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[Download] Sene + The Clubhouse = Recess

Category: Music   Posted by:   on March 15th, 2011

[Download] Sene + The Clubhouse = Recess music  recess theclubhouse sene 225x300Brooklyn emcee Sene has been talking about his collaboration with The Clubhouse and their self titled deput EP has finally arrived- Recess. The name and album cover foreshadow the fun in store with the music. Any album you created while claiming to be locked in a “clubhouse” is bound to be a good time. You’ll hear features from Sene’s partner in rhyme Blu as well as Fresh Daily, Nicholas Ryan Grant and Donwill of Tanya Morgan.

Download this new project by Recess, with plenty of great emphasis on “new”. These guys are putting a different spin on hiphop and don’t be afraid to dancing a bit. You know, when no one is watching… Download the EP by right clicking HERE and selecting save (or just click if you have a fancy browser).

Did you catch Sene when he was in town last October for one of The Rising shows? If you didn’t or just want to reminisce check out the photos and interview with Sene at Transit Lounge.


Sene + The Clubhouse: Recess

1. dna (3:32)
2. the gentleman (3:20)
3. we are stars (4:24)
4. au revoir f/ fresh daily & nicholas ryan gant (5:06)
5. love in the streets of bklyn (3:27)
6. escalators (4:14)
7. how do you sleep? f/ blu (3:53)
8. dancepants featuring don will (2:57)
9. emperor strikes back (3:14)

In the few days the project has been out feedback seems to be pretty positive thus far, tell us what you think of “Recess” as an EP and as a group.

[Download] Sene + The Clubhouse = Recess music  recess cover 300x283 [Download] Sene + The Clubhouse = Recess music  recess cover back 300x283


Check out Sene’s take on the new group and project:

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