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[Album Review] : Just-This Crew – “Befour & After” EP.

Category: Music   Posted by:   on October 12th, 2011

Miami is a hotbed for talent. Just-This Crew is no exception. Coming together for the love of hip hop and music, Ayentee, HollaRox, Dropz, and Marques McCoy form JTC and Befour & After is their first project. I will admit that I am excited to get into the minds of these young individuals. This EP is a glimpse into a prosperous future and the musical launching pad for these artists.

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1. Just This…You can’t help but nod your head as soon as the tune kicks in. The drums get busy with some funky bass grooves as an onslaught of futuristic melodic sounds come at the listener. The members of JTC drop some serious verbal matter and announce their arrival to the world. Really diggin’ the hook. The formula is simple but pure and organic. This tune is meant to be heard in a live setting!

2. The Day AfterYou can hear the west coast production influence in the track. Feels like a cosmic funky ride. This is the song you put on while some flip-cup action is going on. A real party tune to let loose to and chant along during the chorus. JTC let you into their world and share stories of party experiences. Love the feeling of the album so far.

3. Episode VIIInteresting sound. I’m diggin’ the change within the album tone. It stays with that raw feeling, but uses bass filled grooves to keep a smooth flow going. The boys from JTC lay down certified verses and really take control of the beat. The chorus is perfect for the fast tempo provided. This is a banger right here!

4. Red Means GoLove the song title. The beat grabs you hostage and takes you through a sloppy journey. The heavy bass and cosmic melodies are chunkier than Cambell’s soup. It digests perfectly, though. JTC slows their flow down and share mischievous stories involving cars, police, girls and Mary Jane. Very entertaining tune. They show their skills in the story telling department.

5. Devil In A DressIt seems the deeper into the album, the more progressive the production becomes. Outer-space melodies cascade and get your eardrum twitching as the catchy hook comes in to grab your attention with the universal topic of love. JTC get personal and share their experiences with succubus’. It’s hard to define this song. The synths, the guitar licks, the sing along chorus; it’s a hit single that could very well be played on today’s radio airwaves.

South Florida continues to breed talented artists. JTC show their potential with this EP. As a collective they have the skills to create a long-lasting career in the music world. Befour & After gives us a look at the different styles in which JTC shines. They are gifted lyricists and with the progressive/experimental production of group member Ayentee, JTC cannot be placed into one genre. The EP is fun, light, and crisp. Ayentee demonstrates his ability as a producer to provide unique sounds. Just-This Crew is here to take care of business. The EP’s sound differs from what is usually heard on the radio, which is a good thing. They aren’t following any formula, they are just doing the math and seeing what comes to life. Be on the look for these guys because they are young and hungry. This seems to be the 1st of many JTC projects. For more info follow them on Facebook. Remember, it’s up to you to support the local scene and keep the good music alive!

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