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[Antisteez Desktop Calendar 2012] Javier “Javi” Antunez | July

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Miami is a city full of sin and it is also a city full of people who like to show skin. That’s why so many tattoo artists call the 305 home. One of those tattoo artists is Javier “Javi” Antunez, owner of Tattooed Theory Customs Inc.

The 24 year old has been tattooing for six years and now owns his own shop in Hialeah. He apprenticed with his mentor Ese at Exception Ink and says that he resides in the 305 because of the weather.

We caught up with Javi at his shop where we shot him with Miami’s own Kaaren Styles for his calendar feature. What did he think of our concept of glamour and ghetto?

He loved it.

“It was epic! Cant wait for round two!”

Cause that’s how we do at ANTISTEEZ.

Get to know a little bit about Javi and why ‘Steez fans named him the best male tattoo artist in the county of Dade.

  • Antisteez: What was your first tattoo/where was it/when was it? How old were you?
J.A.: Oh, man! It was the nastiest thing ever! Ha! It was at an ex-girlfriend’s house, about six years ago. I did a star on her hip. It really had to have been the ugliest tattoo ever!
  • Antisteez: What’s your favorite ink on your body? Who did it?
J.A.: I’d have to say it’s my chest piece. It my skin ripping open, showing my heart with a kanji on the heart that says “art” with eyes poking through the muscle tissue. Basically, it represents, “All I see is my love for art.”
  • Antisteez: What’s your favorite ink you’ve done on someone else?
J.A.: Thus far it has to be a portrait of Jack Nicholson from The Shining. It healed perfectly it still get plenty of compliments about it.
  • Antisteez: What’s the best thing about being a tattoo artist?
J.A.: Like any other profession there are negative things and positive. When you first start there’s more negative than positive. For instance, when you first start you have no choice but to tattoo the douche bag that wants the typical tribal. But I’m no longer a starving artist, so I’d have to say the best part about being a tattoo artist is that I can choose who I want to tattoo and what I want to tattoo as well. Life is good!
  • Antisteez: What places in the city do you frequent and love?
J.A.: Well, tattooing takes up the majority of my energy, so I usually just go home and draw and relax. But if do decide to go out, it has to be The Vagabond. I love that place. It’s a very chill spot to just sit down and relax…or dance depending on how much liquid courage is consumed!
  • Antisteez: Craziest tattoo story?
J.A.: The craziest one is also the nastiest. This girl wanted to get a lotus flower on her F.U.P.A. (fat upper pussy area), but her snatch was in such horrible condition, the smell alone made me gag. What would have been a one-hour tattoo lasted about 10 minutes. I could not take it any longer and had to tell her to leave as I rolled up in a fetal position in the corner and cried in horror.

As you can see, the life of a tattoo artist is never boring. lol

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Javi, you can reach him at Tattoo Theory Customs.

photos by Greg Gibbs

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  • Tattooedtheory

    haha saweeeeeeeeeeeeeet LOVE IT!!!!

  • ElysiaMaria

    Javi you’re awesome!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/april.cooper.18 April Cooper

    Javi ROCKS!!!!!!!! I’m so glad i got to hear the FUPA story first hand!!!

  • Jorj

    Awesome, good for you bro. 

  • Itskeren

    LMAO! I love Javi!!!

  • Juciimommy

    Woooot Wooot

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000085454965 Gisela Maria Henry

    wow…that shoot was hot! Can’t wait to get my tats!

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