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The Nude Cap: Naked Never Sounded So Good

Category: Interviews   Posted by:   on September 22nd, 2010

I decided to strip down and uncover one of the 305′s hidden musical talents and there is no better place than the ‘Steez to reveal The Nude Cap and its five gifted members. I got to see the raw talent behind their sound…and I have to admit that I sure as hell liked what I saw.

Instead of harassing them with question after question, I decided to invade one of their rehearsals. As I waited for them to set up, I kept myself distracted with cold beer and a perusal of their space decorated with posters of Tupac, The Beatles, Jim Morrison and Bruce Lee. All these legends and me, hanging out, waiting for the music to start. While scanning the extensive VHS collection along the wall, I stopped to do a double, then triple take at the, “Beware of Children,” sign on the opposite side of the room. (I soon found out that there was a tiny musical prodigy in the room; vocalists Nando and Sonia’s little princess, Kyrie.)

This is the space where The Nude Cap does their thing and the energy in the room is a reflection of the people who make the music what it is. Each band member definitely brings in a unique flavor to The Nude Cap’s recipe. Nando (Vocals/Rhythm guitar) is one big charismatic bubble of liveliness. I can’t quite decide who is goofier, Josh (Guitar/Producer) or Ponti (Drums). Sonia (Vocals/Keyboards) is the kind of chick any guy would want in their band; a perfect blend of sweetness and fierceness. And Chris (Bass) is too laid back to even notice all the commotion going on at once. (Personally, I dug his Badtz Maru guitar strap.)

Finally the band is ready to play and I sit back, relax, and take pleasure in the sound of each instrument and the seductive play between the two vocalists on the mics. You can feel this band’s energy with every beat and the chemistry in their lyrics.

A few of the tracks I enjoyed were What If, their fabulous cover for Travie McCoy’s Billionaire, That Miami Guy, and Slacker’s Anthem. But I couldn’t leave until they did a little freestyle of their up-and-coming hit, Twilight: A Nerd’s Revenge. I have to say it was magical. It was comical. It was fantastical. It will be big. I swear it.

But enough about the music, let’s go behind the music. Here, is the unrated/uncensored awesomeness that is The Nude Cap

  • Antisteez: How did the name The Nude Cap come about? Who came up with it?

The Nude Cap (Nando): This band was originally named Puppies on the Loose because Josh and I wanted to create a cute name for this Gangsta-Folk sounding band. Then, we realized that we needed to change the band’s name. Sonia and I were driving to a friend’s house in Miami Beach and came up with The Nite Cap, but it was already taken. However, as her and I were hanging out (naked), we decided to change it to, The Nude Cap. Plus, we all like to be naked…a lot.

  • Antisteez: Seeing that all members of the band came from other prior bands, how did you hear of each other and how did you come together?

The Nude Cap (Nando): Ponti and I were in a punk/comedy band a few years ago called Deafcayxxx. I was singing (screaming) and he was the bassist. His brother Josh would be in charge of the sound/video for a few of our shows. After Deafcayxxx broke up, Josh and I started bands like Crackwhore Sweethearts, The Swingers’ Chef Club, Pull Cord, and this project, The Nude Cap, which we are the most-attached to at the moment. Chris is a long-time friend of Ponti and Josh, so we asked him to come along for the ride.

The Nude Cap (Sonia): I was in a Hip Hop group named Born Free. Josh’s brother would help Born Free with recording. By coincidence, Deafcayxxx and Born Free were at the same venue at the same time. Nando and I happened to know the same people without actually knowing each other. A few shows and a marriage proposal later, The Nude Cap was formed with Josh. Then we multiplied.

  • Antisteez: Are you all from the 305?

The Nude Cap (Nando): Josh and Ponti are 305′ers, born and raised in Miami. Sonia is from California, Chris from Atlanta and I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Nude Cap (Sonia): 909…LOL!

  • Antisteez: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

The Nude Cap (Nando): Funny thing about this band is that we all have different taste in music. Chris is all about 70′s and 80′s heavy metal (Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, etc.), Sonia is into soul and oldies (Peggy Lee, Christina Aguilera, Elvis, etc.), Josh is into psychedelia (Pink Floyd, The Beatles, etc.), Ponti is into whatever sounds good and me into a little of everything ranging from Dead Kennedys to The Doors, etc. Non-musical influences include documentaries, movies, soccer, reality television, anything that will inspire us. And weed.

The Nude Cap (Sonia): I need to add to my musical influences. I was brought up singing Spanish ballads and rancheras (A traditional style of Mexican folk music.). Some huge influences would be Selena, Linda Ronstadt (Canciones De Mi Padre), and my dad. Non-musical influences would be my family, friends, and my very, “interesting,” life.

  • Antisteez: Who writes the songs? Does each member contribute to the writing?

