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[Antisteez Contests] Who Wants Kool Keith Tickets?!

Category: Events|Music   Posted by:   on March 29th, 2011

[Antisteez Contests] Who Wants Kool Keith Tickets?! music events  april 2nd saturday11 194x300In the world of hip hop, you are either a fan or you’re not. You either have cred, or you don’t. You either love it or you are just some perpetrator who wants to be down. FACT. Them’s the breaks whether you are an old school player or a new school fool. So, it should be no surprise that here at antisteez, we are hip hop. Why? Because we are first and foremost, FANS. We love this culture. We promote it. We live it. And being a fan means that you give love to the people who pioneered the scene, to those who own it and the torch-bearers of tomorrow. So, when we heard that Dr. Octagon AKA Rhythm X AKA Dr. Dooom AKA Keith Turbo AKA Black Elvis AKA Keith Televasquez AKA Poppa Large AKA Mr. Nogatco AKA Big Willie Smith AKA Keith Korg AKA Robbie Analog AKA Sinister 6000 AKA Mr. Gerbik AKA Reverand Tom was coming to town…we got excited.

Yes…Kool Keith is coming. Where? To EVE on April 2 and we expect that the crowd will be thick with lovers of hip hop. Because real lovers of hip hop show mad love to the Ultramagnetic MCs founder. If you consider yourself down with the culture, and you don’t come to this show, turn in your cool pass. Your hip hop fan credentials WILL BE revoked!

[Antisteez Contests] Who Wants Kool Keith Tickets?! music events  kool keith ny yankees 350x350 300x300The show is going to be, for lack of a better word….BANANAS. Maybe even BANANAS FOSTER. Not only do you get to see Kool Keith, live, which is a good reason on it’s own to go. But, also…mashed together in what can only be called a PLETHORA of awesome are the best of dubstep and hip hop from the 305, combined. The line up is PACKED with talent, both local and national. There will be performances by:

  • Otto Von Schirach (Ft. Mr. Feathers and Alligator Jesus)
  • Soul Oddity
  • Think Tank
  • YMF
  • Saheed
  • Serum
  • Jumanji


Also merking the decks will be two stages full of DJ Goodness:


  • Juan Basshead
  • Gooddroid
  • Animal Krackerz
  • Dave Betamax
  • Grey Ghost


  • Heron
  • Madame Turk
  • Chico Biscayne
  • Jarad Cole
  • Karakter

[Antisteez Contests] Who Wants Kool Keith Tickets?! music events  april 2nd saturdayB 200x300There will also be epic Viisuals provided by the one and only Chris Video and live painting by Kazilla.

Now, you can score DISCOUNTED tickets via our pals at SWEAT RECORDS or by clicking HERE. They are $15 for 21+ and $20 for 18+. (Sorry, youngin’ crowd. Age ain’t nothing but a number and that number is $5 extra for you.)

OR….YOU could win one of TWO PAIRS OF TICKETS being given away by your friends, ANTISTEEZ.COM. Generously donated by our friends over at EVE.) That’s right…we have TWO PAIRS OF FREE TICKETS! and they could be yours. (That’s you and a date and then…KOOL KEITH all up in your face!) All you have to do is leave a comment down there. That’s right. Comment down there and we will pick two winners at random and give you a pair of tickets, each.

What are you waiting for!? We said TWO PAIRS OF FREE TICKETS! Get to commenting. Only ONE comment per person. Winners will be picked at random by the antisteez staff. This contest is open to the public, but not to the antisteez team. (Sorry, guys!) Winners will be announced on Friday, April 1.

Good luck.


Saturday, April 2 at 9:00pm – April 3 at 5:30am
Miami, FL

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  • Kathy Delgado

    Kool Kieth Saturday waaaahhh? I can’t wait its gonna be more than Banana Foster that’s for sure! lmao!

  • Ashy Knuckles

    Send me my tickets A.S.A.P

  • Natasha

    From total single-motherhood lack of sleep, I feel a winning streak coming on! Of course, I could just be delirious.

  • Sergei (Pyroz)

    Man… Serum, Saheed, Gooddroid, Juan Basshead, AND Kool Keith in one place at one time!? End of the world is a bit early! >;]

  • Bobby S

    Real HipHop fan right here!! .. this is deff gonna be one heck of a show! .. Kool Keith,Serum,Saheed, ect.. What!!

  • Ruy

    let me get that.

  • ari

    .. .

