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Album Review: The Higher Concept “Life’s Good”

Category: Music|Reviews   Posted by:   on July 30th, 2010

Album Review: The Higher Concept Lifes Good reviews music  higherconcept1The Higher Concept is a hip-hop group hailing from Staten Island, NY. They got their start in 2005 and have been rockin’ the East Coast music scene ever since. THC consists of emcees Tekst, Matty J. and IB Profyn. The production team includes J-Glaze, Mike Cash, Jon “Flip” Muro, JDV and more but don’t get it twisted they are all masters of making good music no matter who’s doing what.

Their newest project “Life’s Good” fell into my music player and I decided to pump the volume up to 11 to see what they got. Live instrumentation and lyrics is a recipe I devour.

1. Life’s Good ft. 6th Sense (prod. by J. Glaze)- A sonic guitar grabs your attention as a dominant piano melody positions itself in the background. Positive lyrics and a song you can sing along to make for good times. With songs like this to listen to life is very good. Listen for the trumpet harmonies.

2. Love Music (prod. by Mike Cash)- You know those times you’re trying to describe to someone how much you love music? Next time save your breath and play them this song. Militant drums make you bob your head as you chant “I! Love! Music!” This stays on repeat.

3. Find a Way ft. Paul Marz, Jack Brown (prod. by Mike Cash)- The percussion in this piece is delightful. Something about those skins getting slapped makes your soul move and sway alongside that hypnotizing chime of the tambourine. THC flourish as lyrical poets making it simple to grasp their message.

4. One Step Ahead ft. Basik (prod. by J. Glaze)- This song reminds me of California. Funk blowing through the speakers, catchy hook with a soulful singer rocking every note on a vocal chart. Get yourself a 64′ Chevy Impala, put the top down and hi them switches. This track rides.

5. We Fly ft. Deshawn Chalant (prod. by Mike Cash)- The piano is a beautiful instrument. It accents the delivery of each artist contributing to this track. Dashawn Chalant does an amazing job of really allowing you to feel his words. Need motivation? Add this to your playlist.

6. So High ft. Amerika (prod. by Mike Cash)- Look at the title of the song; now look at the name of the group. This is what I was waiting for. I’m biased though, regardless this is a great feel good song. Even if you don’t take herbal remedies you can still appreciate the laid back nature of this gem. This is one of my favorites.

7. Mirrors ft. J. Muse (prod. by Tekst and Contraband)- The production on this song is insane! Precise recording allows for crisp notes, melodies and percussion. The female vocalist adds texture and depth to the song. This one had me grooving from start to finish.

8. Rise and Fall ft. Nation, Snow (prod. by Tekst and Contraband)- That is one hypnotizing guitar riff. It gets light and positive for the chorus keeping an upbeat tempo. The ladies will wanna get down and sing to this one. If they were commercial this would be a radio single, but luckily they’re not so it’s a great song you won’t get sick of.

9. Proceed (prod. by J. Glaze)- A brooding beat sets the tone for a heart to heart between MC and the microphone. The flow of the song is great because all the verses start off negative and transition into positive. You can feel the honesty in the words.

10. HPB ft. Christina LaRocca (prod. by Mike Cash)-Conscience lyrics and great beats is the definition of hip-hop, but throw in some alternative and you got yourself a winner. Christina LaRocca puts you in a trance with her voice full of elegance and ease.

11. Hello Goodbye ft. JoyLuv (prod. by Jon “Flip” Muro)- This is the only song on the album that I cringe through. The guitar riff is a good idea but it just doesn’t mesh well with the vocalist JoyLuv. THC is on point with the lyrics so I didn’t skip it.

12. Runnin ft. Nation (prod. by J. Glaze)-That intro is massive! The build is what keeps you on your toes and then it slows you down. I love the Drum and Bass influence! THC has the lyrical ability to ride both rhythms in the track. There’s a lot going on but it was produced brilliantly.

13. Airport (prod. by Tekst and Sean Ferguson)- I really enjoy diverse instrumentation in a song- when you can focus on any instrument and hear every note as everything comes together. THC strikes home with lyrics of personal turmoil, while providing a great hook for us to sing along to. I played this back to back to back.

14. Constellations (prod. by J. Glaze)- This comes hard with those synthesizers from the get go. It is an interplanetary space jam. They speak of the heavens and a reference a bunch of cosmic topics. The alien within you will press repeat on this one.

Album Review: The Higher Concept Lifes Good reviews music  THE HIGHER CONCEPT LIFES GOOD

When I first heard about THC and that they were from Staten Island, I was hoping for Wu-Tang East Coast gritty hardcore hip-hop, but I was wrong. I am glad that I was. You cannot put THC in a category or genre because that would be musical ignorance. THC is good music period. What we all need to do is go dig in their crates get their old stuff, present stuff and get anxious for the future projects. Life is Good when you have treasures like this in your possession.

To download this album for FREE visit The Higher Concept at their official site.


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