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[Antisteez Profiles]: Women of the 305 – Soph.Eye

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[Antisteez Profiles]: Women of the 305 – Soph.Eye music interviews  Soph.Eye  300x200Pronounced  “Sof-Eye,” she is a jack of many trades mastering them all. The soulful, unique and improvisational style of Soph.Eye is indeed a sound worth noticing. Born in England and raised in Miami, this vocalist and songwriter has been able to flourish with her multicultural upbringing.  After years of writing her own music, Soph.Eye is now pushing it to the masses – one ear at a time.  Since the age of 18 she has professionally performed various genres of music.

Dance music has been a prominent genre in her ventures over the years and has enabled her to work with some of its biggest names, emceeing for the likes of LTJ Bukem, A-Sides, Goldie, Silver, Andy C, Random Movement, Will Miles, Juan Basshead and Somejerk to name a few.  Currently furthering her education, she is pursuing a Bachelors in Commercial Music Business and a minor in voice at Florida Atlantic UniversityAntisteez.com caught up with the vocal vixen to chit-chat about her life, dreams and future plans:

Soph.Eye: Middle school. The name stuck after years of calling my best friends and myself by our first names with “eye” at the end. I really don’t have a better explanation for that. Haha.

  • Antisteez: I might adopt that. Propose it to the team. What do you think of Lou.Eye, Goobs.Eye and Isa.Eye? Never mind. So, when did you first get bitten by the creative-bug?

Soph.Eye: I’ve been a creative person all my life. I’m an only child, so being imaginative and creative was my way of entertaining myself. Singing was more personal to me when I was younger. It was my way of expressing my anger, sadness, happiness; even boredom. I felt uncomfortable when someone would ask me to sing for them, but once I grew older I opened up and acknowledged that I should share my talents.

  • Antisteez:  Definitely! Flaunt it if you got it. What other projects/endeavors are you also passionate about?

Soph.Eye: I love encouraging others to be creative and motivated. I’m passionate about the pursuit of happiness in life. I look forward to creative experiences and adventures – I’m a very hands-on person who loves to dive into all kinds of art, dance and music. I’m really looking forward to getting more involved with the voice-over world, too.

  • Antisteez: And when you are not working, where is the best place we can find you hanging out in the 305?

Soph.Eye: I’m usually hanging with friends at The Vagabond, The Garrett, Purdy Lounge, Fat Cats and anywhere else chill and loungy.

  • Antisteez: We love The Vagabond! But enough about us. Let’s get kinky: What turns you on? What turns you off?

Soph.Eye: I think in every case I can say I’m turned on by intelligent and outgoing people. Ignorance and bad manners shut me off entirely.

  • Antisteez: *swoon* Okay. List the artists that have influenced you.

Soph.Eye: This is a tough one – I love LOADS of artists. My biggest influences are: Annie Lennox, Mariah Carey, Erykah Badu, Amel Larrieux, Aaliyah, Jill Scott, Sade and Amy Winehouse. Each one of these vocalists has a soulful and unique style that I’ve always been able to connect to. They’ve all influenced me to be true to my passion and remain humble. Vocalists from the Drum and Bass scene are another motivating factor in the music I work on. Deeizm, Tali, Riya and Jenna G are a few of the Drum and Bass ladies that motivate my work.

  • Antisteez: Your site says: SINGER, DANCER, SOUL CHILD – tells us about your dancing: How long have you been doing it?

Soph.Eye: I’m a b-girl at heart. I was breaking non-stop for two years once I learned properly back in 2006. There came a point where I realized I hadn’t touched my music during that time and went straight back to it. I also went to school full time so practicing eventually came less and less. I’ll jump in a cypher on occasion, but my goal is to get right back to it and be able to balance both the music with the dance. I miss the expression so much …

Soph.Eye: Well, I was born in the UK and brought to Miami with Mum and Dad when I was two. I grew up going to school in 305 and spent most of my Summer vacations in the UK with family. Both parts of the world are considered home for me. I didn’t choose it – it chose me.

Soph.Eye: Of course! I meet the Queen for tea-time on Tuesdays. Hahaha!

  • Antisteez: Chip-chip-cherio, dahling. Very LOL indeed. I read you are in school – I find this a rarity since many artists leave all other endeavors to fully pursue their passion. How is school making a positive difference in your artistic career? Would you recommend it as a starting point for other local musicians who might be struggling with their brand?

Soph.Eye: I’ve heard it countless times: “It’s a waste of time … It’s about the experience, not the paper … They just want your money, etc.” I do agree that school isn’t for everybody, but for those who can commit, I believe it’s really rewarding. I’ve learned a great deal from the courses I’ve taken and have a better understanding of how intricate the industry can be. I know things now that would have taken me years and a few painful mistakes to know then; so I highly recommend school to anyone jumping into the music industry. School will help guide you and give you an enhanced understanding of whatever it is you choose to pursue in life. The experience you gain is just another plus that gets you closer to attaining your goals.

  • Antisteez: And when you’re not in class or working, what is your favorite drink to get buzzed up with?

Soph.Eye: Vodka/Club/Cran/Lime or Champagne with a shot of Cognac poured right on in.

  • Antisteez: Yum. Tell us how each of your creative passions fulfills you.

Soph.Eye: Being the creative person I am is what keeps me sane. Knowing that I can touch someone’s soul with my own passion keeps me doing it all. My dancing is what I cannot express through poetry or song – its about the connection to the beat and why it’s so deep. Writing my own lyrics binds me fully to my own songs and enables me to express them properly and passionately. I have to be able to relate to what others write or else I don’t feel right singing those lyrics. If I can’t connect, it won’t work. I’m truly inspired by strength and determination in others no matter what they do. I aspire to be the positive influence for others who seek it and be known for my vocal style rather than my genre. One day you’ll be able to Google my name and find my music, my voice-over work, my publishing company and the music foundation I work with, or better yet, the one I founded.

  • Antisteez: That’s awesome. We at antisteez.com wish you all the best in all those endeavors, and now we have reached the part of the interview where you can insert a shameless plug!

Soph.Eye: Hahaha – you’re a trip! I love it. As of yet, I’m not sure when my next performance will be so keep updated through my Facebook, Twitter or Reverbnation account. Be sure to check out my latest release “La Luna” on Atlantic Connection’s Love Architect Album to be released June 19! This link is from a recent interview with the producer of the album I’m featured on.

Check out Soph.Eye’s latest single below!

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