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[Antisteez Desktop Calendar 2012] Nina Arce | MAY

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If there was one thing that Diddy taught us it’s that it takes a lot of  work behind-the-scenes to make a band into THE band of the moment. While talent and good looks will get a group of musicians far, real success is in the details. Those details are often handled by those who are not in the spotlight, but rather, making sure that the spotlight is just bright enough, pointed in the right direction and showcasing the talent the right way. It’s attention to detail that turns today’s local band into tomorrow’s national artists. While musicians make music, the fate of their musical careers and their jump to that next level is in the hands of someone who juggles all those details without breaking a sweat. Enter Nina Arce, the woman poised to take local Miami crooners Dangerflow to that next level.

Nina wears many hats as a successful makeup artist and (as of this shoot) a sometimes model. But where she wears the pants is as the Marketing and Public Relations Director for Dangerflow. She’s an integral part of the band’s success, handling their social media, website, merchandising and styling for photo and video shoots. She is not just another pretty face. In fact, she’s the one making sure that the boys in the band look pretty at all times.

When it comes to the music business, Nina is all business and that’s why we wanted to pay homage to her this month…because this month is about those who toil behind-the-scenes to help musicians make the scene.

We caught up with Nina for our shoot on Miami’s famous Calle Ocho and 15th Avenue, near famed Maximo Gomez/Domino Park. We knew we wanted to capture the essence of Miami’s deep Latin roots and thanks to a twist of fate, we were able to do that in the courtyard of the incredible Cuba Ocho Art and Research Center. (That twist of fate being the nice gentlemen who let us in for $10 and then gave us roses and fish made from palm fronds. lol)

What transpired at the shoot was a work of art. Nina (who did her own makeup for the shoot) looked like she belonged in 1920′s Havana. In fact, we are pretty sure that she gave  a few of the older domino players heart palpitations. A pretty girl in a linen dress with a flower in her hair? Better than cafecito to perk up the spirits.

Nina gave us a little insight on who she is, which we will share with you now. We advise you to keep an eye on her…that is, if you can. She might be front and center for this calendar, but this lady’s real kingdom is behind-the-scenes, where you will find her paying attention to all the details.

  • Who are you, Nina?
I am the Marketing and Public Relations Director for Dangerflow and a Freelance Makeup Artist.
  • Where are you from?
I was born in Broward, Florida. I am Puerto Rican and Italian.
  • What impression has Miami made on you?

Miami is very diverse and is continually growing, leaving a lot of potential for people in the
industry. It is a city full of talented people. Having said that, there are a lot of shady people too,
you gotta be careful.

  • Why do you love music in this city?

Like I said, Miami is very multicultural. There is such an eclectic range of music here. I love
the live music scene: whether it’s going to a hip hop show featuring a celebrity MC or Segafredos
on a Sunday for some live jazz. It’s a city where you’ll certainly never be bored!

  • How was the shoot?

The shoot went amazingly! Working with Harold and Goobs was a blessing. They were so
helpful and made me feel extremely comfortable. It was a fun day and we got great pictures.

Photos by Harold D. Ruiz

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  • Eric

    Get it gurl!

  • Nancearce

    Great job Nina. Congratulations for your continued success. You are a hard worker and deserve the attention. You look amazing! I am a very proud Mom. xoxoxox

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5203816 Jessica Arce

    Congrats Nina!!! So excited for you!!! Love you lots :) 

  • V2318

    Damn that’s a talented woman! Do your thing Nina. To the stars and beyond!

  • LYN


  • Styleatmysize

    Amazing job cuz..you look beautiful…really representing the Arce’s

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