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[Antisteez Interview]: Eating House’s Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli

Category: Interviews   Posted by:   on February 22nd, 2012

Before I met Giorgio Rapicavoli, I had eaten my fair share of good food.

After meeting this man, I can say that I have finally eaten great food.

Because Giorgio Rapicavoli is a great chef. He has a way with food that is a mix of traditional and modern. His influences stem from his Argentine and Italian upbringing and the Miami melting pot that he grew up in. The dishes he creates are the perfect pairing of flavor and presentation.

Giorgio said that if cooking is art, he is making graffiti.

Truer words have never been spoken.

I first caught wind of this Miami Native when he appeared on and subsequently won Food Network’s Chopped. His emotional acceptance speech where he thanked his mother moved me. Those of us who grew up in a Latin household in Miami know how important a mother’s influence is in the kitchen.

And it didn’t hurt that he beat out all the other chefs on the show while rocking dope Jordans, I am just saying.

The minute I saw Giorgio, I knew that his steez was our steez and that we had to meet. Thanks to a swift introduction via our favorite baking divas, 2 Girls and a Cupcake, we caught up with Giorgio in his kitchen where he showed us how to make Fried Chicken and Waffles with applewood smoked maple syrup and spicy buttermilk ranch sauce.

(The smoking gun we used on maple syrup in the interview below will forever be referred to as the Foodie Bong.)

If the idea of this dish makes your inner foodie do the truffle shuffle, you can check it out at Giorgio’s new spot, Eating House, a pop-up restaurant inside of Cafe Ponce in the Gables. Giorgio took his Chopped winnings and opened Eating House with partner Alex Cassanova and close friend Eddie Fuentes. These gentlemen will be manning the location for dinner service for the next six months.

And I promise you that Eating House is bound to be packed for all six months.

Since it opened on February 3, the antisteez team has eaten there five times already. The food is nothing short of spectacular. Remember how Giorgio said that he was making grafitti in the kitchen? Well, that reflects in the restaurant’s innovative approach of changing the menu every day based on seasonal produce. What else sets Eating House apart from the everyday? Giorgio’s unique preparation, mixing flavors and textures you never dared to dream before. Frozen coconut milk in your tomato salad? Coffee salt on your seared carrots? Basil ice cream with your dessert? At Eating House, the menu is full of flavor and adventure that will keep even the most passionate foodies delightfully surprised.

And the vibe is pretty awesome, too.

The first night we ate at Eating House, we bobbed our heads to The Pharcyde, Black Star, Biggie and Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth. The hip hop compliments the eclectic menu perfectly making Eating House a place you will want to hang out again and again. Especially with their late-night hours. You can check out Giorgio and crew Tuesday-Sunday from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m.

And every time you eat at Eating House, you get a chance to give back to the community because they sponsor a monthly charity that they donate their tips to. So head to Eating House, eat heartily and tip generously because this month your gratuity will benefit Our Pride Academy, a non-profit that provides an educational environment for people with developmental disabilities.

Check out the photos of the delicious dishes we had at Eating House and our interview with chef extraordinaire Giorgio below.

Get to know Mr. Rapicavoli. He is a rising culinary star who cooks from the heart and his heart lies in the 305.


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