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[Antisteez Interview]: French Horn Rebellion

Category: Events|Interviews|Music   Posted by:   on September 12th, 2012

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When I found out that French Horn Rebellion was playing with Afrobeta and Auto Body this Friday at Grand Central, I had to talk to these Wisconsin gents and get the lowdown on their awesomeness.

A few emails later and POOF! Robert, one half of this brother duo, and I were practically BFFs. (The group consists of brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari. David produced MGMT‘s indie release, Time to Pretend EP for New York indie Cantora Records, so you know…he is kind of spectacular, too.) He and I chatted about their music, their collabs with Database and Viceroy, how FHR came to be and their plans for the future with their new sound called “Next Jack Swing”. (If that confused you because you don’t know what “New Jack Swing” is, you should probably stop reading this and report to the Awesome Music Police for questioning.)

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Photo by: Robert Perlick-Molinari

Check out the interview below and leave a comment if you want to win a pair of free tickets to see this amazing show.

Also, I will be introducing French Horn Rebellion to their first-ever ham croquetas on Friday, so it should be a pretty big deal. You know…cause croquetas are practically made out of brujeria and stardust.

  • Antisteez: So you are playing in Miami…have you have croquetas before?

Robert/FHR: NO, but that sounds amazing! (Just Googled them!) OMG! I NEED IN MY MOUTH NOW.

  • Antisteez: You are playing Miami, then Texas, then Brazil…did you know there is a restaurant in Miami called Texas de Brazil? Discuss.

Robert/FHR: Oh my gosh, we should have made a tour poster with a picture of that restaurant!  Maybe that needs to be on our Miami bucket list for this weekend.

  • Antisteez: Let’s talk about The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion. How do you feel about it? Tell me something awesome about this project.

Robert/FHR: Yes, this was the last album we released a little more than a year ago.  It was a fantastic time putting together, and was very ambitious for us.  We combined pretty much every genre under the sun, made a concept, and slapped the most epic name we could find on the cover.  It’s about space, understanding, and the cyclical nature of life.

We’re looking this fall to be releasing a whole slew of singles and remixes.  We’ve been working to develop a new style called, “Next Jack Swing”. There is actually a full album already done, we’re just figuring out the best and most fun way to get the new material out.  For the next stuff we will be tapping into our roots, as unruly orchestra kids who just want to get folks to shake (mooove) their booties, rather than force into a chair for an hour and a half to listen to Mahler.

  • Antisteez: You are playing with Afrobeta, whose lead singer is, funnily enough, somehow related to me. (Lead singer Cuci is like my mother’s cousin’s bff’s kid twice removed, which in Cuban families, makes us Aunts or Uncles or something.) Have you heard their music? What do you think?

Robert/FHR: I’m really looking forward to this.  I saw some Youtube videos of them, and they look like they bring the house down.  It’s going to be a really fun trip.  I’m so excited to meet Cuci!

  • Antisteez: You guys are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The only thing I know about that place is that they filmed Happy Days there. Tell me something rad about Milwaukee and how it was growing up there.

Robert/FHR: Well, Milwaukee is best known for its beer, cheese, and sausage. Usinger’s brand is THE JAM! (Especially the summer sausage…you cannot stop once you start.) Every time our mom comes to visit New York she always brings a care package of Milwaukee’s best–string cheese, bratwurst, and spotted cow beer.  She’s a good mom.

  • Antisteez: Who is the poster girl you speak of on your site? Is it the girl in the background splash? Cause she looks like a backup dancer for Neneh Cherry’s Buffalo Stance video.

Robert/FHR: Poster Girl is a brand new song that we have finished with our Brazilian buddies, Database!  The song is done, but we decided to shoot a music video for it down in Brazil before we release the thing!  The song is about having a hot babe on the wall of your bedroom as a kid, and when you grow up, you hit the big time, meet her and make her your girlfriend. The poster girl will actually look like this:

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She’s my old French horn teacher, definitely my poster girl.

  • Antisteez: If Robert hadn’t taken up the French Horn and rebelled, what instrument would have been your weapon of choice?

Robert/FHR: I always wanted to play the oboe, but my oldest brother, TJ overruled me and said horn was way better.  In retrospect I have to agree.  David actually plays the bassoon!

  • Antisteez: If you could work with anyone in the music biz right now, who would it be?

Robert/FHR: We are lucky boys.  We’ve been digging this guy, Viceroy’s tracks for a while now, and we’re going to be featured on one of his next singles.  That would be who we want to work with.

  • Antisteez: How do you feel about French people in general, not just their horns?

Robert/FHR: We love the French! We have been to Paris many times, and done some amazing shows there.  I’m looking forward to releasing our new music so that we can go back, and rock their socks with the Next Jack.

  • Antisteez: Greatest musical moment of awesome in your career to date?

Robert/FHR: I think playing the Louvre for Jean-Charles de Castalbajac’s fashion show in 2010 was a highlight.  I went out wearing a ‘hi fashion’ 200€ cape by myself and did a horn call on a 16th century instrument that was from a relative of Catalbajac’s. (Who has a castle.)  Then all these models came on stage.  The first time the French horn has been used as a call for hotness in the last hundred years.

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