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Walmart Attempts The Used Game Market

Category: Nerdism   Posted by:   on May 11th, 2010

I just had to post a warning to you all about this topic. I read an article just recently about this on my Google Reader and decided that I put the word out on this. Part of it is definitely to inform you and the other part is my personal suggestion about the used game market. The truth is in the long run we’re been seeing the used game market work in stores like Gamestop and Moviestop. Now these are stores that are specialize in these categories and I mean, shit, we have a Moviestop just the same way we have a separate store for video games, Gamestop. There’s a huge similarity and difference in the name, but it’s also the market. If used games and used stores were not making it work with the used game/movie market, then why the fuck do they have a separate store for movie and games and on top of that, completely running the game on the gaming and movie market. Seriously, just look around you. There’s a Gamestop in every fucking corner. Did you notice Electronic Boutique gone at any point? Of course not, Gamestop completely disintegrated it.

The article on Walmart attempting the used game market can be found here on here on Industry Gamers.com.

The article states the following:

Following the failed initiative for kiosk-type used game trade and buy back offerings, we reported that Walmart was once again trying to break into the used game business. In a reply to our inquiry earlier this morning, Walmart has stated that they are indeed testing out the new concept in five locations in an experimental capacity.

In a statement to IndustryGamers, the retailer said, “Walmart is always looking for new ways to help give customers more convenience and savings, and we continually test concepts with new products and businesses in stores and online. We are currently working with Game Trade, a start-up services provider, in a lease agreement to test their Game Trade stores in five Walmart locations.”

It’s not just about used games, however. The Walmart spokesperson continued, “These locations will offer previously-owned games, movies and entertainment hardware at competitive values. Game Trade stores will accept trade-ins of media and other entertainment items for Game Trade store credit or cash.”

It’s clear that Walmart is still evaluating just how successful this can be for the company; the retailer added, “There are no plans at this time to lease space for more locations in Walmart stores beyond these five until we understand more about customer response, which we will monitor with great interest.”

With the second-hand games market seemingly gaining importance and comprising a larger part of the average gamer’s spend, it is a juicy market to get into, one that Walmart is certainly not ignoring. Walmart possibly getting back into the game could put pressure on GameStop and its continued dominance of the used game market.

Source: http://www.industrygamers.com/news/walmart-confirms-entry-into-used-games-market/

Trying to break into the game market huh? First off, have you seen the prices on games at Wal-Mart? While you can buy a $20.00 fan or computer desk, you can buy a video game for a little bit more than regular price than a store anywhere else. How does that make any sense? Even regular prices for brand new releases at GameStop put these prices at Wal-Mart to shame.

So whats the point of all this ranting to begin with? Well, I’m just here to point you the right direction because face it as much as we all despise it, we all shop at Wal-Mart. Do yourself a favor, don’t buy your games and movies at Wal-Mart BRO! The nerve of anyone thinking that Wal-Market would make GameStop even flinch at this news is just beyond me. We’re talking about the guys that pretty much Monopolized the local gaming stores in our areas and put the same amount of stores around the cities like if it were a fucking a Bank Of America. Get the fuck out of here!

If you’re going to buy movies, go to Best Buy, MovieStop, and/or Amazon and for games, Amazon and GameStop.

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