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[Album Review] Basicali – “Dream Alive EP”.

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[Album Review] Basicali   Dream Alive EP. reviews music


BASICALI is a Los Angeles based recording artist whose music reflects thought-provoking lyrics and a feel-good vibe. He made his mark in 2007 with his first solo album Gio Basicali. Since then Basicali has released an EP, music videos and various collaborations with brands and artist.

Basicali recently dropped his new project Dream Alive . He gives his listeners a real clear picture of California life with his unique style that reflects the image of Cali culture. Basicali speaks from the heart as a positive voice of the everyday person dealing with issues such as life, growth, perseverance, chasing dreams, relationships and personal reflection.

When asked about his lyrics he shrugs and puts it simply, “When I write I listen to the beat and the beat tells me what it wants.”

*** Taken from his facebook profile bio***


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1. Dream AliveMusical mental mantras open the song up as Basicali begins the tune with the uplifting and positive chorus. The steady build up of the beat sways perfectly into the harmonies used in the background. Producer Sean TENZ uses militant drums but pairs them to soft sounds and textures making the song extremely pleasant to the ear. Basicali then dives into himself and analyzes his current mental paradigm. He shares words of wisdom that will put you on the path of self-revolution. It’s a refreshing piece of music!

2. On My Way — The tempo picks up on this one. The beat is sure to make your head nod! Sean TENZ chose a catchy piano melody to ride steadily upon some groove drums. The hook is filled with audio electricity as Basicali sings words of hope. The mix between classical piano and the keyboards are perfect! Basicali surprised me with his ability to sing; he’s a double threat. Sharp with his voice as well as his hand, Basicali is shining bright.

3. Clap Ya Hands — This one wasn’t really my cup of tea. It has a more commercial, radio friendly feel to it. Sean TENZ’s production this time around is chunky and bass driven. This is the perfect track for the radio and the dance floor. It’s distortion will have the people getting rowdy as they sing along to the hook. The lyrical content isn’t that deep, but it’s still enjoyable. The track doesn’t sound like it came out of California, it has more of a Dirty South approach.

4. Best Of Time – That California flavor swoops in as Sean TENZ’ synthpop melodies get your body moving and feeling the good vibes. The drums shake your soul as Basicali paints a picture of his most treasured memories and future aspirations. These tunes always inspire. The keyboards in this track are flawless! This one goes down smoothly and you will be hitting that repeat button.

5. Heaven — Positive music is always welcome in my world. Basicali takes the “Tony Robbins” approach and shares words of encouragement and love. Sean TENZ’ choice of tempo change within the tune is genius. It starts slow and massages your ears into submission with it’s addicting percussion. The harmonious chorus will definitely have you singing along. Top notch right here.

6. Love Like This — Something about that initial melody is annoying to me. The song content is A+; an ode to his lady love. The chanting in the distant is a nice touch by Sean TENZ. Basicali’s descriptive lyrics tell us exactly how he came to fall in love with H.E.R..These are my favorite type of songs to listen to. It gives you a first person view of how it cam to be, which always intrigues me about an artist. I played this one a couple times in a row.

7. Cali Eyes — The mood gets to be adventurous and uplifting. Sean TENZ gets emotional on the piano and lays down a super sappy melody as Basicali proclaims his love for The Golden State by telling us all the wonderful things his days are filled with. The instrumentation gets serious on this one by giving the listeners an orchestral feel. Great way to bring this positive album to a close.

This is a perfect EP. These albums usually serve as appetizers as for what it is that the artist wants to do on future projects. It’s a small glimpse at the potential and talent that an artist possesses. Basicali showed me his many sides. He’s comedic, thankful, hopeful, honest, and genuine. He shows his party side, as well as his serious side. He gives listeners a balanced look at where he is in his life right now. The album doesn’t contain specific qualities that a “California rapper” would have. He’s versatile and talented. His music is that of the positive note, and I always appreciate artists with the willingness to be vulnerable and looked at under a microscope. The production by Sean TENZ gives good vibes to the listener and totally compliments Basicali’s laid back delivery. I enjoyed this EP and look forward to upcoming works from this California artist.

Basicali is also tied with Royal Black.

“Royal Black was established in 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Royal Black represents the black sheep in all of us that hopes to make right all of the wrong in this world. We seek and encourage constant improvement for others and ourselves. Royal Black is committed to giving 25% of our net sales to organizations that provide education, fight homelessness, promote the arts, and help make our communities a better place to live. Our goal is to create an apparel line that allows everybody to Look, Do, and Feel Good.”

**Taken from Royal Black’s Facebook page**

Here’s a live video for the song Best Of Times

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