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Crazy Hood Film Academy Presents: “Coming Home”

Category: Interviews|Movies   Posted by:   on May 30th, 2012

Crazy Hood Film Academy Presents: Coming Home movies interviews  Crazy Hood Film Academy Coming Home 300x224A journey of self-discovery that can only be embarked on with your help. DJ EFN and Garcia of Crazy Hood Film Academy are working on a sensational project that needs to be completed for the sake of hip-hop.

Coming Home is a documentary film aimed at exploring how hip-hop “translates” the Cuban-style. In the land where Father Time seemed to have neglected his job when you see the classic American cars, but seemed to show no mercy on the Spanish-style architecture as evident in their deterioration and decay; modernism still snuck through and bred a mix of traditional Latin rhythms and a brand of hip-hop that sounds like American rap of the eighties and nineties.

The Crazy Hood team want to document the impact of the hip-hop culture on this isolated island nation by taking a trip to their parents’ homeland to experience the music and Cuban atmosphere first hand.

DJ EFN:  I want to capture mine and Garcia’s experience as Cuban-Americans visiting their parents’ homeland for the very first time. I want to capture what everyday life is like for our hip-hop counterparts in Cuba. Lastly it wouldn’t be Crazy Hood if we didnt take some hoods and capture the antics of a bunch of Crazy Hoods in Communist Cuba! Could be trouble! LOL

The trip will birth collaborations with some of Cuba’s hottest, indie artists that are making a name for themselves despite the enormous political and social boundaries imposed on them by the powers that be.  DJ EFN and Garcia have been dubbed “cultural ambassadors on a real-people level” by one writer and plan to incorporate actual footage from the island into their film.

A project that is necessary as few are the fortunate who can film on the “land Democracy forgot.” A glimpse into a country that despite the political corruption, significant poverty and suffocating oppression, creativity still thrives. The people will always find and outlet and even hip-hop has infiltrated the communist island.

DJ EFN:  I want people to walk away from our film with a better idea what the average Cuban artist is going through. At the very least I want them to want to learn more about what the everyday people are going through. I know there are a lot of emotions behind what the older generation feels, and I respect that but there is a whole new generation of Cuban people that just want to have a better life and have nothing to do with the Revolution.  I am not to worried about filming, but I am going open-minded that we are going to a country where we will be cut off and anything can go. I want our documentary to be able to go in any given direction depending on what happens once we get there. So let’s see what happens! lol

The projected time frame for the first trip to Cuba is mid June of this year. The guys will be there for a week filming in order to have Coming Home completed around October and the music video and tracks with their Cuban counterparts available by August. DJ EFN and Garcia are asking for donations for production costs.  Incentives are available to those who donate in the amounts specified on the Coming Home site which you can visit here for updates on the progress of the project or help the team accomplish it.

The team is working with Kickstarter which works as follows:  If you decide to contribute, you can pledge any amount you would like in exchange for one of the rewards. Some of them are limited edition/limited quantity so you must act quickly. If Crazy Hood reaches their intended goal during its 35 day campaign, your credit card will be charged with your pledged amount; they will go into production within two weeks; and you will receive your reward. If they do not reach their goal of $3,500 in 35 days – as of this writing they have nine days left and have raised $2,489 – they will receive nothing and no charges will be made to your account.

DJ EFN:  We are 60 percent to raising our money on Kickstarter. We are doing the documentary regardless whether we raise the money or not. We just wanted to try and use the Kickstarter platform to raise some additional funds for post-production as well as to take some much needed supplies to our hosts in Cuba.

You can also support the Crazy Hood team by posting their link on your social media sites. With every new backer, they gain more momentum and with the deadline quickly approaching – June 6 – to accomplish their goal, every one can do something to help make this project possible.

*Special thanks to Ms. Goobs for conducting the interview with DJ EFN

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