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[Antisteez Interview] Epidemic Talks About “Third Exposure”

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Miami MC Epidemic recently released his third mixtape, Third Exposure and it is nothing short of brilliant. We recommended his second effort, Second Exposure, as one of the must-have local albums of 2012 and it looks like Third Exposure is well on it’s way to making our list again this year.

I chatted with Epidemic about this project and how he feels about Miami.

Peep it below and and then head DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM FOR FREE HERE.

  • Antisteez: Let’s talk about Third Exposure. What did you want to accomplish with this third mix tape in the “exposure” series?
Epidemic: I set out from the beginning of this project to try to put together the best music possible. I treated it like a debut album in every sense of the word. I figured if I put everything I had into this then I could be at peace with myself if the music thing didn’t work out when it’s all said and done. Melancholic motivation if you will.
  • Antisteez: Tell me about the process of making this album; who did you work with? Where did you record? Who produced it?
Epidemic: Well to start, the timeline of this project was very open from the beginning–it would be finished when it’s finished. No rush. No distractions. I locked myself in the studio every weekend for 18 months until it was done. During that process, I worked with some of the most-talented people I was blessed to collaborate with. I have a close friendship with everybody that worked on this tape –Black Dada, Novaking, Los, WriteSounds, PuertoRoc are just some of the artists and producers that were involved in the process. Manny Mercado engineered and mixed the entire CD at SBR Studios & Studiocenter. Everybody sacrificed a lot for this CD and I believe in my heart that it will all pay off in the end.
  • Antisteez: We dubbed your second mixtape Second Exposure one of the Top 5 local albums to own and after listening to this work, I think you are one of the better MCs in Miami. Where do you see yourself as an MC in the Miami scene? What’s the next step?
Epidemic: I appreciate the support that Antisteez shows to local artists and am very grateful to have mad that coveted list. At the moment I have a bit of tunnel vision – just trying to get the music heard since it’s finally complete – so for now wherever this takes me is where I’ll end up. I look forward to the journey regardless of the destination though.
  • Antisteez: You mentioned this being the last project you put out…is that  definite thing? What makes you want to give this music life up?

Epidemic: I allude to that a couple of different times on the tape. While nothing in this world is definite, I will say that my relationship with music has not been an easy one. I hope it prospers, but I’m mature enough to walk away from it in case it just doesn’t work out.

  • Antisteez: If you could work with anyone right now, who would it be and why?
Epidemic: I’d love to work with Damian Marley. After hearing what he did with Nas, I think we could make some great music together.
  • Antisteez: What are your top 5 albums to own of all time?
Epidemic: Jay-z’s Reasonable Doubt, UGK’s Ridin’ Dirty, Ghostface Killa’s Ironman, Eminem’s Marshall Mather’s LP, and Big Pun’s Capital Punishment.
  • Antisteez: What’s your favorite thing about Miami?
Epidemic: The culture! Being Hispanic is a wonderful thing in Miami–Latin food, women, and music here are some of the best things anywhere in the world (Yes, I’m biased.).
  • Antisteez: What’s your least favorite thing about Miami?
Epidemic: Divisiveness.
  • Antisteez: Last question. You’ve known Antisteez writer EZ since elementary school. Have any embarrassing stories you want to share with us about him that can and will be used for blackmail purposes? You can tell us.
Epidemic: I will say this. When we were growing up, EZ had the most luxurious mushroom haircut I’ve ever seen. Fucking pristine. It’s as if each follicle was individually sprayed with WD-40 and collectively waved to and fro to the rhythm of a blissful frictionless summer breeze. It was a spectacular sight and occasionally–while playing prisoner dodge ball – it would brush up against my arm. It was liberating. Thanks for the memories, EZ.


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