  • http://www.facebook.com/zadorozny Richard “Ozny” Zadorozny

    LMAO @ “(Sorry, youngin’ crowd. Age ain’t nothing but a number and that number is $5 extra for you.)”
    Hope I can win! Don’t trick me about winning on April Fools day! I’ll get emo! lol
    Peace Antisteez crew!

  • Phezrok

    Oooh, Pick me! I wanna hear Kool Keith’s pill induced gibberish raps over dope beats!

  • Matt


  • Angel Ocean

    KOOL KEITH sparked my undying love for Seltzer Water… Oh that faithful day when I saw his 98 year old refrigerator piece!!! Now my fridge is full of alfalfa sprouts, eggplants, dark chocolate, soy milk, radishes, and of course seltzer water …..

    Allow me the gift of these tickets so I may personally thank the good Dr myself…

    Peace In the SouthEast,


  • dvine88

    I neeed these pretty plzzzz :)


    I <3 WINNING!!!

  • erika

    i can haz?

  • Danny Hectik

    Kool Keith is POPPA LARGE down for the East Coast!!

    Comin down real stickyyyy!

  • http://www.RainerLagemann.com Rainer Lagemann


  • Invectrum

    “My little brother said…’KEEF, YOU NEED TO STOPP!!’ I knew something was wrong when I gave away my VHS and sold a pair of my socks”

  • Ink

    Word, waddup with them tickets!

  • Cesar SPIN

    Oh word. It’s gonna be killa, can’t wait, hiphop4life

  • http://heartbeatsunlimited.com Gianna

    want em, need em, gotta have em!

  • Kelly


  • http://www.facebook.com/damnitjanet94 sucia sanchez


  • N

    It’s gonna be sick!

  • Sarahhhh

    Kool Keith is my spankmaster but he used to be my Dr. Octagonecologyst. I need to see him, quick.

  • http://www.youtube.com/jdf2580 Jeremy Feldman

    From the 313 to the 954… Hip Hop all the way!

  • http://www.boosted.com TS Heritage

    I’m coming all the way from Denver … so how about a link up for an old Raver ;-)

  • http://facebook.com/aleah Aleah

    kool keith is winning

  • http://urbanclassy.com Kassandra Collado

    hip hop forever. could I get my tickets now? 0:]

  • http://www.priskillingly.com Priscilla

    Free ticket time? I think so! Kool Keith, let’s do this!

  • Rosy!

    I want kool keith all up in may face!
    Also..my bf loves him..perfect bday present..thanks guys!

  • http://www.myspace.com/julia1dc7e Julia

    I would love free tickets to Kool Keith

  • Alex D.

    I’ve been waiting waiting for this day ever since “Blue Flowers!” infected my brain! Give me free tickets before I change the arrangements on your face! I know where you live, Apartment 223….

  • JoseCarlos

    Whattt! Kool Keith in MIA….holler atcher boy!

  • Mar Five

    “I dont wanna wear this motorcycle helmet,y dont u wear it?,sprout some wings like a parrot.”—

  • Thelma

    I want tix!

  • David

    I don’t believe you!

  • MichL

    I say u randomly select ME…the law of attraction..say my name(MICHL)..say my name(MICHL)LOUDER..say my name(aGAIN)..cmon..im putting it out into the universe..work wit the kid.MICHL MICHL MICHL MICHL..all 2gether now…come to me..come to me..come to me.. :)

  • Michelle

    Send those tickets my way! Please & thank you :)

  • Melissa

    Can I touch ya butt girl? Can I squeeze ya butt girl?
    Can I feel ya butt girl? Can I touch it?
    Can I touch ya butt girl? Can I squeeze ya butt girl?
    Can I feel ya butt girl? Can I touch it?

    (I can Haz Tix Pleeeze)

  • Ashley

    If I could get those Kool Keith tix, I would give them to my under-employed friends so that they could come with me and I don’t have to pay their way into the club again. Woo

  • http://Robotmonkey.net Dan Walker

    Best Kool Keith quote ever: “Shootin’ jism. She’s ridin’ like a Geo Prism.” I neeeed those tix!

  • Pao

    How much those free tickets running for ? I’ll pay you 99 cents :)

  • http://www.sopheye.com sophie

    Hip hop and dubstep? Just my cup o’ tea! YEA BOYEEEE

  • Erik

    HOOK IT UP!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=573026655 Nicole Noriega

    I’m definitely an old school player not a new school fool!!! LOL XoXo

  • http://www.nikkisiixx.com NikkiSiixx

    I want them tickets!! :D Need to cover this event! <33

  • Ken Masters

    I need me some Kool Keith tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • phix


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