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[Album Release] AG Lyonz – “One Way”

Category: Music   Posted by:   on December 13th, 2012

AG Lyonz has finally shared his ONE WAY album with us. He describes the project as:

It represents life, love, pain and joy… everything that happens in our daily lives. A project that once started as 2 guys and slowly evolved to a 5 man band LIVE FREE. As a writer I wanted to speak about the real issues of the world. And with that came the concept of world music. For the people and about the people. Through all the good times and bad, “One Way” is the guidance needed. Power and a positive out look on life. 8 songs, all original music produced in house at Miami Beat Wave studios. LIVE FREE or LIVE LOST… One Love.

A.G Lyonz and his band LIVE FREE will be joined by Omniscient+ Davincci + Miami Beat Wave when they debut their first album on December 20th at Grand Central’s The Garrett and hosted by Yoyi Living & Frizko Michuligan.

Listen, download and let us know what you think.

Executive producers:
Chip Williams & Andy Gonzalez

Jah Works Produce by:
Tony Cora
Good Morning produced by:
Fernando Farias & Daniel Domento
Love is Crazy Written by:
Brandan Toledo

Charlton Williams / Tony Cora / Fernando Farias / Benji Baez / Daniel Domento / Alex (Cheech) Gonzalez / Nicholas A .Lebess / Joshua Rodriguez / Steve Kornicks / Jennifer Carballo / Teddy Brooks / Arianne Urban / Keith Cooper / Ralfy Valencia / Chad Bernstein / Brandan Toledo / Fabian Alvarez

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