  • Cobra Law (Orlando v. Dubb Deez (N.O.D./S.W.)
  • Magz & Spyder Murphey (P.B.D) v. Rezin & Jonny Demonik (N.O.D./S.W.)
  • P-RO (G.T. South) v. Johny Black (S.W.)
  • Jee Polo (G.T. South/S.W.) v. Thousand (G.T. South/S.W.)
  • Jumanji (Miami Dub Step/S.W.) v. Dropz (J.T.C/S.W.)

Just to leave a little something to the imagination, there will also be a special surprise battle. Be there to find out who- try to keep your anticipation at bay. The entertainment won’t end there as a great line-up of performers is scheduled:

  • Davincci & The Miami Beatwave
  • Mad Illz
  • Serum & Manifesto
  • Saheed

Don’t let your ears get all the fun, for your viewing pleasure also enjoy an art exhibition by a surprise local artist. Inked Productions will also have their custom urban clothing on hand for you to blow your allowance on. If you’re on the hunt for studio time New Era Recording Company will be in attendance to offer you plenty of deals to set you on the right path to musical stardom.

Bringing back college memories will be a Beer Pong Tournament for prizes and a bar tab. Stretch those throwing wrists and refresh your knowledge of the rules, because you KNOW you’ll be enticed to play. Now, we keep hearing rumors about the wings at S Bar being better than local favorites Sport Grill and while that remains to be seen the idea of a new contender sounds delicious.

Antisteez.com will be there in full effect to witness and document all of this, almost overwhelming, action and fun. Pictures and video are good for those who don’t live here (and trust that many wish they did VCC’s last event video racked up over 8,000 views WORLDWIDE), but nothing beats the real thing.

Saturday, November 6th | 9pm
S BAR Sports Bar & Grill, 11995 SW 24th St, Miami, FL

Doors Open at 9pm (battles start at 9:30 sharp)
Cover 21+  $10
Cover 18+  $12

Everyone receives a complimentary copy of the Street Wars 7 Mixtape with cover, which features:
Saheed, Davincci, Serum & Manifesto, LMS, Hindu Rock, Smoke & Miras, Orion, Thousand, Rob Remedy & Brown Eye, Dirty Dem, Art Morrera, Melodik, Benchwarmers Clique, Charlie Fast, Gridlock, Thoughts Optic, Protoman, JabaJaws & DJ Dee Dubbs, Chief, LOX, Killa Trakz, Surgeon General, Geek Squad and more….

It’s also hosted/mixed by DJ Heron and engineered by Ozny at New Era Studios.

One of the battles from Street Wars 6…
“Grind Time Now/Street Wars Presents: The Manager (Surgeon General’s Manager) vs Dirty Dem”

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