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[Antisteez Interview]: Stop The Presses

Category: Interviews|Music   Posted by:   on October 20th, 2011

[Antisteez Interview]: Stop The Presses music interviews  3 line logo blackSo back in July I was asked to be a judge for one the Battle of the Bands shows put on by the fine folks over at Critical Recordings. I was kind of meh about it, due to the fact that I don’t hold any certification or magical scroll that says “The bearer of this magical scroll is entitled to say your music sucks”, but I went along with it because I figured I would score some free beer out of it and I would be helping out the Critical dudes in the process. It turned out way better than I expected, I ended up having a blast with the other judges (read: we got fucking smashed) and although not every band was entertaining or good (shit, here I am acting like a scroll-holder again), there were some gems in the bunch, and ultimately I ended up hearing some bands I had been wanting to check out for quite some time.

[Antisteez Interview]: Stop The Presses music interviews  Presses on the rocks 650x973

L to R: Danny, Keko, Ali, Gus (photo by Teajay Smith Piersall)

One of those bands was Stop The Presses, who really wowed us (the smashed judges) by being both very professional (some band took about 45 mins to set up/soundcheck, it was fucking torture) and very talented. Their bright, ska/pop instantly snapped everyone at Churchill’s into a fun, bouncy vibe, making them forget it was like 2AM on a Sunday.

Soon after that night I caught up with them at The Annex in Hialeah to find out a little bit more about them. We talked about bachata, fun, reggaeton, Cher, horn choreography, throwing up, and fun. Did I mention we spoke about fun? Check out the convo below and then make sure you hit up one of their upcoming shows (Friday, 10/21 at Grand Central, at Churchill’s for the second night of Hialeah Fest on Saturday, 10/22, or at The Annex on Saturday 10/29 for Carnival of Horrors, an epic Halloween party put on by the Artist Collective Extravaganza! Wanna hear more before the show? Go harrass them on facebook and tell them to send you their new ep, Does it Still Look Pretty? , they’ll love that shit.


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