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[Antisteez Desktop Calendar 2012] Darian Faroy | August

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[Antisteez Desktop Calendar 2012] Darian Faroy | August calendars  August Darian Calendar Antisteez 300x225It was a hot morning in Miami when we met 27-year-old Darian Faroy, one of this month’s featured filmmakers, in Coral Gables for this photo shoot…but not even the humidity could put a damper on his indomitable spirit. In a suit, Darian was all smiles and despite the heat, nonplussed.

I say this to you so that you get an idea of what a cool character this Miami filmmaker is, and also, so it paints a picture of what kind of concise, practiced care he puts into his films. To be a filmmaker in Miami, a city where the film industry has a veritable non-presence, takes this kind of tenacity and calm reserve. To say that Darian Faroy was cool as a cucumber in 95+ degree weather is an understatement, and that is what makes him one to watch when it comes to film making in the 305. Because where others might falter under pressure, Mr. Faroy, and his team at BES Films, a Miami Independent Short Film Production Company,are ready to take the reigns and pioneer a new path for film in Miami.

“This is a city that film crews used only for the clichéd club and beach scenes, but in reality all this time we’ve had a city filled with international artists that through this creator-friendly, middle-man-eliminating digital age can now get their content seen by an audience without ever outsourcing their talents somewhere else. It’s one of the great culturally diverse metropolitan cites, which has the potential of being established as a hub of digital art and entertainment,” said Faroy.

We think that’s commendable. We think that’s exactly what this city needs.

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  • Antisteez: What inspires you as a filmmaker?

D.F.: Everything I experience provides the inspiration to provide an experience.
Okay…I know that answer won’t get me off that easy. Lately, I’ve realized a lot of inspiration has traced back to a visual image-emotion hybrid.
Images are loaded.
Images seen, lived, dreamed, imagined and stored as memory. Then after comes the loose meta-concept of images, like the one of fashion and beauty and the one of family.
It’s so early on in my career that I have a built up well of inspiration and influences that have formed me up until this point.

  • Antisteez: What are your favorite films?

D.F.: Easiest. Question. Ever. I’m kidding.
2001: A Space Odyssey, Army of Shadows, 8 ½, Chinatown, Glengarry Glenn Ross, The Red Shoes, La Jetee, Rear Window, Stalker, Rebecca, High and Low, The Innocents, Fanny and Alexander, Once Upon a Time in the West, Last Year at Marienbad, Road to Perdition, The Thing, Three Colors: Blue, Predator, Ghost in the Shell, Metropolitan, Fantasia, La Femme Nikita, E.T., Jaws, Blade Runner
This question is always a great excuse to begin a film discussion, but unfortunately, there’s only so much space on the Internet.

  • Antisteez: What projects are you working on now?

D.F.: We’re finalizing the release of our art-house biker revenge film Let The Devil Catch You. That is the big one. There’s some unannounced news pertaining to the music and artists involved with the film, which is relatively big, but since it’s something which hasn’t been set in stone we’re not ready yet to make an official announcement. I guarantee you guys will be one of the first to know. Something else worth mentioning is our shared excitement to be collaborating with the Bass Museum of Art for their monthly “Beats After Sunset” event, and we’ll be releasing a visual piece for them soon. We’re also in the early stages of pre-production for our two major BES Films short features as well as a few other Miami-centric side projects .

  • Antisteez: What have you accomplished so far?Awards?Accolades?

D.F.: Night Fables was awarded at the Miami Short Film Festival and selected by Ain’t It Cool News for their “Saturday Shorts” online festival. Presents opened the 2012 Miami International Festival of the Arts and was selected by a few premier Vimeo channels.
But without a doubt my greatest accomplishment is BES Films. Not being able to take sole credit for creating it is part of what makes it a symbolic accomplishment, because part of what it symbolizes is having multiple more than capable solo-media artists drop their individual egos for the sake of uniting under a sole vision of producing a very high pedigree of quality experiences. Raymond Linares and I co-founded it and [brought in] young and overqualified filmmakers like Juan Amaya (The Delivery, Memitim, Let The Devil Catch You) and Jerry Cruz (Zombie Bud) and musicians Michael Enriquez, Richard Alves and Antanas Jurksaitis for the higher goal of positively disrupting the status quo of entertainment. The best part is we truly feel we can keep production here in Miami.
We’re just the initial founding and we know there’s so many more artists here in the Magic City that can give an audience a worthwhile experience, so a big goal of BES Films is to little by little to be able to work together and help those artists with our enthusiasm, passion and overall technical know-how to produce a steady stream edifying content.

  • Antisteez: What is your favorite thing about Miami?

D.F.: The indigenous spice of life. I’ve noticed the people’s enthusiasm and passion, and it’s something I’ve really come to appreciate.
The weather also invites good health. It’s pretty easy to go for a run and get active after going outside and looking up at the beautiful Miami sky. It’s relentlessly “Instagram”ed for a reason.
We’re overflowing with homegrown dance music. I can feel the bass practically anywhere at anytime, and that’s a beautiful thing.

  • Antisteez: What locations in Miami would you like to shoot at?

D.F.: I’m a really big fan of that 1950/60’s mid-century modern architecture, which you can find at a lot of the Miami Beach hotels. That style is so chic, and I’d love to use it as a backdrop.

  • Antisteez: How was the shoot with Antisteez?

D.F.: Well, besides the fact that I lost the perfect chance to show your readers my glowing quinciñera looks…you know, the ones I worked on…Besides that It was super chevere! It was a great time! Early morning photo shoot with Goobs and Harold in the always pleasant Coral Gables. Really wonderful to have been able to get to know each other and talk about a lot of other random nonsense…

Photos by Harold D. Ruiz

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  • A.N.E.

    Such a refreshing glimpse into the perspective of an individual who is deeply passionate about Miami! I’m really proud to be in a city where spectacular artists like this capture its beauty and share it with the world – plus, “the weather invites good health”. People like Mr. Faroy, and BES Films, enrich our community by contributing their thread to the fabric of our culture… This guy has got enough talent to be el edredòn entero! 

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