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[Antisteez Desktop Calendar 2012] Miami Beat Wave | MAY

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 [Antisteez Desktop Calendar 2012] Miami Beat Wave | MAY calendars  Miami Beat Wave Calendar ANTISTEEZ May 2012 download 650x365


While musicians, singers and artists give their all on stage there are plenty of people putting in work on their behalf. Our May calendar serves as an ode to the producers, mix engineers, light and sound, booking agents and managers who are often the unsung heroes of the music business. Not to say our talent this month is unsung… far from it. They’ve made themselves known in Miami and then some. The pair known as Miami Beat Wave started off classmates and ended up making music from hip hop to electronic for a few names you might recognize… Download their calendar as a reminder that hard work looks good in suit.

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We asked the guys a couple of questions about their daily experiences as well as at their experience at the shoot. Be sure to take a look at some of the photos from our calendar photo shoot (scroll to the bottom of the page) which took place in one of Miami’s most iconic locations – Maximo Gomez Park or more endearingly known as Domino Park. A place where Little Havana wakes up early for their seat at the domino table. A place where it’s all fun and games until someone breaks the unspoken rules of the park.

1) In 140 characters or less describe Miami Beat Wave

Miami Beat Wave is a team of producers who have created music for artists such as Rick Ross, Dead Prez, N.O.R.E., Skyzoo, Locos Por Juana, Guilty Simpson, Ghostwridah, !MAYDAY!, Ras Kass, Layne Harper etc…


2) You guys are the first calendar models to appear as a pair, do you bicker like a old married couple in the studio?


Not frequently, but sometimes life can be stressful and just like any other job your partner can get on your nerves. We always joke about it later though. We are family.


3) Chip proved at the shoot his Spanish beats Brandan’s, describe your backgrounds and how Miami has influenced who you are and what you do.


I’m from North Carolina, so coming here was culture shock, but really I came because I wanted to embrace all the culture our world has to offer. It’s influenced me, and the music I make, heavily. Plus, learning Spanish is kind of important to communicate in a lot of situations here in Miami. Working in this city gives you an extra focus on mainstream music, be it hip hop or dance music, or even dubstep, because you’re working to stay ahead of what’s going on right now.


Even though I was born and raised in Miami and I’m half Cuban, speaking Spanish is tougher for me than understanding it. Growing up in Miami influenced me in every way from the different cultures to the unique street art found all over our city. Miami is so saturated with artist it feels like you have to work constantly to stay ahead of the game. On the other hand there are a number of extremely talented artists out here who we feed back and forth from and make amazing collaborations with.


4) Share your favorite, funniest and “blooper” moments from the photo shoot.


There was a classic old Cuban viejo there that said he would give me $20 if I could name a state he didn’t know the capital of, I tried and of course he knew more than I did. Then he came back and made the same deal about knowing the state any president was born in, and again I couldn’t get the $20…


The old viejo was classic!  I also enjoyed chilling in the cigar shop and watching them hand make all the fine cigars.


5) How did it feel to go from “behind the scenes” to in front of the camera? Did it come natural or was it  challenging?

We have both been in front of the camera whether it be in music videos or behind the scenes footage so we are almost used to it. Greg and Caro were very on point with their vision and which direction the shoot should go in,  this made it very comfortable and easy.
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Photos by Greg Gibbs

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