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[Antisteez Events]: Cat Power Live

Category: Events|Music   Posted by:   on September 24th, 2012

[Antisteez Events]: Cat Power Live music events  Cat Power LIVE 650x975I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for an indie chick.

Cat Power [Charlyn Marie Marshall is her government name] will be performing live at Grand Central and you KNOW I’ll be there crushing on her from the crowd. 

Discovered in 1994 while opening for Liz Phair, she’s released nine albums since then including her latest SUN.

Six years after her last album of original material, CP has moved on from her collaborative forays into Memphis soul and Delta blues in this latest release. She wrote, played, recorded and produced the entirety of SUN by herself, a statement of complete control that is echoed in the songs’ themes. Marshall calls SUN  “a rebirth.”

SUN is don’t look back, pick up and go confidently into your own future, to personal power and fulfillment.”

The music on SUN employs a sweeping stylistic palette: a Cat Power haunting guitar and vocal hook in “Cherokee,” a Latin sounding nine-piano loop of “Ruin,” electronic anthems like “Real Life” and “3,6,9,” and the eight-minute epic “Nothin But Time,” featuring a vocal cameo by Iggy Pop. The swagger of “Silent Machine” brings to mind mid-70′s Jagger contrasted with the unusual, sparse production of “Always on My Own.” The narrative arc of the record is deeply American in its spaciousness and optimism; the music is defiantly modern and global.

This is one you do NOT want to miss!

WHAT: Cat Power Live
WHERE: Grand Central 697 North Miami Avenue, 33136
WHEN: October 11 at 8 P.M.
COST: $25 Advanced Tix

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