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[Download] DaVincci: Getting Up Vol.1

Category: Mixtapes|Music   Posted by:   on January 11th, 2011

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1/11/2011 marks the release of Volume 1. Here’s your 1 chance to learn yourself a little something.

DaVincci is at it again, putting his work through “the Miami Beat Wave machine”ť, as he calls it. While Leo “DaVincci” Mayorgan has been in the game since 2005 it wasn’t until 2008 that he met Chip Williams, Brandan Toledo and St. LaRok to put the Miami Beat Wave spin on music.

His latest project DaVincci: Getting Up Vol. 1  follows last year’s mixtape release- “Sneak Peek”ť. Expect to hear a couple of tracks from “Getting Up” in their full length on DaVincci’s “Personal Contribution” album, which comes out later this year. The mixtape includes remixes and guest features with production and engineering by DaVincci himself and the rest of the Miami Beat Wave crew; both of which are synonymous, really.

Interestingly, Miami Beat Wave only did their first remix in ’09 with the ˇMAYDAY! track “Red Carpet Affair”ť. The new project features another ˇMAYDAY! record, “Let’s Pretend”, which was originally intended for their “Stuck on an Island”  mixtape, but wasn’t ready in time; the track is an exclusive- produced and featuring DaVincci.

Once word spread that remixes were coming out of the “Miami Beat Wave Machine” they were a hot commodity. EFN was next in line for remixes of a couple records like, “Let Me Hear You Say” and “My Block, Miami” both of which appear on the “Getting Up” mixtape. You’ll also find bonus songs from Warlok, Saheed and Think Tank, because at the end of the day Miami music is about collaborating with friends, colleagues and some talented mother-shutyourmouth! “Lame shout-outs”ť, as DaVinnci refers to them, are a thing of the past. Want to thank someone for a feature? Want to name drop? Give your friends some shine? Put them on a track and include their sound on your work.

The mixtape also includes music from AG Lyonz, who’s part of the group Live Free with DaVincci. AG Lyonz wrote a majority of the hooks on “Getting Up Vol. 1″ť alongside DaVincci; which may have been a new experience for DaVincci, but the hooks speak to the ease and flow the pair are capable of.

Also be on the lookout for tracks with Pitbull, Garcia, Omniscient and Locos Por Juana. Miami Stand Up!

Download “DaVincci: Getting Up Vol. 1ť which is hosted by DJ Ice Cold with album art courtesy of Jeff Dekal and brought to you by your good friends at Antisteez.com

[Download] DaVincci: Getting Up Vol.1 music mixtapes  downloadfile 4 300x300[Download] DaVincci: Getting Up Vol.1 music mixtapes  Davincci GettinUp b 300x300

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