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EXCLUSIVE [New Single] “Evil” by Elemenopee (Unmastered)

Category: Music|News   Posted by:   on November 18th, 2011

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We’re at the age where hipsters roam the Earth chasing food trucks and indie rock has pretty much taken over the scene for the past 10 years at this point. Now a days bands are surfacing sounding like other Brit-indie rock bands and as great as some bands are, it’s sickening how they all sound the same. It’s a clone war now a days between what’s cool in the eyes of the hipster. Most people that pay attention to music business history know that music repeats itself every 20 years and at this point it only means that 1990s rock will resurface again. A prime example is Manny Sanchez (AKA Maestro Manny)’s latest musical project known as Elemenopee (L-M-N-O-P in kindergarten language) and slowly but surely they’ll be more emerging to break the hipster movement into something with a little more balls.

Right now our focus is here with Elemenopee and for those of you who don’t know who Manny Sanchez is, he’s the CEO/President/Producer of Flower Blade Records. He’s produced my old band Vladez‘s debut and sophomore album, Sun Dry Cilo‘s debut album, and Radioboxer‘s sophomore album. He was also the vocalist and bassist of Session Zero (until Session Zero rebooted and ventured toward another direction) and produced their first album, “In Vertigo” as well. Now Manny has started his own project performing and recording all instruments except for drums which is played by the drummer of 7 Seas (Andrew Nicholson). While it’s different from his own Session Zero project, this track proves to capture the full on influence of the 90s rock feel, in terms of The Melvins and Faith No More era. While Elemenopee gives Antisteez his first single EXLUSIVELY, we’d like to share it with you all, just in keep mind Manny is a perfectionist at the studio and it would be appropriate to mention that this is the Unmastered version of the track. It is an honor for me to post this track for you all and believe me when I say this music will make hipsters in the scene cry, beg, and possibly pray to their homeless looking Gods. Well done!

Elemenopee – Evil (Unmastered) by antisteez_com

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