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[Antisteez Profiles]: Women in the 305 – Jackie Ransom

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photo by: Jacqueline Soir

If Marilyn Monroe ever would’ve seen a synthesizer, she would’ve been Jackie Ransom: An elegantly haunting vocalist and instrumentalist living her life as a one woman band based in Miami.

Her instruments of choice include cheap thrift store synthesizers, harsh guitars and her voice fluctuating from sweet and compelling to dark and unsettling. Her musical approach is composed of painstakingly emotive melody lines which drift in and out of soft electronic textures and lo-fi drum clatterings. The distant echoes of found-sounds reinforce the quirky and often taboo lyrical themes.

In a conversation with Ms. Ransom we got to know what makes her tick. Music such as this is why many of us do what we do. It is not the norm nor the conventional. It isn’t safe and may not even be popular, but it’s so damn good. Thick sounds that are meant to be blasted from car stereos or head phones. Lyrics that are unusual yet titillating and one girl who’s very easy on the eyes. This is what she had to say:

JR:  Well, when coming up with the project name Jackie Ransom for my solo work a couple of years ago, I found that there was this sort of intriguing element about the girl in distress as seen in many of the old pulp magazines. It seemed fitting to go with this concept which in my mind’s eye has a twist because of the empowering process of music making phenomena where I guess it can be said that the girl may free herself, in essence becoming a bad-ass. From there songs revolved around similar themes of crime, discontent, and intelligence. Lyrics often involve my portrayal of another person’s perspective or circumstance, and they are usually rather unpleasant. It is somewhat riveting to try and describe the point of view of a highly defective person or the victim enduring the consequence because many speak about crime objectively rather than subjectively.
JR:  I was born in Madrid, Spain, but arrived at a very young age so it is safe to say that Miami and the 305 have been very alive for me always. I currently reside in the south part of Miami, but have lived all over the place down here so I’ve experienced many variations of people which is always refreshing.
  • Antisteez:  What is it like being a woman in music in the 305?
JR:  I believe that being a woman in general is a great gift. Being a woman in music probably spikes the curiosity of many because it is a male dominated field. This may have caused me to push myself more at times but ultimately musicianship has no sexual identity for me and I am just doing what I enjoy the best that I can. For all of the 305′s out there that receive me well, I am grateful.
JR:  I draw much inspiration from gatherings in this city which I attend from time to time. There are often such talented people in the circles I frequent, and we share collaborative moments at really neat locations. This city can be very active and offer so many different pleasure profiles that lend themselves to new experiences.
  • Antisteez:  Who do you think is doing big things in the music scene?
JR:  On a global level I am a bit out of touch with the mainstream music realm, but locally I know there are tons of acts who are a pleasure to watch perform live. Depending on the genre, you may find yourself blown away by such rock bands as Dyslexic Postcards or Yoyo Xo and for more subdued and intimate sets I enjoy Xela Zaid and Boxwood.  As far as venues doing big things, I am a fan of the Awarehouse and Grand Central is pretty grand with the epic LCD Screen they use on stage.
  • Antisteez:  How would you describe your style?
JR:  Let’s see … my style is a bit more quirky than my musical style would lead one to believe. I look for original garments as much as possible and alter many of them myself when time allows it. Fashion is such an important tool for expression and must not be neglected. As of late, I am very influenced by sci-fi looking threads and Bowie is of the essence. It is hard to go wrong on stage where shock value is momentous and if done tastefully elaborate clothing can really add an effect to a performance. The music I create using old synthesizers, many of which are analog and many which are thrift-store finds. The sounds are eerie and have a nostalgic, aged flavor to them.
  • Antisteez:  What are some staples that every woman in the 305 needs?
JR:  Every woman must have a switchblade that doubles as lipstick on the opposite end of the handle and extra pair of shoes as well as a bathing suit in their trunk.
JR:  This year I discovered an artist by the name of Lhasa de Sela who I was deeply moved by. She passed away not so long ago and had a tremendous life and ability. Her voice is so sincere and her songwriting is brilliant.
  • Antisteez:  Where is the best place to eat after a show?
JR:  If you are in the Wynwood area I have grown fond of a little spot called the Lost & Found. They have an extensive menu and drink selection as well as great music always playing in the background. Just remember folks, if you’re in the restroom the doors slide open! People often get trapped in there, and it is mean but funny to sit near them and witness it.

JR:  Got to be when Uncle Luke ran for mayor of Miami.

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