The Nude Cap (Nando): Our first album Loose Philosophy was mainly written by Sonia, Josh, and I. Josh would come up with riffs, Sonia with the melodies and I would come up with the lyrics (Except for track #2, written by Johann Murillo and Josh.). Our 2nd album (Which we are working on now…) has influences from everyone in the band. All of our songs are very different from the first album. This one will include That Miami Guy, What If, Mr. Rockstar and more.

  • Antisteez: What is the Party All the Time song? Why did it change Goobs’ life?

The Nude Cap (Nando): Hahaha! That song was actually called Party Time Brush. My buddy Vas (Deafcayxxx) and I wrote it about a friend of ours that kept his hair brushes neatly placed on top of this dresser, much like days of the week. So, the joke was that each hair brush was for each day of the week. It ended up being our (Deafcayxxx) dance tune. Vas and I still talk about doing a house remix of that song. That was also Level’s (Alukard) favorite Deafcayxxx song. I like do drop my famous friend’s names on interviews. P.S. We love Goobs.

  • Antisteez: I really love the cover you do of Billionaire. Why this song in particular?

The Nude Cap (Nando): When this song came out, it got stuck in our heads for weeks, then months…”Musicians” are not supposed to like music like that. I fucking loved it! It was a catchy summer tune that was very refreshing. Come on…I can’t lock myself up in a dark room and play The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols, and Jimi Hendrix for the rest of my life. Sometimes I like to listen to the pop stations and watch The Jersey Shore, while masturbating to a whale special on the Discovery Channel.

  • Antisteez: What are your hobbies, besides making music together?

The Nude Cap (Nando): For me, music and music. Sonia is an amazing artist at everything she touches, from her cuisine, to paintings. Josh can pretty much do everything with audio and video. Chris likes video games and heavy metal. Ponti likes to “chill”.

  • Antisteez: Any pet peeves we should know about?

The Nude Cap (Nando): I’m OCD as shit. I hate clutter and people giving me advice on life. As a band, we’re always worried that we don’t have enough alcohol or pot.

The Nude Cap (Sonia): I don’t have any pet peeves. I am always right. I am the Diva!

  • Antisteez: What would you say has been the most embarrassing moment the band has experienced together?

The Nude Cap (Nando): Our first show using another band’s equipment and all of us (as a whole) playing the wrong notes and forgetting the lyrics. When you prepare yourself for disaster, it doesn’t hurt that much. That was only one song, but we came together and finished the set on a pretty mediocre note. It was beautiful. But now, we sound pretty damn good.

  • Antisteez: What’s your opinion about the music industry today? Do you think it has become easier or more difficult for bands to make it?

The Nude Cap (Nando): Internet is the biggest source for music nowadays. Everything is available at the click of a mouse, and some musicians don’t even need live instruments for some recording sessions anymore. I’d say it’s easier with the right marketing strategy, but you’re also forgotten much easier nowadays with millions of new bands coming out of nowhere with the next pop single.

  • Antisteez: How has our city treated your band and your music?

The Nude Cap (Nando): I’ve been in the Miami music scene now for five years, which is not a long time at all. I have noticed good and bad things.

The bad: One of the things I absolutely hate about this scene (Not every show, but most shows.) is that people come out to see one band then they leave the venue without giving the next band a chance to showcase themselves for them. If you’re not playing a shitload of covers, you’re barely getting paid. Promoters (Not all promoters and not all venues, but most!) expect you to pay for your own parking, bring all of your equipment (Including extra cables and lighting!), and bring a crowd (Plus, cover charges for your crowd and overpriced drinks!).

The good: People in Miami love to dance and let loose. People down here are very sensual and want nothing but a good time. This is a beautiful city full of bars that don’t close until the next morning. There are many talented musicians here like Alukard, ANR, Rachel Goodrich, Spam, Mayday, YMF, Revolution, Raffa, etc., etc., etc.

  • Antisteez: What’s one place you guys haven’t played at yet that you would love to go perform?

The Nude Cap (Nando): After Josh and I played shows at strip clubs and on the Super Saturdays Stage at Dolphins Stadium, we thought it would all be downhill from there. We would love to play a show in Brazil, Mexico, or Japan. It’s a dream and we are working towards it.

  • Antisteez: When and where is your next show? Tell our readers why they should all be there.

The Nude Cap (Nando):At the White Room in Downtown Miami on Friday, September 24th at 10pm. Your readers should be there because I will be there (Wet and naked!).

  • Antisteez: Any last words?

The Nude Cap (Nando): Stephanie, Kevin, Goobs, and the whole Antisteez team rocks. Don’t forget to visit youtube.com/user/TheNudeCap.

The Nude Cap (Sonia): Thanks A-Marie for recording all the videos with such patience. <- Nando likes this

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  • Leco do Vila Flora

    Hey Little Onion (Nando’s child nickname in Brazil)!

    I wanna backstage tickets when you get famous! :)

    Wish you guys all the luck!



  • Nando Tats

    From Brazil to the US to Japan! The Nude Cap :) Thanks Leco! You’re a true childhood friend!

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