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Trip-Hop Thursdays: Hooverphonic

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Trip Hop Thursdays: Hooverphonic music  hooverphonic 185x185

Hooverphonic may very well be known as a trip-hop group for the most part, however like many other trip-hop groups out there now, they’ve expanded in many many many genres.

This Belgian group has become more or a less considered a rock/pop group but in many faces to early fans they’ve always remained one way or another in the genre of trip-hop.

Now encompassing alternative, electronica, electropop, rock and more Hooverphonic have become a leading figured in the trip-hop community.

The band originally called themselves Hoover but quickly changed it to Hooverphonic due to their discomfort and to avoid any legal issues with the vacuum cleaner company.

Trip Hop Thursdays: Hooverphonic music

The original members of the group started out with vocalist Liesje Sadonius, keyboardist Frank Dunchene, bassist Alex Callier and guitarist Raymond Geerts. As the time goes by in the saga of Hooverphonic the line-up changes drastically and ranging from several different session musicians and different vocalists. The band achieved international recognition through the inclusion of the track “2Wicky” (from A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular) on the soundtrack to Bernardo Bertolucci’s 1996 film Stealing Beauty. “2Wicky” also appeared on the soundtracks of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Heights. The track’s main riff is sampled from Isaac Hayes’ recording of the 1960s hit Walk on By.

Trip Hop Thursdays: Hooverphonic music

Sadonius left Hooverphonic on amicable terms shortly after the release of A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular. Kyoko Baertsoen, singer for fellow Belgian trip-hop band Lunascape, filled in for Sadonius for three months of a European tour in 1997 before Geike Arnaert was made the permanent singer in early 1998. Additional session musicians: Eric Bosteels was a session drummer with Hooverphonic from 1997-98, replaced by Mario Goossens until 2005. David Poltrock was keyboard player from the group on-and-off from 1998 until 2005. In 1998 Hooverphonic contributed to the Depeche Mode tribute album For the Masses, with their cover of “Shake the Disease.”

Trip Hop Thursdays: Hooverphonic music

During the Blue Wonder Power Milk era the band had the 18 year old vocalist Geike Arnaert. Which would end up leaving the band in October 10, 2008 to pursue her solo career. Geike was also the longest lasting vocalist in the band. The album was a major success for this era in Blue Wonder Power Milk. Some songs ended up being in commercials for Motorola and the new Volkswagen Vapor Beetle. Even Sarah Brightman did a cover of the song “Eden”.

Trip Hop Thursdays: Hooverphonic music

The band followed up Blue Wonder Power Milk with 2000′s The Magnificent Tree, which expands on the sound of Milk with a warmer, more approachable sound. Highlights from the album are the string-laden “Out Of Sight”, “Mad About You” (a big hit all over the world), and the title track, which borrows heavily from Crosby, Stills and Nash’s “Guinnevere”.

Trip Hop Thursdays: Hooverphonic music

2002 saw the group shifting gears again, this time releasing the concept album Hooverphonic Presents Jackie Cane. The album tells the story of the fictional title character, a celebrity and singer catapulted into stardom at the expense of her relationship with her twin sister. Driven to the brink of insanity by the pressures of fame, Jackie quits show business and returns home to attempt reconciliation, where her sister kills them both with a poisoned last supper.

During the current days it’s still unknown since 2008 if Hooverphonic ever found a new vocalist and in their entire history they’ve released 6 studio albums, 1 live album, and 24 singles. I’m sure there’s more on their discography we don’t know about yet. It’s 2010 though and it was announced on their website that they would be finding a new vocalist. This is something worth looking into if you’re a vocalist. Maybe you will become the next Hooverphonic frontman or woman, I’m thinking woman though.

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